Test Mazda MX-5 RF-a solution to the japanese

More than 25 years, more than two decades. That is the time that the MX-5 is conquering the hearts of millions of motorists the length and breadth of this world. This small marina is not only the best selling roadster in the world, but who has earned their own right to form part of the history of motorsport. Less than two years ago, we met the fourth generation, the ND, and I have already had the possibility of try the modern version of the drive, hard top, the Mazda MX-5 RF.


The MX-5, with your smile, no equal, will make you enjoy like when you were a child

The “philosophy Miata” is very simple: fun-size reduced. What Mazda has been doing a quarter of a century is to convert the dreams of the young in reality. Who has not played at some time in their life to the cars? Who didn’t want to do the same thing of most? So thanks to the MX-5 does not need to be a millionaire to be able to do it.

With the fourth generation of the japanese brand wanted to return to the origins, and therefore reduced the size of the Mazda MX-5. There was a greater headache to create version Soft Top, but was a very serious problem in order to get the corresponding version of hard top. A calculation error that has been fixed to japanese. Brilliant.

And it gives me the feeling that Mazda didn’t see coming the problem. They wanted to use the hard-top of the NC in ND, and that no reduction took place. Or eliminated the trunk, which remains unaltered, or is extended the battle. None of the two solutions was feasible, so I played break the head to design a system that would fit in the existing measures.

, The task was not easy, because for a time the designers and engineers were obsessed with making something of the style known. But thanks to God they saw the light and drew some lines that will be legendary. Is the first MX-5 targa that we see, and although most purists will have to hit, the result is an elegance and beauty spotless.


The way targa is a novelty, although it has not been easy to design it

If, I prefer the RF to the Soft Top. Mazda believes that I am not the only one, as expected this version will crush, in terms of volume of sales, to his twin brother canvas. 70% versus 30%. Those are the statistics that manages the japanese brand, at least in our country. The volume of sales will be 450 units per year. A figure that is limited by the capacity of production from Japan.

What else changes from one version to another? As little more the truth (nor do you need). Aesthetically speaking, the RF allows the integration of a new color, the images, called Machine Grey. To this we must add a paint, duotones, with roof in black. An extra that is worth 500 euros more. And ready to go. These are all the design changes that suffers the RF front Soft Top.

In just 13 seconds, the RF lost the hood. The retractable hard top fastest in the world. There you have it

on the inside, we find three novelties. The first of these is the TFT display of 4.6 inches which occupies the area left of the box of instruments. A detail that surely will get to see in the version of the soft top. The second is, of course, the integration of the button of actuation of the hood, which is located in the lower part of the center console. And lastly, it is the special finish Nappa Edition. With this it is achieved that the MX-5 not only has a sporty look, but also refined.


The finish Nappa Edition really get a better feeling of quality

The leather is integrated into a large part of the passenger compartment; door panels, dashboard and seats. The improvement is really remarkable, and although Mazda in a first moment I think as a special version of the launch, will keep you current on the finishing line, although that yes, with a surcharge of 400 euros with respect to the finish Luxury. The highest of all.

the rest of The news come from the point of view mechanical and dynamic. The integration of the hard-top means an increase of weight of 45 kg. This has forced engineers to change the suspension settings and steering. However, what is more important is the integration of automatic switching.

An extra that will only be available to the engine 2.0 with the finish Luxury. A possibility that by the time it will not come to the version of canvas. Unless the public demands it. Otherwise, the engines will remain unchanged. That is to say, continue to present the versions SKYACTIV-G of 1.5 and 2.0-liter with 130 and 160 horses accordingly.


The steering and suspension have been revamped since the increase of weight

In terms of pricing, go to what is simple. The Mazda MX-5 RF is 2.500 euros more expensive than the corresponding version of the soft top. The listing starts at 27.500 euros. There are three trim levels: Style, Style + and Luxury. Above the latter we find packages Luxury Pack Sport and Luxury Trim Edition. That is, if, at all, of series, comes the fun guaranteed.

Test Mazda MX-5 RF

Mazda has used the acronym RF to shorten the term Retractable Fastback. A denomination posh to an imp as the MX-5. During the presentation I had the opportunity to test the version that a priori will be the most chosen by buyers Spanish; the SKYACTIV-G 2.0 of 160 hp with manual change of six speeds. A choice more than right, because with this we will get the “philosophy Miata” in its maximum expression.

will Never cease to amaze me, the agility of the MX-5. Much should learn other rivals alike that claim their athletic capacities. To this day I still try something that matches the Mazda MX-5. In your price range obviously. The small spark japanese launches into each curve with the smile of your nose for so sacártela to you. The changes of direction are stunning and the emotion and purism are obtained consistently.


With a contagious joy the MX-5 RF devours the curves in a way agile and surprising

, you might Well think that the RF will be the same as his twin, but the truth is that no. The fact that you have retuned the steering and suspension make the Mazda MX-5 RF is more serious than his brother. The curves take a more precise way, while the version of soft convertible top tends to go a little more loose, obligándote to correct the direction and fight a little more drawn out. That with the RF not happening. The steering is slightly heavier and more direct. The minimum to achieve this improvement, no refinement eye.

With only 1.130 pounds, each horse power of the MX-5 RF handles to move 7 kg

And is that the RF continues to tend to that point rustic of all the MX-5. With the hood set the isolation is correct, even though it filters some noise aerodynamic. Less than the Soft Top. However if we remove the ceiling, the discomfort increases. The derivabrisas does its job to perfection, and does not enter a lot of air to the cabin, but next to the door, right in the ear, it creates a whirlwind that can get to be annoying, forcing you to raise voice at high speeds.

What I still like, is that after 25 years of existence, as Mazda still has not found a way to accommodate the conductors larger. Is a car for people of height and volume media. The most high will suffer to enter and occupy the seats of the MX-5. They also have the right to enjoy the glories of a car like this.


as I am not a purist for the design, yes I am for the change. The manual is the only valid option

If I speak of the engine, the truth is that I find nothing new. For me, as I have already said, the best choice is the 2.0 of 160 horses. The 1.5-litre is not bad eye, but in certain moments, you miss out on something more vigorous, . That with the 160 does not pass. It is a joy to watch as it gains velocity. You can roll very quickly, and with a poise brutal. If we add to this a change of gears are infinite, the combination is simply brilliant.

If we talk about the Sport trim, I must say that this one comes with a equipment and special configuration. The first thing you need to know is that the aesthetics does not vary, but yes that includes a bar, rope, a few sports seats signed by Recaro, and a suspension with a tare driest of origin Bilstein. All of this add up to 1,800 euros, and in my personal opinion, do not constitute an improvement so radical.

Can you change an automatic win of the MX-5 a car more functional and comfortable for the day-to-day, but I don’t think you get the same sensations of driving with the manual change. For me it is the only possible change to the car, so replacing it would be to ruin the experience.


Which transformer, the hood of the MX-5 RF breaks down to fit in her tiny hole

Another thing that surprises me is the capacity of saving. I must say that the test was, during almost all the time, very demanding, with mountain passes, and stretches fast. Despite this the consumption remained content. The computer fell off of a piece of data average of 7.4 litres per 100 kilometres. Really good. Although between us, the MX-5 deserves to be driven as if you stole it. The car bites you for it.


In summary, and for those God-fearing. The Mazda MX-5 RF maintains the legacy. That wonderful tradition that will continue falling in love countless drivers in the world. The Retractable Fastback has a line impressive and driving is more serious than that of his brother of the soft convertible top. I, personally, prefer him to his brother. The design seems to me much more beautiful, and if on top has that slight improvement in the driving, I would pay the extra costs that that entails.

Mazda already has it available in Spain. Already admitted reservations, and the first customers will have to wait until the middle, the end, of the month of February to dispose of their coveted units. Although one thing you say: if you’re in doubt between one or the other, not topics. The choice will always be successful. With an MX-5 you can never fail. Remember that it is the best selling roadster in the world. For something will be.


The MX-5 RF continues with the saga in a spectacular fashion. Design and fun picked up of the hand