Test Infiniti QX30 2.2 d 7DCT AWD (II): equipment, interior and trunk

One of the features most appreciated by customers of this type of car elevated is the ease of access and exit from the car. In this sense, the Infiniti QX30 does not disappoint, it is easier to enter and exit in the Mercedes GLA, the model on which it is based. out virtually no one would say, the design has a lot of personality, but inside it is quite noticeable more. Highlights of the C-pillar, which appears to float, with the distinctive curve of the japanese brand.

There are a number of details that are very Mercedes and that have not sought to conceal in the Q30 or QX30. Between the Class A and Class GLA there are hardly any differences in the interior (trunk and C-pillar apart), so that between the Q30 and the QX30 nor should we expect them to be, is over, nothing changes. habitability is exactly the same. The squares in front are comfortable, the rear are suitable for two and close to three.

Who has been uploaded in a Class or GLA, you will find things in the QX30 in the act. Do not look for a lever to the right of the steering wheel, because he doesn’t have: the functions of the windshield wipers and lights are integrated in a single lever to the left. Very close by is the speed control (limiter and regulator), that is handled exactly the same on all the Mercedes. Like their cousins German, you do not have push-button start, turn the key, but allows you to access the drive without giving the command.


Infiniti has not worked enough in the differentiation of its compact front of the base Mercedes

The forms of the dashboard are sufficiently differentiated. While the Mercedes turn to aerators round, Infiniti throws in the classics in landscape format. It is also different from the navigation system and infotainment, typical of the japanese brand, although it seems to me more intuitive to the Mercedes. The shifter is in the console and not in the steering column.

from here they begin to have more similarities than differences. The buttons, knobs on the steering wheel, dashboard, menus, the on-board computer, automatic climate control system… are the same as in Mercedes. The layout changes a bit, but are found quickly with a minimum of deformation professional if you know their cousins manufactured in Hungary.

I don’t know to what extent it can be a problem, but when someone buys a car that is around 40,000 euros (and exceeds) I would say that expected more differentiation. There’s a touch of the hand-held pendant stations the most typically Nissan/Infiniti that does not clash with the origin Mercedes, but it is that seems too. You can give the impression that the designers took a vacation before you finish the interior and took the car as it was.


With this I do not want to detract from the basis of that part of Infiniti, the A-Class and GLA are well-made, although obviously below the standards which the mark of the star has shown on more expensive models. In fact, it is a pretty model resulted, with details of quality and refinement beyond what is customary in the C-segment, but does not stand out especially if it compares with a C Premium as a BMW X1 or an Audi Q3.

I Also have to say that having moved out of the road, at a speed very moderate (20 km/h I could swear that I didn’t) I noticed some rustling of plastic, although road was not to be. Interestingly, to me, the same thing happened with some units of the compact class of Mercedes-Benz, so I would not say that it is a problem specific to Infiniti. Serve the data that are not made in the same site, are produced in the Uk, not in Hungary, although that should give the same.

The panoramic roof that equips the unit of testing is not practicable, only you can open or close the electric blind that cap. If you are going to travel people are very high, it is not as convenient, because you can lose a few inches very valuable height to the head. As is evident, the Mercedes-Benz GLA will is exactly the same. The advantages of space for a crossover noticed very little in this model, more like a tourism.


As discussed in the first part, there are only two versions in the full range. Given that the engine, gearbox and traction type is always the same, you can only choose levels of equipment. In the level Premium, the most economical, not missing elements such as the navigator with touch screen, Bluetooth, security systems (includes notice of abandonment of rail vehicles or in blind spots), speed control, climate control bizona, heated seats, USB socket…

The testing unit has the level of finish Premium

It can be clearly seen by the lack of electrical regulation of seats, that do not have the inserts in leather and faux wood, or lights adaptive, nor the hole for skis in the trunk, etc In the Mercedes-Benz GLA we don’t have that much equipment for the same money, is the great difference between the policies of equipment of Mercedes and Infiniti.

If we decide to go for the Premium Tech we will obtain as reward materials of the highest quality and leather upholstery Dynamic and Nappa, adaptive headlights LED, access to and exit from the car without a key, the very useful rear view camera (due to lack of visibility, natural), front seats with adjustments, electrical and memory, voice recognition, windshield washer heated, and other elements. The jump is not very cheap to say, increases the price of the car at 4,500 euros.


In the trunk we have the same capacity as that in the Infiniti Q30, that is to say, 430 liters in total, or 368 if we start counting on the double bottom, as we see in the image. It is not an outstanding capability, below the average of its category. The GLA has a capacity of 421 litres, so in that sense, a few surprises.

If you flip down the seats, you can have additional capacity, and the seats are folded in a ratio of 60:40 as usual. If you want to carry a long object, there is no direct communication between the trunk and the passenger compartment in the model Premium, has to be the Premium Tech. Has anchors fastening, two handy hooks to hang bags, lighting and a power outlet of 12 volts in the left-hand side.

The mouth of load is not very high, but it is not the most comfortable thing in the world. We deserve high-end solutions -what to expect for this price – as the opening of the trunk by making a gesture with the foot, a feature that incorporated the Ford Kuga, opening/closing of the gate electrical or any solution for extra storage and available in Skoda.