Test Ford Mondeo Vignale 2.0 TDCi Powershift: Dynamics and consumption (I)

The range Mondeo is quite wide in what engines, of 120 to 240 HP, a little unusual in a generalist. The drive tested has a engine 2.0 TDCi 210 HP, the second most powerful option to diesel oil of all sedans generalists who are in this segment, behind the Passat Bi-TDI of 240 HP. This competes in the league of Premium right.

The rivals of the Mondeo Vignale with this power are rather the BMW 325d (218 HP), Audi A4 3.0 TDI (218 HP), Volvo S60 D5 (225 HP) and Mercedes-Benz C 250 d (204 HP). The Mondeo is front wheel drive, like the A4 and the S60. For the price, the Mondeo Vignale is very close in price to these sedans Premium, but for the same money the Mondeo wins in equipment clearly.

This engine is offered exclusively with the change Powershift, that is to say, automatic dual-clutch. Has six speeds and has an adequate response, although the best result is obtained with the shift paddles behind the steering wheel. Interestingly, has no lever changes the possibility of handling sequential; it only allows you to change the “D” (normal mode) to “S” (sport mode).


In a generation or two ago, to achieve this level of power is used to V6 engines, although in the case of the Mondeo did not have the 2.7 V6 shared with PSA. It misses the low noise and pleasure of use of that engine, but the four-cylinder is clearly less thirsty, and makes better use of the fuel.

When conducting very soft, the consumption is not very low

In other words, an average of 8 l/100 km, which is what tends to swallow the V6 PSA in cars of a similar size, it is what you spend this Mondeo when driving in much of a hurry. On the set of the test has complied with 6,7 l/100 km, which is not a very low average, but it is very reasonable, considering the 68 km/h of average speed in a normal use.

This propellant makes the most sense for who likes to drive fast, or who want a strong reserve of acceleration ahead. However, not impressed much how it accelerates if you do not look at the speedometer. In less demanding conditions, cost you find the difference with the TDCi 175 HP, which can be manual or automatic, and has all-wheel drive. Inexplicably, this engine is only associated with front wheel drive.


The driving position in the Mondeo Vignale is the best in the segment, very comfortable, ergonomic and sporty

What’s wrong with the four-cylinder engine is that it is less pleasant freshly booted, every time that acts as the Stop&Start, or travelling at low speed and low revs. Already launched and above the 2,000 RPM all that we forget, is not loud unless you step on a lot of, and it is more pleasant at low speed. In refinement, there are several diesel engines from japanese manufacturers that are doing better in regard to pleasure of use.

One of the advantages of the Mondeo, is Vignale or not, is the suspension adaptive with three programs to use: Normal, Comfort and Sport. We can clearly see a change in behavior in the car from one mode to another, and there is a big difference between the more sporty (very informative) and more comfortable (isolates a lot of road).

The system is great, but has a great defect, there are that move through the menus with the control/cursor to left of the steering wheel to select mode, when any Premium has a button on the center console that changes that in the act. There is also that move through menus to change the functions of the on-board computer. It can be a bit tedious for someone who is not used.


The shift lever does not have management sequential, a detail rare in 2016, and the aisle selection is totally straight

The Ford Mondeo is a car of predictable and noble, it does nothing that the driver will not wait. In the most comfortable way to sleep, if it is stepped on an expansion joint in the support, it may seem that fleet, but not is subject. If you are racing braking in a curve, the rear axle may seem a little naughty, but the ESP doesn’t let you enter more. The driver will feel confident all the time.

Even wearing the wheels optional 19-inch, with a low profile tire, the car is very comfortable and we have appreciated all the passengers I have carried. Even driving at high speeds the perception of rhythm is less than the actual. The driver has to go slope of the speedometer if you don’t want to overdo it, because the car is well insulated.

The Mondeo Vignale have three steps isolation: active noise control for speaker, the more foam sound-absorbent and double-layered crystals. The difference in loudness should be noted with respect to a Mondeo completely normal, and since then it is perfectly competitive with a rival Premium. The Mondeo is very well done, and the eye, are manufactured in Valencia.


The board gives a lot of information. It has two screens that are manipulated separately (hand, left/right) and can hide if you want. Not convinced by how complex it can be

The previous generation of the Mondeo came out very good in terms of quality

In the present, it has been noticed a good job in isolation of the diesel engine, which is noticed much more in the two previous generations, so that they can accept with the greatest pleasure that is not gasoline. Of all forms also has a 2.0 Turbo 240 HP to make the delights of the non-conformists, and may spend a little more on fuel.

driving nice and easy, on the freeway, it is very pleasing and the address can be corrected off line constantly by reading the lane markings, so nothing intrusive. With the adaptive cruise control the driver can relax a little more on their trips, with a higher level of active safety. Is a car that pampers you so much to the region in general, although a Citro├źn C5 can be more enjoyable with the hydropneumatic suspension.

To object, that the gear lever feels a bit hard, but it is so difficult to get confused selecting the gear (though on the board you can also see, without looking at the lever). In sport driving mode and “S” is not all reagent should be, but so are the cams. The price/quality ratio is hard to beat, and although it is an expensive car (more than 40,000 euros) you can get to justify every penny you ask for it.


The Ford Mondeo Vignale will come with tires of 18″, but this unit has the optional 19″