Test Ford EcoSport 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium S (III) Assessment and conclusions

once we have seen the aspects related to habitability, comfort, behaviour and consumption, must take into account other factors. The EcoSport has been criticized for being a car intended for emerging countries (such as Brazil or India) and that is below the expectations of european customers. In fact, the EcoSport not sold so well as the Renault Capture, Nissan Juke, Peugeot 2008 or Opel Mokka.

Ford made some improvements in this model in 2015, adding more insulation, adding some chrome details and changing the look of some plastics. Remain hard as a rock. I Found obvious defects of finish that leave a lot to be desired, to the level of the poor quality of the interiors of the Chrysler and Dodge of the time DaimlerChrysler.

the trim of The A-pillar, at its junction with the dashboard, and presents a huge slack, as if he had not fully seated the piece (see gallery). The same thing happens in the plastic cover above the rear-view mirror, which hides a sensor, it doesn’t fit. The car was completely new and Engine.it has been the first medium in testing this unit. I also noticed a cricket that seemed to come from the glove compartment or under the dashboard, whew that was new!


it May seem on the inside very similar to the Fiesta, but it is a step back in qualities

level of quality, in that sense, disappoint. To be fair, you would have to check if they are defects which are easily visible in other units of EcoSport -I’m not saying that all should come factory – but since then I’m surprised it passed quality control with defects so obvious. In fact, it looks a sticker on the windshield of “Ford Quality”, isn’t it ironic?

In front of the change has a surface of rubber adhesive that is good to leave the mobile phone so that it does not cause annoying vibrations, and also holds up better in the curves. It does not seem very well fitted. It is also striking that using SYNC first-generation. This unit had no compatibility with Spotify, or Glympse, or Aha, or Kaliki.

yes, the stereo sounds very good -considering the segment in which we are – and the plastics of the car to support a high volume without appearing that you are going to jump the screws with the bass. And in justice it should be said that the engine is virtually inaudible on the highway if you are not accelerating background, it is relatively quiet and the isolation, yes, you can.


Seats in mixed leather/fabric black

let us Look at other practical aspects. The seats are partially trimmed in leather, the rest is textile. Give a good feeling, but of course, with hot weather and short sleeves, it goes as with any leather seat. If we forget the aspect of the hardness of the suspension, the seats are comfortable, and in the rear seats you can travel and get to sleep although they are a tad more vertical.

Space for your legs there, above the enough, the front passengers do not have to be uncomfortable to the occupants of the rear to have clearance. Another curious detail, there is no gap where it fits well a bottle of more than 1.5 litres, are more intended for cans or bottles.

On the front doors there are holes slides, are deep in length, so that you can hide an umbrella, laptop or objects of medium size away from prying eyes. At the end of the day, except for the glove box, there are no more compartments with lid. At the height of the left knee of the driver there is a guanterita small, where you can fit keys, a pack of cigarettes or the remote control of the garage.


rear view Mirror electrochromic – See the clearance with the lid top plastic with respect to the imperial from the ceiling

On the skills “off-road” of the EcoSport, I will limit myself to indicate that its height allows it to overcome small slopes without fear of touching the low, 190 mm with the sport suspension and this engine. Is more, the petrol have a little bit more easy in this sense because the crankcase is higher than that of diesel, there is 30 mm more than hollow. It is not intended to circulate outside of road beyond go high and have angles of attack and output better than a Feast.

you do Not have any help to get out of the road

The tires are Goodyear EfficientGrip, the best in the market in terms of balance of performance, fuel economy and durability mile long, but are to go by road. On time you may lose traction on surfaces minimally slippery if you are not dosing the throttle with care. But nothing happens, the ESP acts fast. With other tires can function well in the winter even if you only have front wheel drive.

For first-time drivers, some days, or infrequent, you might be relieved to know that has assistance the hill start. In the coastal town that we frequent, with large ramps and various STOP, give in and zebra crossings in bad places, it is very easy to start without the car falling even an inch. There is to be a virtuoso handling of the pedals. Yes, the clutch, in general, requires some skill to be smooth driving.


Ford SYNC first-generation. In the unit tests did not have AppLink

in summary, I believe that the Ford EcoSport is below that offered by their rivals of the european construction. When you start manufacturing in Romania next year Ford decides to tighten their quality standards. I have not seen defects of finish as well in any of its rivals in europe. The equipment available is also behind, you can’t choose to many things, such as advanced security systems.

In terms of the price I don’t see why you have to pay more than 16,000 euros (according to Ford.is) for this car to exist the Focus, is neither Eco nor is it Sport. The compact is more comfortable, is better finished, has better trunk, it is wider, the driving dynamics is much better, and I would even say that it consumes less. In the test of the Focus EcoBoost 125 CV exceeded 600 kilometers without having entered in the booking (having 160 km additional margin), and with a tank almost the same size. Eye!, it led to less loaded and with less requirement, but it is a bigger car.

┬┐who encourage him to buy an EcoSport? who likes the aesthetics of this type of car, or you prefer to go a little higher than normal; there are those who gives you more security subjective, I do not what it seems. For reasons totally objective, is what I said before, there is no where to catch it. Better to choose a Trend or Titanium with a suspension of normal, even with this engine, and you can choose on Titanium S with engines less powerful (if that is the problem).