Test Honda Civic 5-Door, 2017, a compact with a lot of character


the design of The new Civic is very risky

the Civic is The Honda model more sold around the world with a heritage of more than 40 years and more than 24 million units sold. To run the tenth generation of the model’s best known and most iconic of Honda have put all the meat on the grill. The program of engineering of the Civic is the largest for a single model that has held Honda in its entire history.

The new Honda Civic emerges as a global model, although its characteristics have been defined thinking in Europe. The first member of the family is the Civic 5-Door, which arrives in dealerships Spanish in march. In may, it will be the turn of the Civic Sedan and already in the second quarter of the year will land the long-awaited Civic Type R. due to their low demand we will not see in our market in the Civic Coupe, which is sold to the other side of the Atlantic.

The japanese model has never liked to follow the flow but it has its own rules. A good example is its design, very different from the previous model and quite risky. Not satisfied at all but it is clear that your image is very personal and has character. Straight lines and angles marked run through the body, highlighting its length and width, and looking for great aerodynamic efficiency.


The spoiler across the rear window is a trait inherited from the previous Civic, though it is now more streamlined

The main features are marked by the stylized LED headlights –halogens in their versions of access, and a large, bulky wheel arches of well-sculpted, the optical systems subsequent LED in the form of C and the rear window split by a spoiler. Maybe the set is a little overwrought, especially in the rear, but it is clear that the result is a robust design and with a strong character.

The compact japanese is not as compact as its dimensions have been increased remarkably, being 13 cm longer than its predecessor. Settled in a new platform, is longer, wider and lower than all of its predecessors and its length reaches up to 4.50 m, ranking above all the competition. The closest in dimensions is the Mazda3 (4,47 m) but is cleared of rivals popular as the Opel Astra (4,37 m), Ford Focus (4,36 m), the Seat León (4,28 m), the Volkswagen Golf (4,26 m) or the Peugeot 308 (4,25 m).

behind The wheel the driving position is low and sporty. According to Honda, the Civic has the seat 35 mm lower than its predecessor so that it travels with the legs quite stretched out, which can be something that excites some but uncomfortable on long trips to other because the cushion is very flat.


The inner quality is high, with good settings and a successful ergonomics

This and other measures, they manage to get the centre of gravity has been lowered by 10 mm, with the advantages that this entails in-plane dynamic. forward visibility is excellent, with a large windscreen and a pillars that have been thinned to 9 mm over the previous model. Back, despite the fact that the spoiler through the rear window does not subtract too much vision.

The Civic 5-Door is the largest model of the segment

in Front of us we have a dashboard of impeccable invoice. Has a robust look, perfect settings and a good perceived quality. In the upper part of the central console and a piano-black finish we discovered the second-generation multimedia system Honda Connect, which is operated via a touch screen of 7 inches that provides a good image quality, Garmin navigation and integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The box of instruments deserves a special mention. The distribution is completely new, with a TFT-LCD 7 inches concentrating the greater part of the information. This display, which Honda called DII (Driver Information Interface), incorporates a digital tachometer and the speedometer in addition of the data from the on-board computer, audio, navigation, or systems support. It is a pity that the fuel gauge and the indicator of the temperature of the oil is excluded from this display relegated to other two TFT-LCD screens secondary.


The instrumentation used to TFT screens

practicality is something that has been taken into account and highlight the storage spaces between the front two seats. In front of the shifter there is a tray to slide at two levels, that can incorporate a base wireless charging for smartphones. Behind the lever there is a large compartment adjustable to store items and empty pockets.

The rear seats of the Civic 5-Door are very spacious, although not as much as suggested by the large exterior size of the car. In any case two adults will find plenty of space back for the legs. In height will find limitations passengers exceeding 1,80 m of height, one of the disadvantages of that vehicle height has been reduced by 20 mm over its predecessor. The central square is less habitable and comfortable, being relegated to an occasional use.

The generous size of your body gets noticed positively the space reserved for the luggage. The trunk has a capacity of 478 liters, outpacing the rest of the hatchbacks in the category. The practical aspect is also evident with a mouth big load -especially in width-, a floor that can be placed at two heights and a original curtain roll-up sideways on the upper in replacement of the traditional tray. The backrest of the back seats can be folded down in a 60/40 to expand the volumen.

The intense evolution of the compact japanese is also unquestionable in the section mechanic, where there are many new developments. The entry is composed of two petrol engines VTEC Turbo, both of new invoice, and available with a manual change of six speeds or a CVT transmission, although the automatic gearbox supposed to grow-out the bill at € 1,300. There is that to wait until December for the arrival of a turbodiesel 1.6 i-CDTi.

The Civic has one of the best boxes CVT of the moment

The version of access of the Civic 5-Door uses a propellant three-cylinder and 1.0-liter that delivers 129 HP and develops 200 Nm of torque (180 Nm in the version with CVT). It offers more than enough performance for day-to-day consumption very content, although its loudness leaves in evidence his condition of three-cylinder, something that is even more patent associated with the CVT. This combination of 1.0 with a change to drive continuous, this is the least we have been convinced.

The other propellant will start is a four-cylinder engine and 1.5 liter, which exceeds in all respects to the previous 1.8 VTEC. 182 HP, and develops 240 Nm of torque (220 Nm with the change CVT), is very satisfying even if your response lacks nerve and is very progressive. box CVT does a great job with this engine, giving the Civic an extremely smooth operation even if the benefits are resent.


The two petrol engines are new

Except for the noise of the three-cylinder engine in phases of strong acceleration, the japanese model is very quiet thanks to a good job of soundproofing. The compromise between comfort and dynamism is very balanced because do not forget that Honda has always given the Civic a good dose of sportiness.

The model japanese enjoys a good maneuverability and agility, some virtues that you extol with an address of touch is magnificent and a chassis that adopts, for the first time, a multi-link rear suspension. In addition it is also possible to have an active suspension. The Honda Civic Tourer of the previous generation -that will still be on sale – you already had that solution, but in one case only was involved in the rear axle while this new active suspension acts on all four wheels. On the other hand, with respect to the previous model, the weight distribution has been improved, with a 61% on the front axle and the remaining 39% in the rear.

The security section has not been neglected and the Civic promises to be one of the best compact in this sense. Almost all of the elements of the set of security systems Honda Sensing are offered as standard across the range. Using radar, cameras and a set of sensors we have a system of prevention and mitigation of impacts (CMBS), warning of involuntary change lanes (LDW) system, intelligent assistance of speed (ISA), system cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping assistants (LKAS), adaptive cruise control intelligent (i-ACC) system forward collision warning (FCW), detector dead angle, or a system of recognition of traffic signs (TSR).


The Civic 5-Door will arrive at dealers in march of 2017

there is No doubt that the new Honda Civic has been reinterpreted, and has done so without fear. A much larger, new platform, new engines, VTEC, new CVT, new suspension, … new developments have come up in almost all of the blueprints to ensure that it will remain the model most emblematic of the japanese brand.

The Civic 5-Door is manufactured at the uk plant in Swindon, the factory Honda’s largest european territory, and will be a good choice for those looking for a compact very versatile. The five-year unlimited mileage warranty will be one of the additional incentives of this model which is on sale from 22.140 euros, a output rate high the lack of basic versions: all have a equipment generous standard. From the brand ensure that there will be discounts, but the offer of release is still undecided.