Test Jaguar F-Pace, First Edition, good sportsmanship, and distinction

The Jaguar F-Pace is postulated as the first SUV of the manufacturer English. The start of a new breed of vehicles more versatile that we will soon see in dealerships, the cat, since it will not be the last or much less. Your relationship with Land Rover gives us greater confidence to venture forth to try this new model, but I assure you that you will be surprised because that is not what we expected of him, will it?

Our first contact with the Jaguar F-Pace has been with the exclusive limited edition First Edition, which provides an extensive standard equipment, exterior and more exclusive, only associated to the engines of three liters and the total traction. A version very to keep in mind when deciding to be owners of the first SUV of the cat if we decide to go more by differentiation that for any reason.

( aesthetic

If we go to paragraph aesthetic, the SUV Jaguar shows a design with very few of the latest models launched by the manufacturer. Honestly, he has been a vehicle very attractive muscular lines and refinement in English. We can perceive the lines of the Jaguar XE and XF of the last batch as the muscular hood flanked by LED headlights intimidadora look and a generous main grille. The new todocamino also adds prominent defenses that carry large side air intakes and the already known identity of the vehicles of this category: bulging wheel arches, higher ground clearance and extra precaution to the low.


The design of the feline body-hugging SUV

But there is something that all Jaguar carries inherently, his sportsmanship, The F-Pace is a SUV more dynamic than usual in this segment and part of this spirit can be seen from the outside. Since we are not only speaking of his already commented look, but his body looks like a silhouette very attractive in the style of other already consecrated as the BMW X4, Audi Q3, Porsche Macan, Lexus NX or the Mercedes GLC Coupe. From his side profile we see through his side gills and eye-catching wheels that can reach the 22 inches of maximum diameter according to the catalog of Jaguar, as is the case in this version.

A SUV sporty cut

The roof bows out on a rear spoiler that integrates the third brake light and reaches behind with a suggestive tilt that ends quickly due to the height of this. Once on his back, we called attention to the headlights of the new design of the brand who take great similarity with the Jaguar F-Type, the model could well be the antagonist of the F-Pace in the own brand despite sharing the first letter of your name. Achieved sports, available in versions coupe and cabrio, has inherited its striking optics that extend along the width of the rear and something in your drop ceiling. Under your lighting is the powerful rear bumper adorned with a horn of great personality and two exhaust outlets chrome.

Measured 4.7 metres in length, 1.9 meters high and 1.7 wide, causing him to be slightly greater than its direct rivals. At first glance we notice that the Jaguar F-Pace is more than an SUV to go around the city, its dynamic profile is able to raise passions and to turn heads wherever it happens, especially if we are with the units of finishes, more sports. Versions which come to its culmination, for the moment, with the Jaguar F-Pace, First Edition like the one we had in our garage. To give you an idea, this special limited edition, with the defenses more sporting, two-tone bodywork exclusive and huge tires of 22 inches that become your first sign of distinction between the rest.


behind rescues features of the new Jaguar F-Type


once within its interior, the F-Pace shows a passenger compartment worthy of all Jaguar and even dare we say that we feel a special care, we assume that for that special affection that you have to launch a completely new model. Gives a great feel of quality materials. In certain incidental details could have used more exclusive materials, but these are not desmerecen at all the general perception.

Our special edition is equipped with a upholstery integral in skin Windsor. The system of info-entertainment called inControl Touch Pro with touch screen 10.2-inch is the most updated that has the signature, very similar to your recent vehicle average, the Jaguar XE, so we breathe a sigh of relief not to go back to find us with a system somewhat old-fashioned and slow to handle. On the contrary, the jump of the multimedia computer, is remarkable in design with a very intuitive and fluent to navigate through its menus.

unlike what we would expect due to their outward appearance, the interior is one of the most spacious in its segment. The occupants of its five seats have a great breadth and freedom of movements, being outstanding even more height to the head and leg space for the rear seats. Again, two adults can be comfortable back, but the third square is somewhat diminished because of your sobreelevaciĆ³n and the centre tunnel that passes between the feet. The squares in front are the best score in this aspect with a grip and comfort remarkable. In some cases it is very practical the electrical regulation of the rear seat backs. Basically you will find an interior transplanted from the new Jaguar XE.


A cabin spacious seat post

on the other hand we have a trunk that provides up to 650 litres of capacity without giving up any of their plazas and in 1825 litres with just two seats depending on the size of our spare wheel. In our case, behave under the trunk a complete wheel 22 inch exactly equal to that of the outer, optional measures 265/40, and it is for this reason that the floor of this has been raised a few centimeters we deducted to something capacity and eliminate the double bottom. Is the handicap resulting from ensuring that our brand-new vehicle will not be seen with a wheel is ridiculous compared to the rest, in addition to the floor of the trunk is very straight so hardly we will notice substantial loss when transporting luggage and other packages.

Continuing with the provision of this model, we highlight its dashboard with screen 12.3 inches that displays all the information dynamically with transitions between screens and images in a fluid way. Another aspect to be noted is the Head-Up Display that while it is not as sharp as that of rivals gives us a plus in security, thus giving us useful information without having to take off the gaze of the windshield. Although the entire interior is comfortable and rewarding we have not been at all clear practicality that provide the controls of the crystals in such a high position on the driver’s door in the style of its sister Land Rover. When we look for the windows in their natural position, we find ourselves with buttons but these are the memories of driver’s position. There is that one becomes accustomed to it.

Technology up-to-date

optionally we can equip our F-Pace system open hands-free trunk, that allows you to open your gate with the gesture to see a little foot under the rear bumper. Speaking of opening systems, our unit has the “Activity Key“, a bracelet that can act as a key to open and close the vehicle, not start it, manufactured in a flexible material, resistant and waterproof. This key bracelet is designed for those owners more adventurous who do not have too much space to store valuables while enjoying sports. Bring the bracelet to a specific area of the tailgate will close or open our car with a simple gesture


Design and luxury is what we found in the cabin of the SUV Jaguar

and Motor performance

Under the hood we find a propellant turbo 3.0-liter V6 that is positioned as the choice of diesel most powerful in its range. This six-cylinder develops 300 HP to its four-wheel drive. Both for city and for highway it is one of the best options in this model since it will enable us to drive happily without the need of affect significantly our economy. The V6 petrol is quicker, however the turbo pushes better from low revs thanks to its huge number of pair (700 Nm from 1,750 rpm). with this configuration, it completes the 0 to 100 km/h in 6,2 seconds.

we are Not surprised that the real consumption, 8 l/100km, leave approved but this will continue to be content as to move a vehicle of almost 1,900 Kg with traction to the four wheels. The new automatic eight-speed ZF used by Jaguar Land Rover shines in his work searching for the highest gear when we choose the way of driving more economically, and it isin activating the more sporty. Its operation is smooth reminding us that mostly we don’t need a double clutch. Your gear selector is the classic wheel that comes out of the centre tunnel, if you prefer to manage the change manually, you have a couple of the maximum power behind the wheel that will be of great utility.

In their behavior is undoubtedly your sports. If we know the close relationship between Jaguar and Land Rover is easy to fall into the trap of believing that this F-Pace is based on some model of the sister brand but it is not so. The F-Pace takes as base the all-new Jaguar XE it inherits from its platform, made of 80% aluminum and several of its best features. However Jaguar has taken advantage of the synergy between the two manufacturers and has equipped its first SUV traction 4×4 “All Surface Control” of the operation and effectiveness very similar to the XXXXXX of Land Rover but adapted to the more dynamic approach of the feline.


A V6 diesel which is quick, efficient and fun-to-drive

The F-Pace does not furnish or gearbox or air suspension but if shock absorbers hardness variable. The system of four-wheel drive works automatically deriving all the torque to the rear wheels most of the time and balancing the percentages to real-time depending on traction needs. The distribution of torque can reach up to 50% for each axis. Our unit is equipped with more technologies like the Jaguar Drive Control with four driving modes and the address variable.

Although it is not your primary profile, the driving off-road it is resolved better than expected. 21 cm free height the ground and more than 52 cm wading will make a vehicle very capable. Nothing has to envy an F-Pace to the owners of a Land Rover if they do not come on land too demanding. Has a behavior that stands out the most when we drive off the road, but to be honest if your looking for a better performance off-road in Land Rover you will find models that are more tailored to you, as it is logical.

But let’s talk about your behavior. The Jaguar F-Pace has a chassis inherited from the Jaguar XE which although behaves very well noticed increased bending with respect to XE because of its new body SUV. We find certain inertia due to the size and weight of the vehicle, because, although it uses an aluminium platform their 1.9 tonnes of weight remain an important figure to handle, more when the numbers on the scale have more in mind.


The F-Pace equipped with the latest version of the multimedia system of Jaguar

Jaguar bet for an approach that is more sport in their SUV with a suspension-firm that gives us the feeling of greater dynamism in the driving, however we also offer a further reading of the irregularities of the asphalt, something that can kick us back if we are looking for a vehicle focused on comfort. This data is also the result of having mounted a striking tires 22 inch low profile in this special edition. It is clear that if we want our F-Pace is more comfortable (and get rid of some tenths of a consumption, it would be helpful to pick a few wheels more comfortable, maybe 19 inches, and not so visual.

Capacity off-road heritage of Land Rover

With the sport mode activated, the vehicle undergoes a slight transformation that reminds us of the fierce that can be cats when they go out hunting. In addition we will be able to speed up to taste the accelerator as we will not have why to fear of a possible excessive intake of the fuel. The highway is your preferred terrain, where the travel lengths make it convenient to meet with agility the curves that we presented, reducing the weight at about 100 Kg gives a result very favorable.

The sound insulation contributes to comfort of the motion and relaxation of its occupants. In the city its large size can be easily controlled thanks to the system of cameras in 360-degree available as a parking aid, in addition to the relevant sensors and the greater assistance to the steering at low speed.


Although late, the F-Pace is a SUV sports able to deal with their competitors more veterans


The Jaguar F-Pace is a car, very sporty and fast, especially with the six-cylinder engines. Their threatening appearance makes you think that it is a todocamino focused solely on the vibrancy but you’ll be surprised how it moves off the road thanks to the invaluable experience of Land Rover in this field. The first SUV of the Jaguar looks very fierce, I honestly never thought that the design of the brand could be so good on a body raised, but the result is obvious. The designers of the british brand have created a SUV quick and agile look awesome.

Without a doubt has been one of the latest premium brands, in addition to the fever of the SUV but to my mind, though something late, have come up with an interesting alternative to the market. A worthy rival to the BMW X3/X4, Mercedes GLC/GLC Coupe, Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan. The special edition that we tested has a retail price high compared to its rivals but we should take into account that it is a model with more equipment than their opponents, to which we add also the fact of being part of a circulation of only 2,000 units. The exclusivity is there to pay for it. (Comfort is outstanding, and the exits out of the asphalt will be made with total peace of mind and effectiveness, although, of course, that an SUV of huge tires 22-inch has as its major purpose being the victim of the looks that take a dirt trail goes up a mountain.