Test Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, gets its way

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq Híbridothe launch of The Hyundai Ioniq in the past Hall Geneva marked a turning point in the brand Korean. Left patent the commitment to electrification, as it would not reach the market three versions: a hybrid, an electric and a plug-in hybrid. Will be released in that order and on this occasion we had the opportunity to get on the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, a vehicle that will attempt to stand up to the very Toyota Prius.

to get to know this new hybrid we move to Royal City, specifically to the solar power plant of Atlantica Yield. A detail that shows the commitment to the renewable energy and demonstrates that it is not a coincidence that the three versions have an electrical component. We will prove only the hybrid, for the moment, the only one available in the market. In the month of November will the all-electric and plug-in hybrid will have to wait until spring 2017.

successful Design

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq Híbridowe Enter in relation with the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. From the first time I saw it convinced me of its design. The brand has known how to find this term means that the european market looking to buy a hybrid. It is not as daring as the Toyota Prius, nor as conventional as the Hyundai i30. In the front highlighted by its hexagonal grille of important dimensions. Has a blade plated in a horizontal position, and the flagship of the brand in the middle. You will need some properties of active aerodynamic as we will see later.

headlights are of new design and have a white detail on the edges. Are xénon in the finished top, but miss the LED though is on option. The daytime lighting itself is LED and is below with the shape of a boomerang. The blue accent at the bottom of the bumper delatará his hybrid identity. The side view has a certain air of coupe, although maintaining the four doors. 17-inch wheels in the unit tested are semi-keeled, something that will also influence aerodynamic drag.

behind The Ioniq presents a unique aspect. We found a rear window split in two parties, with the pilots in the rear LED to both sides of the bottom. This detail worsens the vision rear through the rear-view mirror while we drive. At the bottom, the rear bumper is wider and introduces a trim in black color that integrates the registration. At the bottom we find ourselves with the ribbon of blue color.

passenger Compartment enhanced

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq HíbridoAnything more get on the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid is perceived a is a considerable improvement in terms of quality. The cabin layout is very well resolved and has an attractive appearance. Everything revolves around the central console, which includes a screen 7-inch touch. We note that its operation is at the same height as those of other manufacturers. Their response is swift and in addition we have navigation by TomTom or connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

From the driver’s seat reached a steering wheel with a touch-exquisite, lined in leather in our finish. The beginning is a little confusing because it has a multitude of buttons, but it didn’t take long to get used to. Behind the wheel is a new digital instrumentation formed by a TFT screen of 7 inches (from the finished Techno). Gives us all the necessary information allowing us to change views.

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq HíbridoWe are testing the upper finish of the range, the Style. Find details like the heated seats and ventilated, the sun roof or the sound system, Infinity eight-speaker. Also call attention to the quality materials used in the interior. Most of them have a nice feel to it, with the exception of some hard plastics, especially the rear door. As a curious note some materials are recycled, as for example in the inside of the doors or the fabric of the roof and floor mats.

If we have talking living, the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid will not be short. The squares in front are very spacious and comfortable. The driver’s seat will have adjustments to electrical, while the passenger is moved manually. A stretch of the route I traveled in the rear seats and I had no problems of space or by the free height of the roof or by the knees, while the central square will be something fair. In terms of the trunk manages to 505 litres thanks to the fact that the batteries are located under the second row of seats. If the fold will get a volume of 1.505 liters.

hybrid drive System

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq HíbridoUnder the hood of this Hyundai Ioniq you will find a hybrid drive system of the last generation. On the one hand has a gasoline engine turbo 1.6 GDI Kappa four-cylinder engine that develops 105 HP and 147 Nm. This mechanics of the Atkinson cycle added to a electric motor permanent magnet synchronous with 43,5 HP and 170 Nm. Both combine to deliver a total power of 141 HP and 265 Nm of torque. The battery of this hybrid is lithium-ion polymer and has a 1,56 kWh. Its main advantage compared to the nickel hydride is its durability and its size, although it is also more expensive.

Although without a doubt one of the developments largest of this vehicle is its transmission. Incorporates the gearbox automatic dual clutch 6DCT. Has six gears and not seven due to their small size and because the engine torque will be sufficient. We said that it is something new, because today we are used to see changes to drive continuous in this type of vehicle, as is the case of the Prius and its CVT. Thanks to this box you will get a behavior more dynamic.

Their new platform is made in a 53% high-strength steel. Some part such as the hood, the tailgate or elements of the suspension are made of aluminium and that contributes to lower your weight. The Ioniq Hybrid remains in 1.370 kg, figure is quite good. This contributes to a performance which is correct for this type of vehicle. Makes the 0 to 100 km/h in 11,1 seconds and its maximum speed stays at 185 km/h. The positive part is that it approves a consumption combined 3.4 l/100km (3.9 l/100km with rim of 17 inches).

Dynamic and aerodynamic

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq HíbridoWe touch get behind the wheel of the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid and we began to realize some of their virtues. The change 6DCT has a response much faster and more natural. Gets a behavior to be efficient if drive in Eco mode, while we may also get some sportiness in the Sport mode. In the first gears will mesh trying to save fuel and in the second, we will seek to maximize their benefits. It is a hybrid with a power modest, but did note a greater push rolling in Sport.

Also we will give account that is active for an answer direct address or by the red color that stains the instrumentation. Another of its advantages is that it can be to do a sequential use change giving a tap to up or down the lever. His behavior is improved thanks to its low center of gravity, achieved by putting their batteries under the seats. When we demand a little more we notice the good work of its multilink rear suspension.

Not what we said, but his boot is always done in electric. Once we started up the electric motor works as a support and barely notice when it stops operating the gasoline engine. Is quite silent and just comes noise to the interior, except for a sound of rolling something high in some circumstances. Help your worked aerodynamics that gets a coefficient of 0.24 Cx. Account with the grid of active air that we mentioned before, the special rims and low fairings partially.

Safety and effectiveness

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq HíbridoBetween all the equipment of the Ioniq will highlight a few systems that improve their safety behind the wheel. Some we discover during the march, as is the case with the assistant of maintenance of lane, or the cruise control intelligent that has a very good behavior. Others will explain at the press conference because we did not try them on the road. An example is the braking autonomous emergency, which uses radar and cameras to avoid possible accidents.

If you already mentioned your riding comfort, another of the advantages will be your consumption. We are driving the finish Style and this means that your will consume a little more for its 17-inch wheels. Toeven so we get figures very good in our path. The tour consisted of a 75% motorway and fast roads and a 25% of urban commuting. Without having to worry about making an efficient driving we were around 5 litres all the time. If you well, to make a test more effective, we will have to wait for a test of longer duration.

All the above features make the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid is a little less hybrid of what the name says. operation is more conventional and similar to the use of any vehicle gasoline/diesel traditional. In this sense, it is away a little of the concept of the Toyota Prius that seeks to be different from all the others. One of the advantages that you will have the Ioniq in front of it will be a complete range consisting of three trim levels, in addition to a competitive price and attractive.

Equipment Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq Híbrido


  • alloy Wheel of 15 inches
  • Drivers knee
  • System lane change
  • cruise Control intelligent
  • Sensor parking rear
  • Sensor lights
  • instrument cluster of 4.2 inches
  • automatic Climate control
  • Radio with 5-inch touch screen
  • Camera rear parking


  • Equipment Klass
  • alloy Wheels of 17 inches
  • Box of instruments of 7-inch
  • Browser with touch screen
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • mobile Charger wireless
  • Lights xénon HID
  • LED tail Lights
  • power Mirrors
  • smart Key with push button


  • Equipment Techno
  • Sensor dead angle
  • solar Roof
  • leather-appointed front Seats ventilated and heated
  • driver’s Seat with memory feature
  • steering Wheel, heated
  • parking Sensor front
  • traffic Alert rear

Prices Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid in Spain

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq Híbrido

Engine Change Finish Price
Engine Change Finish Price
Ioniq HEV 141CV DCT 6v Klass 23.900 euros
Ioniq HEV 141CV DCT 6v Klass Nav 24.750 €
Ioniq HEV 141CV DCT 6v Techno 26.900 euros
Ioniq HEV 141CV DCT 6v Style 29.900 euros

The previous prices do not include discounts. With the introductory offer may be lower up to 3000 euro these figures. In this way you will be able to buy the Ioniq Hybrid Klass 20.900 euros. Include 5 years of unlimited mileage warranty, plus 8 years of roadside assistance.

Gallery Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq Híbrido
Prueba Hyundai Ioniq Híbrido
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