Test Fiat 500X 1.4 MultiAir 4×2 DCCT: exterior, interior and trunk

What began as a single model, the Fiat 500, has given rise to a lineage of small cars and resultones, which is not cheap, which make up the range of “aspirational” of Fiat. The 500X is an example quite clear, is a B-segment car-SUV that is not precisely cheap with regard to the retired Fiat Idea (mpvs of similar dimensions) or with respect to the same 500L, the minivan.

The 500X is offered in our country with two flavors differentiated, most of the road (Look Urban) or more of the field (Look Cross), at least visually. The version tested is a Cross-Plus, that is to say, the version of aspect todocamino with the equipment highest. The angles are slightly better and looks more protections of body, but does not change the height of the suspension, or his tare.

There are 12 body colors to choose from

These protections are more visual than functional, as this is not a car designed to go out often outside of road, but can defend against a very decent without any major potholes. With the bumper of the Cross/Cross-Plus has an angle of attack of 21.3 degrees, one output 30.1 degrees, and 179 mm up to the ground. You can get one on tracks easy or average if you will, with care, even though it has a little bit of mud.


The presence on the road the 500X is more imposing than in the other versions of the range 500 (Abarth aside)

The tires are not the most suitable to go out of road, a few Goodyear Eagle F1 wheels optional 18-inch. On the one hand achieved that the behaviour of the car would be great there are hardly any drift, on the other hand, they reduce their ability off road and reduce the level of comfort. But we will talk about that later.

If we look at it from the side the wheel arches seem much bigger as they really are, and with the color Yellow Amalfi of our unit stand out a lot. Will appreciate the details of quality and distinction as the chrome on the door handles, the edges of the light clusters and the interior design of these. The roof bars are functional, they are not simple ornaments.

The graceful fall of the roof in the back makes it that you have to have a little bit of care when access to the back of the car, since the roof is very close to the head. Is an original interpretation of the classic 500 applied to a larger car, with a more masculine look and powerful, although not away from the tastes of the female audience (and I have not asked a few opinions, precisely).


the arrangement of The elements is quite ergonomic, everything important is close at hand and in the right place. The instrument panel includes a second display

let’s go to the interior. The seats attract a lot of attention with that combination of brown tobacco with white stitching, an extra 1,000 euros. One of the features of the Fiat 500X is the level of interior customisation, so that nothing happens if these seats specific are not to our taste. In the versions Cross the dashboard is crossed by an insertion in a gray color, in the “road” match with the body color.

The passenger has two gloveboxes, the upper is going to be cooled

The design is original, with nods to the past that comes the 500, and with a nod to the public and more technical. It has multiple spaces to empty the pockets, and are placed in a logical manner. Eliminating the parking brake conventional (in all versions) has earned a space between the front seats. we See a wheel behind the change, it is not for the multimedia system, but for the behavior that we want to apply to the car.

In the squares in front it is simple to find a suitable position, and depending on the equipment the seats are more or less suitable for people of different sizes, so the height adjustment or throttling back power. The seats are different to those of the 500L (family), these hold more, and it’s handy that it is so for reasons that we will see in the second part. Thanks for the front seat belt is adjusted in height.


The unit tested has the leather seats with settings-electric, which are optional

In the rear seats have generous space for the legs, of a width of not going very sobrado if you sit three people, and the height is a bit fair to the people that pass 1.8 meters in height. You will miss air intakes high, somewhere to plug in appliances, trays after the asienos or the classic little table in the centre between the lateral squares.

sometimes the seat belt is not properly placed if unbuttons without care

In the Ford EcoSport, for example, there is a connector for 12 volts on the side of one of the passengers, something almost indispensable in today’s day with cell phones, which measure autonomy in hours instead of days. There is a detail that I haven’t liked anything, and that is that the headrest of the central square is optional (100 euros), as in the Fiat baratitos for years.

what if someone does not want it? Very well, that offer did not assemble it without cost, but in a car with five seats certified is not of receipt that item is optional. There will be some customers that cannot evaluate its usefulness until the central passenger receives a “wiggle” to just 20 km/h in the typical collision stupid by reach in the city. With head restraints, discomfort in the neck, without head restraint, the possibility of chronic injury and even lethal, it is enough that the head exceeds the height of the seat.


In the back are missing those details of mpv that both wish to thank the families. At least the access to the child seats is comfortable

There are things that are very well resolved in the interior, as the controls on the steering wheel. Behind the ring there are buttons that are not seen without bending over, which increases the possibilities of control. Once accustomed to the system, it is a wonder. At the beginning one will look for buttons, thinking that you do not have them. You can always touch the central screen or its controls, but it is not the same.

The testing unit has a team of sound signed by Beats, a brand that has a more marketing effectively, this particular model does not give as good a result as in the smaller 500. The sound quality is disappointing. Normally we talk about a car little noisy, except when the engine raises a lot of turns or circulates to any pill.

Promptly may sound cracks, some settings are not accurate

we Ended the first part with a brief commentary on the trunk. 350 liters of capacity (almost like a compact) but with useful forms. Under the floor there is a second level where you can fit some more objects. In accessories there are interesting solutions to hold objects, such as rails adjustable, as well as the hooks of the series. The maximum load is generous, since even you can fold the front passenger seat.


The tailgate does not close well at times, having to re-lower the car to open and close it to turn off the dashboard warning