Test Ford Mondeo Vignale 2.0 TDCi Powershift: range, amenities and conclusions (III)

let’s see what offers us the range Mondeo. There are three bodies available, saloon, sedan and familiar, in this case you can see a copy of sedan. The Vignale can only be a sedan, to have a trunk more accessible you have to choose the family (Sportbreak), although the capacity is not much higher up the curtain of luggage.

From the finish, more basic, Trend, the Mondeo offers alloy wheels 16″, climate control bizona, cruise control, four electric windows, basic equipment, safety, compatibility with MyKey, fog lamps, automatic calling of emergency, parking brake electric, SYNC with Bluetooth, etc, The more economic out by 18.200 euros with promotion.

we Continue with the intermediate, Titanium, which raises the wheels to 17″, incoporta the sensoes parking, folding electric mirrors, sport seats heated in front, SYNC with 8-inch touch screen, push button start, some assistance (notice of lane change, recognition of traffic signs, alert fatigue, etc.). From 23,200 euros.


Ford Mondeo Vignale

If we decide to go for the hybrid 187 HP, the equipment is very similar to the level Titanium single tires series are 16″. In fact, this level of equipment is called Titanium EV. Optionally you can have almost all the equipment that holds the Vignale, with a few exceptions such as the dashboard covered in leather.

The version reviewed is the most luxurious, Vignale, which includes features exterior and interior design distinctive, in addition to the rear view camera, all of the driving aids, driver’s seat with 10 settings and the three memories, wheels 18″, dual exhaust, etc, The price difference with the Titanium equivalent is important, but it can be justified.

The owners of the Vignale will have attention at the time of need to services workshop, assistance or reviews, with a telephone line available 24/7. In addition, licensees are selected, you will have a waiting room separate, and you will also receive a differentiated treatment. Considering all this, it is already justified the price of the car. clients Ford of first and second category, that is to say, the Ford Vignale, and others.


Ford Mondeo Vignale

The version reviewed, 2.0 TDCi Biturbo engine of 210 HP, it is not so easy to justify. With regard to the equivalent of gasoline (2.0 EcoBoost 240 CV) there is a difference of price of 2,100 euros, which is there to make numbers. Not only that, the diesel Biturbo costs 2,000 euros more than the 2.0 TDCi Powershift 180 HP. For circular primarily to legal speeds, does not compensate for the extra power.

on the other hand, the diesel 210 HP is 4,000 euros more expensive than the hybrid gasoline, and the latter is more economic to maintain. Also keep in mind that the diesel of 180 CV you can choose manual change or automatic, while the 210 HP can only be automatic. The only version with all-wheel drive is for the diesel of 180 HP and automatic change-over, talking about the range Vignale.

To tell the truth, the most powerful engine in the range has a thirst very reasonable, it is more or less that consumed the Mondeo third generation with engine 2.2 TDCi 155 CV, a motorazo in his time. Who comes of driving a V6 diesel will always have its softness, but will remain with the relationship performance/consumption of the tested model.


The other Mondeo have a single exit exhaust, less chrome, and a grid of horizontal lines, among other differences

you can Not choose a Mondeo Vignale with less than 180 HP, and there is no alternative of gasoline. If we look at the Mondeo Titanium, there is more freedom of choice, because it also opts for the 1.5 EcoBoost 160 HP and the 2.0 TDCi of 150 CV. With this latter engine can also be awd, so yes, with manual gearbox; the automatic is only with front-wheel drive.

The range Mondeo is quite versatile in general, and considering that it is in a segment a little complicated by the rise of the SUV. For that to be a little fair to buy an A4, a 3 Series or a C Class, they spread the money a lot more in a Mondeo, and the difference is not so big. it is Also an excellent match for the Passat.

The Ford Mondeo is the car more luxurious, made in Spain in great number, a point of pride for the national industry. The previous generation of the Mondeo was coming from Belgium. The simpler versions are not sold in Spain, although there are two engine access level Trend: 1.0 EcoBoost 125 HP, 1.5 TDCi 120 HP. The entry-level gasoline is one of the few tricilíndricos that exist in this category.


In summary, the Mondeo Vignale is a car that does not have any complex regarding rivals top range. It has powerful engines, great equipment, quality and profusion of details, it offers a differentiated treatment to the owner, with technological solutions very interesting and has a good level of security. You don’t need more for speaking to equals to the germans.