Test Infiniti QX30 2.2 d 7DCT AWD (III): assessment and conclusions

The Infiniti QX30 is on sale with any combination of engine, gearbox and traction type, and when it is diesel 170 HP automatic gearbox of double clutch and all-wheel drive. The only two possibilities of choice within the range is limited to the level of equipment and the color of the body.

The QX30 that we have tested for a week was the “less” equipped, taking into account that we speak of an endowment quite generous, in that many customers will think that you are going to ample. Have elements like the browser or the climate control bizona series are not mucus from turkey.

yes, the price difference with respect to the Q30 with all the same it is very difficult to justify, in the same way that the Class GLA goes up much in price relative to the Class by a C-pillar is different and the suspension elevated a few millimeters. The Q30 and the QX30 are virtually identical on the inside, on the outside the differences are very subtle.

Version Engine Gearbox Traction Price
QX30 Premium 2.2 d (170 HP) 7G-DCT 4X4 39.990 euros
QX30 Premium Tech 2.2 d (170 HP) 7G-DCT 4×4 44.500 euros


Then, why choose the QX30 in time for the Q30? For aesthetics does not seem to me the best yardstick, it seems to me more advisable to the version commented out to those in need of a free height raised 200 mm to the ground are more than what we usually offer many SUV (more of a 4×4 than cars), and the Q30 is already very high in relation to the competition. The QX30 even higher.

so what does this mean? The Q30 will be more comfortable to drive because the suspension does not need the same setting to keep the car on its site, the center of gravity is lower. In addition, the Q30 has more variety of engines. With the same engine and front wheel drive the Q30 costs about 6,000 euros less. There recommend more the version more “tourism”.

The Q30 is more economical with petrol engine is the 1.6 t and costs 24.900€. There are scratching a little more the pocket for the diesel 109 HP (source engine Renault/Mercedes), 26.700 euros. The price is a little high but keep in mind the equipment that comes to change over to any alternative to Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz. These are more of the go putting extras, the most to the letter, the brands orientals are menu closed.


Within the range QX30, I consider that the provision of equipment that brings the Premium is more than enough and almost all of the price difference with the Premium Tech is going leather for the seats. On the outside nobody is going to give account of what we have. In fact, since it costs a lot to differentiate a QX30 from a Q30 for an untrained eye.

Pity that you have not just extras, is that everything goes in the batch. There is only one package for the Premium, and is called “Tech Pack”. Integrates, among others, keyless entry, rear vision camera, chromed handles on the doors, the vision top-down (four cameras), the panorama sunroof and the assistance when parking with front sensors. You can’t ask for all of that separately.

In the Premium Tech have to pay separate for the “Safety Pack”, which includes smart cruise control, automatic parking, chambers of peripheral vision and alert vehicles in the blind spot. Another package, the “Cafe Teak”, change the upholstery of the seats by chocolate color, the exterior mirrors have a silver finish and features a tinted more intense on the moons rear. You can ask for a separate BOSE sound system, and panorama sunroof.


If Infiniti wants to be taken more seriously as a Premium brand in the european market, it will have to be further adjusted to local tastes. In the american market works very well having ranges more closed, because they are more to buy cars in fields that by turning to the factory with a high customization. Europe works the other way.

The three main brands in this league gives you a lot of freedom of choice to the customers in any sense of: engines, gearboxes, versions of all-wheel drive, wide tires and finishes, a large number of extras… it Is much easier to have a car to the taste of each one, but of course, budget willing. For those who do not want to complicate life, Infiniti makes it easy. But the range is very poor.

There is the Q30 I do not see much sense to the QX30, but what matter are the numbers, not what you think of this journalist. Personally, I see complicated to justify the leap from the Q30 if it is only going to travel on the road, but hey, it’s easy to opine with the money that is not one. If I had to choose, I stayed with the Q30 Sport, which costs the same, and has better dynamics to go less high than the rest of the range. Already tried it, by the way.


And for our part, that is all…