Test Lexus IS 300h: japanese Quality, quiet hybrid

Lexus bet three years ago in to produce only hybrid vehicles and, leaving aside the range F including the RC F and GS F, kept their promise. When you hop in a vehicle of the latest generation of Lexus that it transmits, in the first moment nothing more to see, it’s design and elegance. Their lines are thin, sharp, curled, and aggressive. All that in a same car.

Although the Lexus IS 300h is a sedan medium that directly competes with their German rivals, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4, which provides a differentiator, and it is the hybrid technology that is available to the entire range of the japanese brand. In addition to this identity, the design is another of the loud parts of this model nippon.

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The IS-F to the IS 300h

As you know, Lexus, which means Luxury EXport United States, it was created by Toyota in 1989 as its brand secondary high range that would compete against the europeans, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW, in the united States in a principle. Similar strategy to that adopted by Honda with Acura and Nissan with Infiniti.

Imagine for a brand should not be easy to remove a vehicle sporting as did Lexus with the IS-F in Europe. For example, in Spain, there is only one powertrain for the IS 300h, the famous hybrid system, composed by a 4-cylinder engine and 2.5 liters of cubicaje and an electric motor. In contrast, if we go to the united States, we find a Lexus much more changed, with the engines inline 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder in V, generated from 241 up to 306 HP, in addition to a choice of rear-wheel drive or total.

As you can see, Lexus know how to adapt to the markets, knowing choose what sales you have in each one of them and taking advantage of the opportunities they generate, as I told before, in the case of Europe, with cities, and hybrid cars.

Design is sharp and elegant, worthy of a katana

There are designs and designs. here Is where Lexus gets a point in its favor. Their cars do not usually respond to silhouettes presets, and their models are not copy and pastes of each other. The IS 300h is not less than their older brothers, and also features with this type of details. Lexus knows how to play with the curves and so it shows in the design of both the interior and the exterior of your sedan segment D.

The first thing that catches the attention nothing more to see the front, are your optics front. beautifully worked and with a few of the ways nothing conventional to what we are used to in the segment, equipped with LED lighting. In addition, as the version pre-restyling, also incorporates the LED L-shaped that provide some continuity to the headlights. Other elements that stand out in the front are its huge calender and their air intakes, which are enlarged in the version F Sport, the sportiest model.

On the side stand chrome elements in the door frames to bring a stylish touch. for The icon of Hybrid in the bottom makes it clear the system that mounts the IS 300h. Behind stands out for lenses that, as in the front, are well worked out with respect to your competition. Speaking of its rivals, the IS 300h does not have exhaust outlets that are false, something which we appreciate. In addition, your luggage compartment of 450 liters, shows us a glimpse of the small spoiler that comes with the mix of sportiness and elegance of the set.

The interior is not far behind

as Well as I spoke of the great success that is the mark do not copy and paste the silhouette in its various models, it is worth mentioning that this does not happen in your interior design. Don’t get me wrong, in the interior of the Lexus exudes quality and comfort, but it could vary between your range. Even with this, nothing more to sit, we found a few seats, well-finished, heated and air-conditioned, and in the case of the Lexus IS 300h Luxury, with electronic adjustment.

The steering wheel has a good finish on leather, your speedometer provides different information depending on the driving mode you have activated and your screen infotainment is able to display two elements on the screen. As is tradition in the brand, has the clock characteristic of the Lexus, very useful on certain occasions. Your climate control is simple to use, with just buttons and necessary, and a touch panel to change the temperature.

If there is something negative to highlight about the interior of the IS 300h may be the little ability to stop objects. If that is true that we have a glove box and two cup holders in the armrest of the driver, as well as gaps in the doors of each side and the glovebox on the passenger seat, but miss a slide in the top of the shift lever, and a space more usable in the reserved to the display of infotainment.

Hybridization, the firm commitment of Lexus

From 2013, which marketed the third generation Lexus IS (also known as Toyota Altezza in the first generation), in Spain there is only one possibility of motorization and seven equipment. The hybrid system with the IS 300h is formed by a 4-cylinder engine in line and 2.5 litres of cubicaje that generates 181 HP, and an electric motor located in the front part of the vehicle that provides 143 HP of power. In total, the IS 300h delivers 223 HP.

As you might have noticed, the sum of 181 and 143 HP is not 223. This is because the electric motor delivers all the power from 0, and therefore, you have all your torque available. The heat engine, by contrast, generates 181 HP at 6,000 rpm, therefore, the maximum power available to the two motors used in unison is not the sum of both, but 223 HP. Easy, isn’t it?

And, driving through a town in electric-only mode up to 50 km/h is a luxury, in addition to the possibility of being able to park in any corner of a big city, without the need to pay for it. This is where the Lexus is its natural habitat, unlike your brother’s american without hybridization.

, Versatile for the day-to-day

As any model in its segment, the Lexus IS 300h is very valid to do any activity in the day-to-day, except to enter a circuit with it, of course. But as I told before, drive with it using the electric motor, will do that in addition to not make any noise, the power consumption is 0, something that we appreciate. Thanks to this hybrid system, we will benefit from a quiet driving, without any lag in the change of thermal to electrical.

Our test car had the equipment Luxury, within 7 different brand nippon offer. This level of equipment is the highest in the model, and features a host of driving aids -TRC, EPS, ECB, EPB, ACC, PCS…-.This version, despite not having the so nice active suspension system Lexus, has a great poise on the road, making it a perfect model for long trips.

In the Lexus IS 300h Luxury find three types of driving modes: Eco, Normal and Sport. In the first, you’ll notice as the car has to use the hybrid system efficiently, trying to save as much fuel as possible. In contrast, in the Sport, the accelerator will gain sensitivity and the suspension and the steering stiffen for a driving something more sporty.

sporty Look, calm behavior

223 HP in total. 181 HP produced by an engine of 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder and 143 HP generated by an electric motor located in the front part. 221 Nm of the heat engine and 300 Nm of torque of the electric motor. Rear-wheel drive. Aggressive look, care, refined. Hallmarks of a sporty, but nothing beyond the reality. Like his twin brother, the RC 300h, are cars designed for driving in an efficient manner and clean. Don’t expect a radical behavior in this model of the brand nippon.

The transmission e-CVT takes a large part of this equation. Is in charge of transmitting the power to the rear wheels, and does so in an automatic gearbox of 6 speeds. This type of transmission has the particularity of not having a clutch, and in the case of the Lexus, his behavior is, to put an example that all will understand, that of a scooter. You will notice that the car has a considerable acceleration thanks to the torque delivery immediate of the electric motor-but unlike other cars, we will see that the changes are not abrupt.

As I said above, your behavior is quiet, noble, nice. It is not a car to take us in batches, or even for any stretch of mountain. As much as its design is sporty, the Lexus IS 300h makes it clear nothing more to take the steering wheel aspirations. It’s probably one of the best allies in face-to-perform long trips, its passage on the highway is quiet, still, cornering, your suspension helps that there is no irregularity in the movements that we make. This also has to do with the disposal of their batteries, which makes your center of gravity down considerably.

multimedia System conservative but effective

it Is difficult to put negative points to the IS 300h. a car Is well finished off, with a multitude of details, and without fail notable, but the cat to the water is what takes your multimedia system. The 10-inch screen version Luxury that we tested, will allow us to use multi-screen to be able to view at the same time the navigation map and the information on the song that is playing, for example. Without a doubt, the big panel with this version makes things very easy.

the downside of The system that used Lexus in all their cars is that has neither Android Auto or Apple Car Play. Not that it’s bad news, because our phone is paired to perfection with the car’s system. No need to press any button, the system will recognize the Bluetooth device, and plays the last song that was playing before they left the cabin, but it would have been good to Lexus to include these systems specifically designed for cars in the IS 300h.

navigation, on the other hand, is up-to-date and we will “sing” the radars that we go to be found along the way, as well as other types of information. In addition, the system Lexus will allow us to share the WiFi of our phone so that other passengers can use it, and use it to find information on traffic and weather.


The Lexus IS 300h is a car that blend perfectly in a stylish and sporty look, with a comfortable interior and quality, cs his brother coupe, the RC 300h. The IS 300h is a sedan medium that can compete perfectly with models germans as the BMW 3 Series or Audi A4, both in mechanics and design. In addition, it has the advantage of being a hybrid, something that in the very near future will have to be taken into account.

From 35.900 € we will have a car of D segment, with 223 HP and a hybrid. Their rivals for the opposite, or do not have hybrid versions such as the Audi A4, or are much more expensive. The good part of the model japanese is that the mechanics are exactly the same for all versions, and their differences will be reserved at the equipment level.

Equipment Lexus IS 300h


  • LED Headlights and autonivelados
  • LED Lights front and rear
  • exterior Mirrors electrically adjustable, retractable and heated
  • Sensor lights
  • Wheels alloy 16-inch
  • hill start assist
  • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
  • Electronic Control of Traction (TRC)
  • EV Mode
  • driving Modes: Eco, Normal and Sport
  • Stabilizer Bars Active (Lexus Hybrid Balance)
  • Stability Control Advanced management (VDIM)
  • Controls built into the steering wheel
  • Display Lexus Media Displayde 7 inches
  • System-Pioneer 6 speakers
  • manual Adjustment of front seats
  • Climate control monozona
  • windshield Wipers with antifreeze


  • cruise Control
  • rear Camera assistance at the car park
  • Seat 60/40 split-folding rear
  • central Armrest, rear with two cup holders


  • Headlights and Multi-LED
  • windshield Wipers with rain sensor
  • alloy Wheels of 17 inches
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Recognition of Traffic Signs (TSR)
  • System Maintenance of the Trajectory of the Lane (LKA)
  • System Precolisión (PCS)
  • Climate control bizona
  • Controls built into the steering wheel for activation of the systems, PCS and LKA
  • rear view Mirror electro chromatic
  • System Smart Entry

F Sport

  • Anagram F Sport
  • Design of mesh F Sport
  • parking Sensors
  • alloy Wheels of 18 inches
  • Suspended Variable Adaptive (AVS)
  • Suspensions Sports
  • Display F Sport
  • front Seats heated and with electric adjustment
  • support Panels to the knee on the center console
  • lumbar
  • electric sunroof


  • alloy Wheels of 18 inches
  • Antenna design shark fin
  • instrument Panel Optitron
  • System Mark Levinson 15-speaker
  • System Remote Touche to display multimedia
  • front Seats heated and ventilated
  • front Seats with electric adjustment and memory
  • Curtain power rear (glass back)
  • rear Curtain (back doors)
  • smart Card
  • steering Wheel with electric adjustment,

Prices Lexus IS 300h

Version Engine Change Traction Price
Version Engine Change Traction Price
Echo 223 HP (181 HP Thermal + 143 HP Electric) Automatic E-CVT 6v Rear 35.900 €
Business 223 HP (181 HP Thermal + 143 HP Electric) Automatic E-CVT 6v Rear 39.000 €
Executive 223 HP (181 HP Thermal + 143 HP Electric) Automatic E-CVT 6v Rear 42.600 €
F Sport 223 HP (181 HP Thermal + 143 HP Electric) Automatic E-CVT 6v Rear 49.200 €
Luxury 223 HP (181 HP Thermal + 143 HP Electric) Automatic E-CVT 6v Rear 56.600 €

the Opinion of the editor

  • editor’s Rating

  • Score 4 stars
35.900 to 56.600

  • Lexus IS 300h Luxury
  • Review of:
  • Published: August 1, 2017
  • Last modified: August 1, 2017
  • exterior Design
    Editor: 85%
  • Design interior
    Editor: 75%
  • Seats, front
    Editor: 85%
  • rear Seats
    Editor: 80%
  • Editor: 70%
  • Editor: 75%
  • Editor: 75%
  • Editor: 85%
  • Editor: 75%

Summary: The Lexus IS 300h is the saloon half of the brand nippon. Quality materials, good construction and one of the best hybrid technologies are their strengths, to fight their rivals in a segment of D very close.


  • exterior Design
  • Habitability
  • Comfort on long trips


  • you do Not have Android Auto or Apple Car Play
  • a Few holes slides
  • entry Version is too basic

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