Test Hyundai i30 2017, narrowing the gap


The designers of Hyundai have adapted the design of the i30 to the european taste. Refined and elegant

Nothing better than to look to the past to understand the present of Hyundai. It was a little over 24 years ago when the hyundai brand decided to land in Spain. In that span of time has been growing which to be alive. Their first steps came from the hand of inexpensive products and a little “weird”. However, they have learned fast, and in little more than two decades have managed to present models that appeal to a large audience. His latest release is already here, it is the Hyundai i30 2017, and I have already had occasion to try it.

Hyundai owes much to the i30. Before the arrival of the best-selling SUV, the compact was the best-selling model of the brand. Like the signature, this has been evolving, improving by leaps and bounds in generation after generation, to the surprise of own and strange, and frightening to a competition that was considered “inferior”. Hyundai now gives a fist on the table, and does so with a great product.

The koreans are taken very seriously the C-segment, the niche’s most important european market, leaving to a side the SUV. For this reason, they have taken a clear reference, and that is none other than the Volkswagen Golf, who if not? So, the question is clear: how will Have managed to match the German giant?

From an aesthetic point of view, the designers of Hyundai have decided to abandon the “touch Korean” to create a car more in the european taste. The i30 not only manufactured in Europe, in the Czech Republic, if not that has been designed and developed by and for the old continent. So we feature a car that, undeniably, is very elegant. It is not too loud or risky, but let’s not kid ourselves; that is the taste of european consumers. She may lack a bit of personality, because regardless of the finish, the style is always the same.


A serious look for a car very seriously. A great working of the hyundai brand

Although everything comes, and just like today we have the Hyundai i30 Turbo, in the future we will see that touch of “in your face” than good will to the new i30. With this, managers hope to appeal to a more youthful, although Hyundai has not ceased to repeat that they have managed to create a car for everyone. She’s right, but for me taste, it’s missing a touch more sporty. But it is already known that in matter of tastes there is nothing written.

Where no one can miss out on something is on the inside. We already saw it in exclusive a few months ago, but to this day still believe that a brand that for years manufactured the Atos, today to be able to conceive this cabin. Not only talk about design, but also quality. The amount of plastics has been reduced significantly with respect to the previous generation. Now many of these hard surfaces, and rough are being replaced by materials cushioned and well finished off with a great touch and feel.

The i30 2017 launches a philosophy of language that will be gradually extended to the rest of models of the house

Well it is true that the units of presentation geared up to the highest level of finish, but before, even in that finish so high, were such high quality. There are three levels: Klass, Techno, and Style, in addition to five optional packages: Max, Tech, Sky, Lux and Blue. It is striking that from the lowest of the levels, we find a equipment really good. In fact, you do not need more, but what there is, as I described it at the time. It is another quality of this new generation, the technology. Premise is vital in today’s world.


inside the leap in quality is remarkable, with a great sensation of manufacturing

a Large part has been focused in the field of security. Of series, we find elements such as the notice of maintenance of lane which by the way works really well, the warning of frontal collision, the camera recognition of traffic signals, the detector fatigue, and the cruise control. As I said before, you do not need more to drive. To all this, the central screen comes in all the versions, except that the level of access is five-inch monochrome, while the other two are eight-inch color.

I have Already said that the Hyundai i30 gives a jump in quality of finishes, but I have not mentioned that it is also more spacious than the previous generation. The part where more is note is in the second row. Now the occupants of the same have more space for the legs and the head. Four passengers will travel comfortably, although a fifth of the space for the shoulders to stop noticing. In trunk, there’s 395 litres as a minimum. 1.301 if you folded down the rear seats. That is a lot of space.

Jumping to the section mechanic, Hyundai offers us three possible motors, two petrol, one of them a triple, and a multi-purpose diesel that is capable of providing up to three different potencies. In terms of horses is concerned, the offer starts on the 95 diesel access, reaching a maximum of 140 of the new block 1.4 TGDI. This will be the range everyday, but in the second half of this year, Hyundai wants to show us that it has also evolved in the field of performance. There will come a Hyundai i30N. We have already seen in your testing phase. And it will be the swan song of the family with a power of close to 300 horses. Almost nothing.


The driver’s seat allows adjustments electric, and the two front are heated and ventilated

In terms of transmissions, the normal thing would be to see the i30 associated with a change six-speed manual. However there is also available an automatic change of double clutch seven-speed. May only be combined with powerful versions of the range, and its price rises to 1,700 euros the value of the i30. In the economic, the Hyundai i30 2017 has a starting price of 14,900 each euro. Taxes and discounts included. A stud really attractive.

Test Hyundai i30 2017

during the presentation of the Hyundai i30 2017 I have had the opportunity to try out the variants more powerful of the range. In both cases, the perception and the feeling has been very good. In fact, the new i30 is one of those cars that intuyes that are going to go well, but I was surprised by the good work done by the development team of the Korean company.

The last generation, I already left a good taste in your mouth. His driving was a mere well, but on this occasion comes to the remarkably high. We’ll see if the overhang is what you earn with the arrival of N. Starting with the diesel, it is a block that we already knew, and that is used in other models of the brand, such as the Hyundai Elantra. For the particular case of the i30, the operation is exactly the same. It fits like a glove.


The dashboard does not risk, although it includes a TFT screen with a lot of information

Offers a good performance, with an acceleration and recovery generous thanks to a torque of 300 Nm available between 1,750 and 2,500 laps in the case of mounting the DCT. 280 Nm between 1,500 and 3,000 revolutions if we opt for the manual. In my case it formed part of the automatic change, and I have to say that it seems to me a choice to take into account. He knew how to make each horse power, in addition to being very smooth in their transitions. The changes can also be made sequentially or by a cam behind the wheel.

The truth is that Hyundai has managed to create a balance very well between performance and comfort, which is very high. But yeah, the soundproofing of the passenger compartment could be better. The i30 debuts rear suspension, plus a body lighter and more rigid. Changes that, along with the set up, work miracles in driving, because as I have already told you, it is really good. As already it comes being usual in the latest products of the brand, as already highlight in the testing of the Hyundai Tucson.

The body is manufactured in new materials, 28 kilos lighter and 20% stiffer

we must Also keep in mind that all the bodies of the new family, i30, including the new fastback that came at the beginning of the year that comes, they carry the same chassis. That is to say that you will have to endure the efforts of the i30N. Taking this into account, it is normal that the versions more business going as a lot of behavior. There is the chassis and the structure to withstand much more. I assure you.


I’d bet on the automatic gearbox, although the price is high

The same sensation is perceived with the 1.4 TGDI. As I have already said, it’s a new engine, and I have to say in their favor that I liked more than the diesel. It is slightly more powerful, just four horses, but you will note more lightweight. More joyous. And is that despite being soft in many times, you can squeeze enough performance in an area twisty. Once more the DCT acts to perfection. A mixture highly recommended, since the manual switch is not all the refinement that one might expect.

In terms of consumption, the test did not result to verify the veracity of the official data. Hyundai ensures you get a few reduced costs. In the best of cases, the 1.6 CRDi of 95 HP, the average fuel consumption stood at 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers. In future tests we will try to know how thrifty you can be the i30. In the case of gasoline engines with the lowest consumption it offers the tricilindrico of a litre, 4.5 litres to the 100 kilometres. In this case, the data costs more to believe.


Paragraphs ago I launched a question that now I have to answer: do you will have achieved the Hyundai match for the almighty Golf? Well, I have to say that although the work is sensational, excellent, the Golf is still above. Now, the difference has narrowed a lot. The new i30 is a great choice for many aspects; quality interior, space, technology, behavior…but, above all, by price. We are facing a product with an excellent relation quality-price. And in this, the German can’t match. Nor is it about, in fact.


The new i30 will be critical to the plans of Hyundai, and note that it has been created with a lot of work

Hyundai wants to get a million cars sold in 2018. Now the figure does not reach to 600,000. In this hard and arduous goal, the i30 will have a lot to say. It is a fundamental pillar for the brand. But on a personal level if you want a compact and very well-equipped for about 18-20 thousand euros you have to approach a dealer of Hyundai to look at and test the i30. Very possibly, get out of there with a new car, because the truth is that the koreans have managed to create a product, which like the Golf, it is worth it for all the world.