Test Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost 125 CV, a winning combination


The value of the experience: the first Ford Fiesta was born in 1976

Ford Fiesta is one of the most iconic in the category of utilities. With four decades of experience, the mark of the oval has been able to change and update the iconic Festival to be one of the kings of the category in the whole of Europe. At this time has sold close to 18 million units, of which 5 million have been manufactured in the factory, Spanish Almussafes.

The seventh generation the Fiesta has already been filed, but still missing many months for its release in the showrooms so that the current model continues to war. The current generation went on sale in 2008 and was updated in 2012, so she has to confront rivals young. The model of the brand of the oval seems to have aged well because it remains in the high positions of the ranking of sales. But what is the secret of your success?

To verify this, we put ourselves behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta with a combination very palatable. Enjoy the sporty bodywork of 3 doors, you saw the attractive finish ST Line and is animated by the engine 1.0 EcoBoost 125 CV, a reputable mechanic that is setting a new era in Ford.


The finish ST Line brings the rear spoiler, the skirts, the tinted windows and the tires of 16 inches

there is No doubt that its appearance is very personal. Following the language design-Kinetic Design, the front is eye-catching with headlights, very elongated -halogen with led daytime running lights – and a trapezoidal grille vaguely reminiscent of the lines of Aston Martin. The design is fluid and dynamic thanks to the marked step of the wheel in the front and the waist line that is gaining in height as you move the view backward. In the rear the polygonal shapes gain in prominence, with a few pilots that seem to want to wrap the pillar C.

The sportiness is accentuated in the finish ST Line. Outwardly this level of equipment includes items such as skirts sporting front, rear and side, front grille honeycomb, alloy wheels multirradio 16-inch -in option there are a few 17-inch – and a generous rear spoiler. There is No doubt that the touch racing you feel good.

looks at the list of extras

In the cabin of this Ford is where more notice the passage of time. The design is somewhat old-fashioned and the plastic touch hard abounds throughout the interior, although it is appreciated a solid construction and has tried to offer a higher quality visual opting for trim in piano-black that are good but get dirty easily. Nor does it help to give a modern image for the dashboard, that looks unphased by the display of the on-board computer.


The sport steering wheel perforated leather is gorgeous

The multimedia system uses a small color screen of 5 inches at the top of the dashboard that requires a learning period to become familiar with the menus and the intimidating amount of buttons and knobs on the center console. Although it does not have the design more intuitive of the world the result is, surprisingly, a infotainment system very well resolved. It is possible to equip a navigation system SD Sony that it works quickly and accurately, in addition to displaying the information in a very clear way despite the small size of the screen. We can also have a rear-view camera, which also looks very good and is useful.

Being a model aimed primarily at a young audience, the brand of the oval has an impact on the connectivity as one of the values more attractive. Thus we have the system Ford SYNC with AppLink that allows you to connect to the vehicle with a smartphone running iOS or Android, whose applications you may access through voice commands.

The system Ford SYNC with AppLink, the browser and the rear camera can be acquired with the Travel Package ST Line optional. It is worth shelling out the € 750 that costs this pack, which also includes cruise control and automatic climate control. In short, the endowment of series is not very wide but among the optional find a lot of equipment at a very reasonable price.


The center console is full of buttons of all kinds

The booth also displayed some elements of finish ST Line such as the bottom bracket of aluminium, steering wheel 3-spoke perforated leather with stitching in gray, a protector of stirrups in the front doors with the logo ST Line, bezel, silver shift knob and tinted glass.

In terms of livability, there are a few objections that put the subcompact Ford. The interior is spacious for four adults, which will be more comfortable in a few comfortable seats upholstered with a black fabric that seems sturdy. The rear bench is tight for three people, as happens in all models in this category. Keep in mind that the head restraint core is optional for 40 euros.

practicality is evident in the interior of the Fiesta with different compartments to empty their pockets, highlighting the glove box and the pockets of the doors of a size abundant. Another good detail in this regard is that the system Ford KeyFree allows the keyless entry and push-button start.

The trunk has a capacity of 290 litres, who remain in 276 if it is equipped with a spare wheel. The shapes are very regular and usable, with practical hangers and ribbons while lacking a double bottom that will allow to distribute the load with higher efficiency. By folding the backrest of the rear seats increases the space to 974 litres, but the floor is not flat.

at The wheel, fun guaranteed

In the 40 years of the Ford Fiesta, one of its strong points has always been the behavior and that are maintained and intensified with the modern propeller 1.0 EcoBoost. This small three-cylinder engine supercharged is a great choice within the range Fiesta and is available in versions with 100, 125 and 140 HP -the most powerful only in special edition for the Fiesta 3-door-. Any one of them pays very well and we have tested the variant middle of the saga, which already seeks to performance are satisfactory and a brisk acceleration being able to go from 0 to 100 km/ 9,4 seconds.

The EcoBoost has a smooth when we drive with peace of mind and it is a little noisy if we practice a driving spirit, something that encourages to do since it pushes well throughout the rev range thanks to a manual change of five speeds with a good management and marches very well staggered.


Forget about an automatic change, the engine EcoBoost 125 CV can only be associated to a manual transmission

consumption is quite reasonable, to be located in our test around 6.7 l/100 km making it a very versatile usage. The values vary considerably according to the requirement to submit the engine, and can go down with some ease-of-6 litres if care is taken to perform an efficient driving or tripping over the 8 if we weigh the right foot.

The suspension has a tare comfortable but does not allow the body to oscillate over the account. The rear uses a single axis torsional but very well-tuned and the result is a car plumb in a straight line and more agile in curves, something that is underlined with a good touch of the address in addition to a visibility convenient. The braking is adequate and easily order to give doses despite the fact that it has turned to drums for the rear-wheel drive. Definitely, the Party is very fun to drive.

The subcompact Ford has 3,97 m of length, with dimensions that are contained that allow you to move around the city like a fish in the water. An extra recommended to their nomadic urbanites is the Package City, that for 480 euros dota the Feast of rear parking sensors and electrically folding exterior mirrors with light kerb. You must also take into account its practicality Package Visibility with rain sensor, sensor lights and rear view mirror electrochromic for 215 euros.


The years pass but the spirit of the Festival remains young

Another optional is the braking system automatic Active City Stop that costs 300 euros. Through a LIDAR sensor (Light Detection and Ranging) the vehicle is capable of stopping autonomously driving at low speed if it detects an obstacle. Ford points out that he avoids the collision by when you are driving less than 15 km/h and reduces the severity of the impact if the speed is intre 15 and 30 km/h.

The Fiesta 3P 1.0 EcoBoost 125 ST Line costs 13.820 € , a price that is very reasonable even though the standard equipment is a bit short and will have to resort to various elements present in the list of extras. Despite the many options that it is advisable to add the final cost continues to be content. Without a doubt, the good relation price/product is one of the main weapons of the Party in the competitive segment B.

To this we must add that to this day it remains one of the best utility dynamic level. Being smooth with the throttle on the small engine of 1.0 litre it is very economical, but also can show off all your nerve if we want to extract the potential of its 125 HP. The Party is not as sophisticated as some of its rivals and newcomers, it is true, but continues to conquer the public for being economic, spacious and fun to drive.