Test Fiat Type 5-door, appealing to the logic

Prueba Fiat Tipo 5 puertasThe return of Fiat to the segment C is already a fact. After a few years absent, was presented the Fiat Type 2016, a compact sedan that seems like it has managed to carve a niche in the european market. On the basis of their base presented a family version called Station Wagon and a compact version which is the one that today we tested. The Fiat Type 5 door is called to be the successor to the Bravo, and represents the return of the Italian brand to the compact.

of course, there will be common elements between the different variants of the Type. They all follow the same philosophy of offering a lot for a price reduced. In the case of the Type 5-door, in Spain you will have a starting price of 10.900 euros, quite attractive if we compare with other rivals. This formula has earned it the first time to position itself among the most sold in its segment and to Fiat to get very good results in 2016. Will the Fiat Type 5 door reap the same success?


Appearance suggestive

Prueba Fiat Tipo 5 puertasWhen we look at the Fiat Type 5 front doors, we will be difficult to distinguish of the four doors. In the front both are virtually identical and share elements such as the grille with chrome accents, that wraps around the headlights with daytime running lights LED. It is on the side of the bottom where we see the main difference, since the fog lights are round, while in the sedan were rectangular.

In the side view will remain other aspects as the same 17-inch wheels (finishing Lounge), wheel arches wide enough or a vein which crosses it lengthwise, and that adds character. When we arrive to the rear is when see the changes. Note that it has been removed from the third volume and the body five-door will be more compact. Is is in dimensions of 4,37 meters long (4,53 measures the sedan), 1,79 meters wide and 1.50 meters high.

behind as we said will be the area most changed. has introduced the gate that gives access to the boot and change to complete the pilots on the rear, they were one of the hallmarks of the sedan. In the compact released a design with the form of the ‘hockey stick’, that are divided when you open the trunk. The optical rear will be shared by family Station Wagon when you arrive after summer.

Inner height

Prueba Fiat Tipo 5 puertasIn a car that’s part of a price so tight where we expect to find the first gap is inside. However, Fiat us what gets hard in this aspect, since the Type 5-door features a cabin quite attractive and with a quality over and above what we expected. Here you will be well differentiated from its sedan brother, as this product is aimed at a type of customer is totally different. Even so will share technology and quite a few elements.

The dashboard is the area completely new for the five-door. Now the 7-inch touch screen of the UConnect system is in a position float at the top of the center console and not integrated as we saw in the Type of four doors. Of it, we have to say that your operation is correct, although some options are not very intuitive. Below it will be the knobs of the climate control, very easy to use and jacks of AUX and USB.

From the driving position, we can interpret it to perfection dashboard. It presents some areas analogue for speed and rev numbers are quite large and a screen between them. It is a TFT monochrome 3.5-inch, that although it is simple, it shows to perfection the information and is more of what you would expect in a car of little more than 10,000 euros. From the multifunction steering wheel, you can activate the cruise control, among other things.

Prueba Fiat Tipo 5 puertasBut what most fascinates us is probably quality that is the Fiat Type 5 doors. Other models with its price could present finishes do not at all convincing or even some ‘crickets’ for the wrong assembly of parts. Nothing could be further from the reality, here everything is right and even we like the touch of the soft plastic of the top of the dashboard or a part of the interior of the doors is trimmed. You will also find other hard plastics of lesser quality, but the feelings of the whole are very good.

Another of the notable aspects of the interior of the Type 5 door habitability. To be a compact, we find a-seater front-very comfortable and spacious. We will have up to nine compartments inside with 12 litres of extra capacity. The rear seats are not left behind and are able to travel four adults with comfort. The free height to the ceiling is not too wide, and the highest may have a problem. The central plaza will not be very profitable in spite of a tunnel of transmission almost non-existent. We went to the trunk and we found some very good 440-litre capacity, one of the largest in the segment, with a mouth load something high but with a straight forms and usable.

we Tested the 1.6 MultiJet 120 HP

Prueba Fiat Tipo 5 puertasOn his arrival in Spain, the Fiat Type 5-door comes with a mechanical petrol and two diésel. The petrol engine is a 1.4 to 95 HP and the part of the diesel we find a 1.3 MultiJet of 95 HP and the 1.6 MultiJet 120 HP today we tested. Later is expected to reach a petrol engine-LPG 120 HP, as well as a change automatic DCT. Right now we have to make do with the boxes, manual 5 or 6 speed.

We get behind the wheel of the Type 5-door with the diesel engine more powerful and the finish Lounge (the highest of the range). Probably one of the combinations more palatable, but it will also be the most expensive. With a power of 120 HP and 320 Nm, will be perfect for any type of situation and in addition consumption will be contained. Benefits that tells us the brand are a 0-100 km/h in 9,8 seconds and a maximum of 200 km/h, but we do not give more importance.

Prueba Fiat Tipo 5 puertasThe highlight of this block is the delivery linear power from far below. Practically from 1,500 rpm will begin to notice your power and it will be usable up to 3,000 laps. One of the things that we liked is the refinement of the engine, which was very quiet from the beginning to the end of the test. In the same way the quality of rolling is quite correct. Achacamos these aspects also to the improved insulation the passenger compartment.

Although it does not present a behavior too dynamic, we like the tare of the suspensions that make a vehicle comfortable but also stable in curves. Some aspects that we do not end up convincing are the change, that has a tours are quite long, and the address, which is not transmitted to us in excess. Even so, the Type 5-Door is well balanced and in addition thrifty, with fuel consumption that will move between 5.5 and 6.5 litres (approvals 3.7 l/100km).


Prueba Fiat Tipo 5 puertas

The trunk is one of the great strengths of the Fiat Type 5 door

The Fiat Type 5-door is the new compact Italian that comes to a niche in the market. Derived from the Fiat-Type Sedan, and therefore in the exterior will be quite similar. The rear lost the third volume and therefore will be different and will lead to a body more short. Inside, you will find quality and good materials, taking into account that part of a price of 10.900€. It will also provide the customer a good interior space, and 440 litres of luggage space.

there will be Only two colours in the range and both will have a good endowment. The range of engines for the time being, limited to three options, with the diesel 1.6 MultiJet 120 HP top of the range. We like its linear behavior and their consumption of content. But what we like the most of the Type 5-door is its price. Currently you will find very few vehicles that give so much for so little, so it will be an interesting option and to take into account in the compact segment with a relationship quality-unbeatable price.

Equipment Fiat-Type 5 door

When, from the Italian brand explained to us the different finishes that you will have the Fiat Type 5-door do so with one word: simplicity. Have wanted to simplify to the maximum, and therefore, they only offer two finishes, Easy and Lounge. The less endowed will have with quite a few items, and to jump to the top finish there will only be a difference of 1,000 euros. There will be multiple packs to complete their equipment optional form.

Fiat Type 5 doors Easy

Fiat Tipo 5 puertas Easy

  • Air conditioning
  • UConnect Radio with 5-inch screen
  • Bluetooth
  • steering wheel Controls
  • alloy Wheels of 16 inches
  • Six airbags
  • Screen instrumentation TFT 3.5-inch
  • LED daytime running Lights

Fiat Type 5-door Lounge

Fiat Tipo 5 puertas Lounge

  • Equipment Easy
  • automatic Climate control
  • UConnect with 7 inch touch screen HD
  • alloy Wheels of 17 inches
  • cruise Control
  • rain Sensor and lights
  • rear view Mirror electro chromatic
  • UConnect Live Services

Prices Fiat Type 5 door

Prueba Fiat Tipo 5 puertas

Engine Change Finish Price
1.4 95 CV Manual 6v Easy 10.900 €
1.4 petrol-LPG 120 HP Manual 6v Easy 13.700 €
1.3 MultiJet 95 CV Manual 5v Easy 13.000 €
1.6 MultiJet 120 CV Manual 6v Easy 14.650 €
1.4 95 CV Manual 6v Lounge 11.900 €
1.4 petrol-LPG 120 HP Manual 6v Lounge 14.700 €
1.3 MultiJet 95 CV Manual 5v Lounge 14.000 €
1.6 MultiJet 120 CV Manual 6v Lounge 15.650 €

All the prices of the Fiat Type 5 door here quoted include discounts for the benefit of the Plan PIVE and funding with the brand. The prices include a four-year warranty.