Test Mazda3 2.0 Skyactiv-G 120 CV Luxury, thought-provoking invitation

While most brands have opted to significantly reduce the displacements of its thrusters and giving them boost in the mechanics of gasoline, Mazda has followed a very different path to overcome the harsh regulations of antipollution. Mazda is the only brand of affordable products that have preferred to keep high displacements and not to resort to the turbo to comply with the rules established by other techniques such as, for example, equip their engines with high compression ratios.

it Seems that this japanese manufacturer wants to be contrary, but what is certain is that is working very well. Many might believe that, in the absence of overfeeding, the response of its gasoline engines will be poor, as poor as inversely proportional to will get a very high consumption. If so, sorry to say that you are very wrong. Today we tested the updated Mazda3 2017 in-body 5-door, finished in Luxury and pack and Premium associated with the engine 2.0 120 HP. Join us.

Us says Mazda that this is the alternative mechanical’s best-selling Mazda3, and we are not surprised. I haven’t driven engines-diesel, but the satisfaction obtained with this set makes us think that it is difficult to improve.

Design KODO, fluid design, attractive design

Little has changed Mazda3 on an aesthetic level in this update of 2017, having released the current generation in the year 2014. The firm has made changes so subtle that they are virtually unnoticeable at a glance, makes us see that the aging of the model is still good and that is working very well aesthetically.

dimensions of the compact have not changed with this update presented at the end of last year 2016. Measures 4,47 meters long, 1,79 wide and 1.45 meters high with a wheelbase of 2.7 meters. These dimensions place him as one of the members of the C-segment’s largest.

Mazda is a company that relies heavily on the philosophy and sculpture, both for its aesthetic design as well as for the behavior. On an aesthetic level, your language design it is called KODO. minor changes are a few subtle brush strokes that we can see in the new main grille, updated headlights LED or in the contour of the lights of fog. The color red Soul Red Metallic will feel like a glove; no wonder that the majority of the Mazda3 that we see for the streets to be this color.

side view model japanese allows us to see that, despite being a compact body of 5 doors, its silhouette is very soft, very smooth. This is very important, because the silhouette will influence to a large extent in the consumption of fuel and in the internal acoustic insulation. Yes, this same view lets us see that the rear visibility will not be your best bet. alloy wheels equipped by our unit are a recent addition to the range, with measures of 18 inches and silver plated finish.

rear is very asian, with numerous lines and pilot lights tridemensionales with forms relatively sharp. To improve to the maximum possible habitable and rear, the rear back is very steep. The bumper is sturdy, that brings a great package visual; while the dual exhaust puts another point of dynamism to the set.

Habitability fair to their external dimensions

Without a doubt, the main negative point of the Mazda3 is that, despite being one of the cars of greater length of the segment, does not have a cabin very advantageous. Is not that his cabin is small, but that is more content than expected, seeing its external dimensions. seats, front, as in the great majority of cars of this segment, they are quite baggy. In addition, its front seats are very comfortable and are well-adapted to the contour of the body; although we already know that the leather is not the fabric which is more suitable for the summer the peninsula.

As we have quoted above, we are before one of the cars most voluminous in the segment C, which might make us think that it will also be one of the most livable. The space for knees and feet is correct, but we were expecting something more. Do not feel estrechuras in the second row to not be the user of the front seat, and we (sitting in the square behind) let’s be too high. In terms of the height, to me, that mido 1,76 meters, I left over a few three fingers to rub the head on the ceiling. Yes it is good to the peak width, although this advantage does not allow to take advantage of the central square because it is very hard and its ways are not good; being also very annoying to the occupant central in the great tunnel of transmission.

you have Already seen that the cabin we felt something could be improved, and we anticipate that we also the same thing has happened with the trunk. The luggage compartment has a volume of 364 liters, who left him below the expectations for their external dimensions, thus obtaining a volume something just. If you folded down the second row of seats, we obtain a space-charge maximum of 1,263 litres.

An interior design suggestive

The Mazda3, without being a sports car, is able to convey feelings very pleasing to us invite you to practice driving dynamics. Those feelings come to us even before you start it up. The seats are comfortable and hold up relatively well the body despite not having “ears” lateral prominent and be leather. The dashboard, showing the speed information in a small digital display, and with a large rev counter in the middle position has reminded us to hire more sports. The rest of the information to be displayed on two small screens to the sides of this large dial.

touch of the steering wheel, placed in a very high level, vertical and how close is it to the shifter are also a few very good points, in my opinion, that since we do not find in many models on the market. The main screen of the dashboard is not very large, but displays the information in a clear way. So as not to compromise the security, during the march we can only manage it with a rotary control and four or five buttons located on the centre tunnel. All falls very much in your site and is focused towards the driver in this Mazda3.

The design of the dashboard is very fluid, with a few materials and adjustments of high-quality in the higher parts, being harder but just as well-adjusted in the lower zones. In this sense it has seemed to us that is above brands like Mercedes, not even to the point of quality of interior materials of the Audi (in this aspect the best of my understanding), but is not too far away.

the Less we liked the hollow slide. we do Not find spaces of large volume and some of them are impractical, as the flat base that is located in front of the knob of the shift lever. The key (hands-free), we snuck up to the background and “cost” to get it back, because the space was narrow.

Range mechanics of the Mazda3 2017

The range of the Mazda3 is made up of three trim levels, three petrol engines, called Skyactiv-G by the mark and two diesel engines, called Skyactiv-D. The equipment of each level of finishing what we break down below. The range of gasoline is composed by the mechanical 1.5 100 HP and block 2.0-liter that can deliver 120 and 165 HP. variants diesel are a 1.5 105 BHP and the 2.2 twin turbo of 150 HP.

2.0 Skyactiv-G 120 CV

The testing unit is associated with the motor 2.0 Skyactiv-G in its variant with less power. The engine tetracilíndrico 16-valve intake air develops 120 HP at a rate of 6,000 rpm, while the maximum torque is 210 Nm and reaches 4,000. We find it strange to find the couple as above, because we are accustomed to mechanical turbo that develop their maximum torque at about 2,000 or 2,500 rpm. Supposedly it can reach a maximum speed of 195 km/h and go from 0 to 100 in 8.9 seconds. The mixed-use approved is 5.1 l/100 km

in The absence of turbocharging, the Mazda3 there are that drive it a little differently to what we are already used to. If we make acceleration smooth in town or llaneando in roads will not be necessary to resort to the shifter, but if we seek at all times quick accelerations and a driving dinámica that you have to use the transmission more than with a car turbo. The power and torque are very high up, so that we must look for that high area of the cuentavueltas. Is this a problem? By the touch of the change, if you like to drive, not what will be.

During our test, with a large amount of urban tours and a responsive driving in many moments, the average consumption end of the test was 6.9 litres. Does not seem to us a high consumption, because it is not complicated to obtain records of between 6 and 6.5 litres per 100 in normal driving.

what Sensations a sports car not sports? Yes

would say, when talking about the interior design that this Mazda3 is one of those cars that invite you to lead in an agile despite not being a sports model. What is certain is that this is not the first time that’s happened to us with a car of this brand. The Mazda, as a general rule, have a feel of direction and of the lever changes, as well as an overhaul of its chassis, being comfortable get also convey sportiness. With his model for the C-segment also happens to us.

To be an engine that is clearly going to be delivering more power as they increase the revolutions, calls us to make straight, up to something over 6,000 rpm at the slightest excuse. Yes, if we do it usually the consumption will also go up, as it is logical. The shift lever has short-haul and an insertion of the marches sweeter than usual, something that ends up causing some vice, like its proximity to the steering wheel, which prevents long movement of the hand to change speed.

we Can highlight many things about this Mazda3 to dynamic level. We will start by chassis and the tuning of the suspension. Normally, when a car of this size is very agile in curves tends to have the consideration of a tare hard and uncomfortable in making his point, so that the ride comfort decreases when you encounter potholes, bumps or any irregularity in the ground. The model japanese has gotten a big commitment in that sense (probably the best car in the segment in this section), for expressways are shown poised, on roads with curves agile, on broken floors and comfortable in urban areas with bumps also very comfortable.

System G-Vectoring

If we decided to perform a sporty driving on roads with curves, as we have already mentioned before, we have to be aware of the transmission, but we will be surprised. The Mazda3 takes a little change of trajectory, it tilts a little the body, supports well and transmits a lot of confidence and information by using the address, which is also very accurate.

To that dynamism help with the new system G-Vectoring, which significantly reduces the understeer. The difference of this compact (thanks in good part to this system) with respect to the other of its rivals with front-wheel drive is that, in dynamic driving, the nose of the Mazda seeks to the inside of the curve and not the outside if we keep the throttle between a quarter and half of its travel. It may seem contradictory, but when you send more torque to the wheel from the outside, the front corner of the outside of the curve pushes the car towards the inside of the curve. Yes, the limits of physical continue to exist and if we had gross understeer will appear.

The G-Vectornig get, in addition to improving the safety, convey a greater confidence to the driver. Also, as we told the brand in their day, improves the comfort (and reduces potential motion sickness) of the occupants because it manages to minimize, in part, the inclinations of the body.


After traveling nearly 1,000 miles with this Mazda3 petrol with 120 HP, we can say that it is a car different from the rest, something which will please those drivers who like to drive. Being a car multi-purpose daily use, and price reasonable, the product of Mazda for the C-segment is one of those cars that want to lead them a thousand times. It is true that is not the most inexpensive of the category, as our unit test has a final price of 27.985 euros if we add up all the optional. Neither takes advantage of to the perfection the interior space and the cargo capacity of the large external dimensions. In short, if you like driving and don’t have problems in turn something more than usual to shift, a car is quite interesting.

Equipment Mazda3


  • G-Vectoring Control
  • front Airbags, side and curtain
  • steel Wheels of 16 inches
  • rear-view Mirrors in body color
  • – type Antenna shark fin
  • electric Windows on all doors
  • Air conditioning
  • push Button start with intelligent control
  • trip Computer
  • folding rear Seats in the proportion 60:40


  • alloy Wheels in 16-inch
  • heated exterior Mirrors with power-folding
  • fog lights LED
  • main Screen 7-inch with touch operation (stopped)
  • steering Wheel and gear knob in leather
  • interior Mirror with automatic-dimming
  • Braking autonomous pedestrian detection
  • automatic Climate control bizona
  • cruise Control and limited speed
  • Bluetooth
  • electric parking Brake
  • Armrest rear


  • alloy Wheels of 18 inches
  • Headlights and taillights Full LED
  • keyless Access
  • Head up display
  • Control of dead angle
  • Detector fatigue
  • Bose stereo system with 9 speakers
  • rear windows obscured
  • rain Sensors and light
  • DAB digital Radio
  • reversing Camera
  • parking Sensors front and rear

Prices Mazda3

Motor Transmission Finish Price
Motor Transmission Finish Price
1.5 Skyactiv-G 105 HP Manual 6v Press 17.750 €
1.5 Skyactiv-G 105 HP Manual 6v Style 19.925 €
2.0 Skyactiv-G 120 CV Manual 6v Style 20.725 €
2.0 Skyactiv-G 120 CV Automatic 6v Style 22.525 €
2.0 Skyactiv-G 120 CV Manual 6v Luxury 23.465 €
2.0 Skyactiv-G 120 CV Automatic 6v Luxury 25.265 €
2.0 Skyactiv-G 165 HP Manual 6v Style 22.225 €
2.0 Skyactiv-G 165 HP Manual 6v Luxury 24.965 €
1.5 Skyactiv-D 105hp Manual 6v Style 22.625 €
1.5 Skyactiv-D 105hp Manual 6v Luxury 25.365 €
1.5 Skyactiv-D 105hp Automatic 6v Style 24.425 €
1.5 Skyactiv-D 105hp Automatic 6v Luxury 27.165 €
2.2 Skyactiv-D 150 HP Manual 6v Style 24.225 €
2.2 Skyactiv-D 150 HP Manual 6v Luxury 26.965 €
2.2 Skyactiv-D 150 HP Automatic 6v Style 26.025 €
2.2 Skyactiv-D 150 HP Automatic 6v Luxury 28.765 €

the Opinion of the editor

  • editor’s Rating

  • Score 4.5 stars
17.750 to 28.765

  • Mazda3 2.0 Skyactiv-G 120 CV
  • Review of:
  • Published: July 3 2017
  • Last modified: July 3 2017
  • exterior Design
    Editor: 90%
  • Design interior
    Editor: 90%
  • Seats, front
    Editor: 85%
  • rear Seats
    Editor: 70%
  • Editor: 60%
  • Editor: 95%
  • Editor: 90%
  • Editor: 90%
  • Editor: 85%

Summary: we Tested the updated Mazda3 ModelYear 2017. Very subtle changes in the aesthetics and some improvements in the equipment.


  • to Dynamic driving
  • Design
  • as comfortable as sports


  • interior Space and cargo room for improvement
  • with Few and small holes slides
  • rear Visibility

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