Test Ford Fiesta 2017


The finish of the ST-Line adds a touch of sportiness that has always sat well with the Party

More than 18 million units worldwide. That sales figure is the one that gives us a better idea of the relevance that it has had Ford Fiesta throughout its four decades of life. Without a doubt is one of the names within the segment of the utility showing that the release of a new generation has a capital importance for the trademark blue oval.

The all-new Fiesta 2017 is about to arrive at dealerships Spanish and just before its launch I have been able to drive it and know it thoroughly. There is No doubt that it will be one of the models of the B-segment that will have to be followed very closely, not only for what it represents in its category but also by brand new some new features never seen before on any other model of Ford.

a Lot of personality

The bold exterior design of the previous generation has remained but softening its forms. The lines are now cleaner and smoother, an evolution that has been sitting very well because the whole is much more harmonious, and even elegant. The dimensions of the Ford Fiesta have hardly changed, while it is 71 mm longer and 12 mm wider.

the personality of The utilitarian american is more marked than ever thanks to four versions clearly differentiated: Trend, Titanium, ST-Line, and Vignale. Each one addressed to a public and, therefore, with an image and equipment specific. The finish Trend represents the version of access (it can enjoy the Trend+), the Titanium proposes a touch more elegant, the ST-Line is inspired by Ford models Performance to provide for good sportsmanship and the Vignale that is offered as the most exclusive and high-end.

These four levels will be that make up the range in your home, but will be expanded in 2018 with two more options. Could not miss a new and desired Ford Fiesta ST with gasoline engine of 200 HP that promises benefits strong. In addition, a premiere of a version crossoverizada, Party Active that will take some license of the SUV with a suspension raised and protections plastic in the bottom of the body.


The Party Vignale represents the version most luxurious

In the all-new Fiesta, the front grill has gained in size and displays different designs depending on the finish chosen. The headlights are still showing an elongated silhouette to the side and, in the finishes above, show an unmistakable signature light thanks to the daytime running lights of LED. In all cases, the optical groups are major halogens, not being able to equip xenon, or LED, or a point against.

In the side view highlights the rims of 16 to 18 inches, depending on the finish. The silhouette is perfectly recognizable. In addition to the 5-door version, the Party 2017 is also available with dimensions of 3 doors despite the fact that many of its rivals have done away with it. Gradually utilities 3 doors are disappearing, but Ford stays true to this body while the reserve for their versions more economical.

behind is The part that most changed aesthetically compared to the previous model. The optical rear vertical have fallen into oblivion in favor of a few pilots more conventional horizontal arrangement. Give more feeling of robustness, highlighting the shoulders of the car, and also they can be LED (except in Trend and Trend+). The tailgate is larger, which facilitates the introduction of bulky objects in the cargo compartment.


Using optical horizontal, the rear looks more conventional than the previous model

Revolution in the interior

Nothing more enter the cabin of the Fiesta is observed that a clear improvement. In fact, within the change is abysmal. The soft-touch materials have increased their presence in the cabin, but even so it is still widely used the hard plastic in a good part of the dashboard or the door panels. Almost all of the knobs have a nice performance and appropriate and some moldings can submit a custom color.

The interior design seems to me much more logical and ergonomic, highlighting the disappearance of the central console of the previous generation that were handed out buttons as the one who sowed wheat. Now it’s all concentrated in a multimedia screen, with the buttons on the fundamental of the audio below. This design is more clean of the console is also less intrusive than the previous one and the result is a greater space that is appreciated.

This screen I liked especially because it is at a height accurate, it offers a good resolution (although sometimes there are reflections that prevent people from seeing well), quick to respond, and the menus are intuitive. The design floating responds to the trend of the market, it can be 6.5 or 8 inches depending on the finish and is the nerve center of the infotainment system SYNC 3. It’s compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, and offers Bluetooth connectivity and two USB ports serial.


The interior has gained in simplicity and ergonomics, a success

The front seats are dressed up with different fabrics and designs according to the level of the equipment. In all cases they collect the body and have a soft comfortable. Behind the space is not particularly bright, but it is sufficient for occupants of up to 1.75 m of height. On the head, for the first time in a Party, is the panorama sunroof opening, practicable, composed by two sheets of tinted glass that occupy almost the whole of the roof.

As I speak of space, I will mention the volume of the load. The trunk is not especially large, promising to 292 litres of capacity in the versions of 3 doors and 303 liters in the 5-door. The hollow has a few regular forms that enable you to take well and has a practical double bottom to distribute the load in two heights.

let’s go Back inside. Ahead of the driver there is a new steering wheel, also with less buttons than the previous, and that can be flattened in its lower part in some finishes. For the first time, offering the option that the steering wheel is heated. The dashboard is very attractive, shows a clear and complete information using a TFT display multi function 4.2-inch.


The panorama sunroof is practicable is a facility that is unprecedented in the Ibiza. Until now

In the section of audio opens a great sound system B&O Play with a calibration specific to the Party. The set consists of ten speakers including a subwoofer mounted in the trunk and a speaker of half-tone in the top of the dashboard, with a total power amplification of 675 watts. Needless to say, that sounds really good.

it is worth making mention of the security section, where the equipment is very broad. We find the notice of involuntary change of lane, the lane-keeping assistants, the recognition of traffic signals, alert the driver, the high beam lights automatic, hill start assist, the adaptive cruise control, collision warning front, the wizard precolisión with pedestrian detection and cross traffic alert.

most of The systems and assistants make use of the deployment consists of three radars, two cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors that monitor everything that happens around the vehicle in a radius of 130 metres. With all of this, Ford hopes that the Fiesta 2017 is to achieve the highest score in the crash tests EuroNCAP.


The biggest releases carry an 8-inch screen in the top of the dashboard, is very well resolved

Test Ford Fiesta ST-the Line 1.0 EcoBoost 140 HP

the time Comes to get behind the wheel and what we do with the more variant racing. Those who look for a sporty touch in the B-segment will do well to keep an eye on this release. The finish of the ST-Line offers a kit sporty exterior, 17-inch tires, exhaust outlet chrome, front grille honeycomb, leather steering wheel flattened at the bottom, knob shift lever aluminum, sport seats and bracket out of aluminum.

in Addition, this unit mounts the gasoline engine most powerful in the range until you reach the Fiesta ST, the 1.0 EcoBoost that gets up to 140 HP. The propellant three-cylinder delivers his cavalry in a very progressive, very gently and in addition is very quiet. Walk a lot, although I’m not sure if in practice there will be much difference prestacional with respect to the version of 125 HP, which already by itself is very satisfactory. The price difference between the two is small, 450 euros.

The version of the ST-Line incorporates a sport suspension with shock absorbers and springs are firmer than in the other versions, plus rebaset the height of the body. It is not uncomfortable, but retains very well the movements of rolling and pitching of the car when you done a driving spirituous.


The Fiesta ST-Line has a sport suspension with a tare very successful

The poise is sensational and twisty very agile. I tried this car on the first day of the presentation, a day very rainy, and I was impressed by his behavior since it is very neutral, providing a lot of confidence to the driver. Good the fault of it, is in the new electronic control torque vector, a novelty in the range Festival, which slightly decelerates the wheel in a selective way to help the traction and stability when turning.

Test Ford Fiesta Vignale 1.0 EcoBoost 140 HP

Change the sportiness for luxury. I take advantage of to change of car and I put my eyes on the finish Vignale that is present for the first time in the Festival after appearing in the Mondeo, S-Max, Kuga and Edge. The atmosphere is clearly more refined offering a touch sibarita rare in this segment.

The exclusivity of this variant of the utilitarian Ford is a patent with several design elements specific to as the grill, the trim that underscore the fog lamps and the rear diffuser, alloy wheels of 17 inches (18 inches in option), thresholds, door chrome, elements in skin on the central console, leather upholstery and floor mats of the highest quality.

Among the optional equipment of this unit highlights Package of City+, which among other elements includes the system assisted parking that works both in parallel and perpendicular. Thanks to this, the sensors parking front and rear and the rear camera to maneuver and park with the Party is a kids game.

The engine is the same that I just tested so that the benefits are identical, but there is an important change to the dynamic level: the suspension is much softer than that of the ST-Line, and that translates into a damping that is swallowed without question all the potholes, converting this utility into a car really comfortable. To change the oscillations of the body are much more evident in bends and loses some agility.


The Party Vignale features leather upholstery and exclusive details

Test Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.5 TDCi 120 CV

After the experience with the gas, step to consider a unit with a diesel engine. The engine incorporates a variable geometry turbo, to boast of being the diesel more powerful that has been mounted ever a Party. Its great virtue is its versatility, as it gives benefits enough both on the road and in city always with consumption very content.

The motor TDCi sounds more than the EcoBoost, but still the sound remains good in comparison with other models in the segment. In addition to no perceived rattles or vibrations. Pushes very well from low turns thanks to the maximum torque of 270 Nm is available from just 1,750 rpm. In addition to the version of 120 HP, mechanics there is a version less powerful, with 85 HP, but although it costs € 1050 least is not likely to be so satisfactory.

Predictably finish Titanium will be one of the most sought after in the Party for his good relationship between standard equipment and price. Reflects your own personality through various chrome accents, wheels 16-inch-specific, and a fabric upholstery with an exclusive design, among other things, to underline an image more elegant.


The long experience of the Ford Fiesta makes its presence felt. The new generation has kept everything that worked well in the previous model, improving on everything that yes it was worth it to have a review. An evolution very well thought out because, not in vain, the Party can boast of being the utility most sold in Europe and this honorary title is not achieved by chance.

The Party 2017 has improved the overall quality, ergonomics and interior have grown the customization options as demand on the market. In goldilocks is just right but the life is more comfortable inside because it has expanded its equipment, especially in the area of connectivity and security, and even their basic versions are very comprehensive. In this sense is only missing the possibility to mount a xenon headlights or LED, which are available on some of its rivals.

Personally the best news is that the Party has kept its excellent dynamic qualities finishing touches that make it one of the best in the segment in this aspect. In the range mechanics, I would forget the smaller engines, since both the TDCi 120 as the various versions of the EcoBoost report a lot of satisfaction and are a success. With a starting price of 15.045 euros, the new Fiesta will reach dealerships spaniards in the second half of July.