Test Fiat Type 2016: Design, interior and habitability

As it says in the slang of fashion: everything comes back. And 20 years had to pass for us to see a Fiat with the denomination Type. A span of time that has not made a dent in the concept of the car, thus still presenting the same features that made it so popular to this (two million units sold). Yesterday had the chance to be the national presentation, and during it we had the occasion of test thoroughly the new Fiat Type 2016.


Fiat launches the type with the hope of revitalizing a saga memorable. Now has been presented, the saloon, of which you speak, but it is that in a few months we will get to know the Fiat Type Hatchback, with body of five doors, and the most familiar version of all, the Fiat-Type Wagon. The first of them will be presented in the month of may, but to the ranch we will have to wait until the end of the year.

once you know everything that there is, and what is expected, it is time to get comment on the Fiat-Type saloon. The Italian house knows that the market for sedans is not what it was, but there is a small group that still holds to the sales at optimal levels. In this niche we find the Citroën C-Elysée, the Dacia Logan, the Mazda3 Sedan, the SEAT Toledo and the Skoda Rapid. As well as some extended versions of compact.

however, Fiat has marked a target with this vehicle are compact, fight you with the SEAT Toledo. And for this reason has not wanted to complicate the life, and well that makes. picks up concepts past of functionality and ease with the principal value of the price/quality ratio. As defined by the brand: – Performance without frills. A truth as a temple, as now you’ll discover.

There is something in it that I don’t agree with Fiat, and it is that unadorned is not. As mandated by the gods of motorsport Italian, the design of the Type is a lot better than their competition. May be cheap, yes, may be simple, also, but that does not mean that it is not nice. And it is within that simplicity the Fiat Type, designed from the origin as a saloon, highlighted by having an image well defined, with ribbing stylish, and with that touch of passion that the brand puts into everything he does, as has been shown with the Fiat 500.

despite their measures, 4,54×1,79×1,49, the Type features a style with a well formed. Nothing of flourish, but with the sufficient details to desnivelar the balance of the design in their favor (compared to its rivals mentioned above). But not everything is design to the Italian, as has also been worked out for those lines to be efficient. We are dealing with a leader. The segment leader in aerodynamic efficiency 0,29. Sure in a few months we see as it reaches a finish that is more sporty, which has already been left to see in sketches.

unlike In the past, all the variants are referred to as Type, thereby abandoning the name Tempra

If we pull of those beautiful, and once more simple, handles chrome, we find a well-organized space. We return to the functionality so many times mentioned. Fiat has designed the interior of the Type for which the driver is the critical piece and for five adult passengers, the truth, travelling without the pinch or discomfort. Has also thought about the final price of the car, and it is for this reason that there is nothing extravagant. Sobriety to the Italian once more.


As I have already said the driver is the critical piece. The front has been intended for the conductor to reach all the functions out of the car without having to move the least. Everything is where it should be, and all of it is coated by materials, which are far from being the most noble that your eyes will see, they give a correct feeling of packing up and good manufacturing.

the top of The dashboard is of a soft material and good touch. This is evident up to the imaginary line that separates the upper part of the console with the bottom. From then on everything that you touch will be plastic, although this has not be bad. Goes in tune with the general idea of the car and with the general idea of the segment. I repeat that Fiat has thought of everything time to bid a final price competitive and here is one of the sacrifices that needs to be done.

Where there has been no sacrifices is in the subject of security and technology. Of series the a-Type comes equipped with a total of six airbags that will protect the driver and occupants. In terms of technology, we find ourselves with two screens that come standard. The first the we have in the box of instruments. Its three-inch size throw all the information you may need during the trip. The second is integrated into the dashboard and account with five inches. It can be small for the standards but the truth is more than enough. In addition, as part of the standard equipment, we can integrate a TomTom navigation system.


beyond these systems, we find elements such as automatic climate control, cruise control, power mirrors, bluethoot, auxiliary connections USB, mobile connectivity Uconnect, parking sensors, rear view camera, and automatic opening of the tailgate. That is to say, a lot more of what we need when we get behind the wheel.

you’re probably thinking that what happens with the rest of habitability. Well, before this, to tell that Fiat has employed the platform Small/Wide for the creation of the Type. It is a platform of contained dimensions, but at the same time shows a great distance between axes, and is the same that we see in other models of FCA as the Jeep Renegade, although slightly higher.

The interior is not any boast of innovation, but is that the Fiat Type is a vehicle that’s rational for a client to rational

Thanks to her the habitability of the Type it’s great given its small size. I have already mentioned before that five adults can occupy the rear bench without suffering the consequences in the space for the shoulders as in the space for the legs. Are was 93.4 inches from the rear edge of the seat cushion to the backrest of the front seat. For us to get an idea, it is a lot of space. More than enough for us not to enter the trials.


as for the trunk, it is hard to believe that with the cantilevers so short of the Fiat Type, this to be able to display a loading space of 520 liters. Again, in 4.5 meters long. A space that we can expand if you folded down the rear row, it does so in a proportion 60:40. The only but that I put is that when you fold those seats, the loading surface is not completely smooth, but it is a but tiny taking all the above into account. By the way, these 520 litres there are to add 12 more it come from the different spaces and bottle slides that you find throughout the cabin.

finally I detallarte the range of the Type. Fiat has prepared 400 units mode of supply of launch so-called Opening Edition and Opening Edition +. To the couple that these are consuming, we find two versions: Easy and Lounge. Easy and simple. From the finish the more basic Type is capable of having a bulky standard equipment. Much more equipped we find those versions release, as the edition Opening + comes with all the extras possible in the car.

As I have already said ad nauseum, Fiat has thought of the final price of the product at the time of designing the Type. Thanks to a cost restrained, the Italian house is proud to say that the Type is on sale from 9.900 € , as you have been told. A price that rises to 10.990 euros of the version Opening Edition. Counting in all cases with promotions and discounts for financing.


Tomorrow will be his turn to get behind the wheel of the Fiat Type 2016, and that’s where I’ll let you know how it behaves, this small saloon “fatto in Italy”. As you go I’ve brought a surprise, because the behavior is not equated with the price. As you will see. Tomorrow I’ll tell you everything. A greeting!