Test Ford Mondeo Vignale 2.0 TDCi Powershift: luxury on-board (II)

in the absence of which is Lincoln in Europe, more luxurious than Ford sells in our continent is the Mondeo Vignale. With a few exterior dimensions very close to the segment E, and a very abundant equipment, is a great alternative to sedans and Premium brands with more cache. The testing unit has several extras, although almost everything comes standard.

Highlights the leather trim of white colour in the optional multicontour seats, very pleasant touch. On the other hand, the dashboard is covered also in leather (any other Mondeo can) and you can just barely see the surfaces of plastic without cover. Given the large price difference -almost 9,000 eros – with a Mondeo Titanium, we can calculate quietly in 3,000 euros, all the leather he wears. Besides, you have to consider the difference in endowment.

The front seats are heated and ventilated, in the rear seats you can put the heating on squares side of optional form. In addition, the driver can have a steering wheel heated and electrically adjustable. An advantage of this last option, is that in the access to and exit from the car so the steering wheel as the seat facilitate the movements of the driver. This, recently, was exclusive to the segment F and E. As a luxury car, go.


The multicontour seats hold up better to the body and are more adjustable. The driver has three memories, useful if you share the car with more people

With the multicontour seats include a massage function, both for driver and passenger, which can be put both to the backrest and to the area of the rear. The massage intensity is variable, and I must admit it is a blast, although it quickly becomes monotonous. These seats are highly recommended for those who travel a lot and take hours behind the wheel. If that is combined with the suspension in Comfort mode, we just need to listen to a good opera to reach the ecstasy.

In this latter respect, the quality of the speakers has disappointed me in the sense that I demand more in a car that exceeds € 40,000. Although they are speakers very correct for a saloon average, expected to be with any logo, known as JBL, BOSE, or Pioneer. One of its rivals, the Renault Talisman Initiale Paris, has speakers of a higher quality. Have solar roof, not added noise and static with the music.

Another detail to improve is the location of the squealer of the deactivation of the passenger airbag, even though it is in the center of the dashboard and very high up, it is difficult to see. On the other hand, the center armrest can not be regular, only down. Within the chest central you will find a USB port, SD card reader, a power outlet and a gap specific for keys, coins or very small objects. The mobile can also be placed under the console floating in front of the change.


The habitability is very good, even for tall adults, but you can gain some space for the head in the Sportbreak (family)

The quality of the finishes and details are very satisfactory, leaving aside what has already been said. There are numerous gaps slides, especially in front, and with funds that are coated with rubber to dampen noise. The portagafas top is not made with such care, in addition to, hard to place correctly the glasses that go well with subject.

The acoustic insulation is better than in the Mondeo Trend and Titanium

The glove of the scope of the co-pilot is wide, with two floors, lighting, air conditioning, and a small network that keeps subjects small objects. In the rear seats do not abound in the gaps, but it is normal in a car of this type. You can buy the Mondeo Vignale with bodywork family, but the five-door is not available. The unit tested is sedan, the gate opens less and lacks limpialuneta; in the saloon the gate is more versatile and opens up so much more.

Under the gate meeting a large trunk, with 550 litres of capacity. In the Volkswagen Group we will find a little more of the site, especially in the Skoda Octavia and Superb, to a lesser extent, the Volkswagen Passat, and tied with SEAT Toledo and Skoda Rapid, both of which are much more economical. Optionally, the trunk lid can be opened and closed automatically, although the mechanism could be a little more refined.


As usual in a sedan or hatchback, the trunk has irregular shapes and is not so profitable

Returning again to the interior of the Ford Mondeo Vignale is very comfortable in any sense, and insulates the passengers markedly from the outside world. Not for the diesel engine, which is not as refined as the competition, the loudness is more similar to a car of segment E, very low. Surely the Mondeo Hybrid -not Vignale – competitive with this.

The central square at the back is very usable, even for an adult medium

it Is very easy to find a suitable climate comfort, especially in the squares in front. The climate control is bizona and automatic, and has an air outlet for the rear seats. Some alternatives Premium have a climate control trizona, in which the rear passengers can regulate temperature, not only the flow rate. The evil of climate control is that the buttons are too similar and can be confusing.

The rear seats do not have the massage function (since it would be too much to ask of a sedan segment D) but may have airbags in the belts. This system, which only Ford has been implanted, brings a plus of safety especially for children and the elderly, as it better distributes the forces of deceleration on the body. The testing unit has that option, that’s why we see belt buckles with connectors tubular in the lateral squares, which allow the passage of the gas expanding the air bags. The central square has belt conventional.


The rear seats feature in this unit with airbag and belt heating integrated

Another interesting feature is the power outlet conventional for the rear seats, and a plug multi-zone 230 volt, suitable for portable computers or small appliances. For example, can be accommodated without large problems one console compact if installed screens behind the seat backs.

on A technical level, the Mondeo has the system SYNC 2 with 8-inch touch screen, which is dirty with a tremendous ease. Apart from that detail, and that at times the sun dazzles a lot of that area, the operation is easy and does not require much training to master it. Integrates navigation, mobile phone, multimedia system, various functions of the car, air-conditioning, massage function in the seats, etc

With the function “Valet”, it crashes the SYNC 2 with strangers (as a valet)

In the upper part of the dashboard is light up some red lights -which mimic the brake lights and make HUD – when there is a risk of collision against another vehicle or a pedestrian. The driver will tend instinctively to slam on the brakes quickly, and if not, the system will apply force to the brakes. The menus are handled with the controls on the steering wheel can distract the driver if you are not familiar with its use.

In my opinion some physical buttons that act as shortcut are not more.


Screen of the infotainment system SYNC 2