Test Mercedes E 220 d, the weight of history


The design philosophy of Mercedes extended to the new E-Class with much taste and elegance

Not everyone can, in fact, only one can say they invented a means of transportation. In the case of Karl Benz was the car, in Germany and beyond by the end of the NINETEENTH century. Since then, the manufacturer of the world’s oldest is still a reference in a sector each day more competitive. In our days we find ourselves with a new range of products. The Mercedes E-Class is one of their latest creations, but can it withstand the weight of the story?

And is that despite the new trends, Mercedes is a specialist in the manufacture of sedans. Been doing it for over 100 years, and each time he pulls out a the market the attention is maximum. The new E-Class represents a evolutionary leap. A new generation of cars based on the intelligence and technology. But in addition to circuits, electronics and systems, the Mercedes E-Class must be judged as what it is. So let’s do this.

Aesthetically the And receive the new design philosophy of Mercedes has been implementing in its new models and launches. The Mercedes S-Class was commissioned to inaugurate it, and admittedly, the work is exquisite. I Think that Mercedes has managed to create a timeless style that will age to form pride. It is elegant along with attractive, and of course, very popular today, with a sporty touch always and when you want.

And is that Mercedes offers to its buyers a series of aesthetic finishes: Avantgarde, Exclusive and AMG. With each one of them we get a different car. In the first of them a car fairly neutral. With The second we get the traditional stylish touch that we all hope to see the star of three pints. And finally the sporty touch which I mentioned earlier. It all depends on what each one wants, but for me, the best feel to the E-Class is the package Exclusive.


The package AMG adds sportiness to the aesthetics, while the line Exclusive gives more elegance to

Because with this we also get an interior that is as colorful as one might expect, with a quality feel very big, though it is only a feeling. With this I don’t want to say that the Mercedes E-Class, this bad finish, but not as much as I supposed. Mercedes insists on line their cars to the finish Piano Black. A plastic material that gets dirty just by looking at it. Never, and I repeat, never, be clean, in addition with the passage of time, not much, rallarĂ¡, and destroying entirely the feeling of quality.

Is a detail that Mercedes should take care of, so his name and his inheritance should be to the height of the circumstances. I do not like the use of certain plastics. For example, the metal finish you see on the dashboard is not so great. It is plastic, and top is not the best I’ve seen. At this point its closest competitors such as the Audi A6, despite of the age, and the BMW 5-Series will moisten the ear.

The E-Class is not only a technological, but demonstrates with a huge screen in the dashboard of up to 12.3 inches

But yes, Mercedes is always associated with comfort, and in the case of the Class E is not less. Is more I think that the big brother of the C is a clear example of what a comfortable car it should be. Their seats they pick you up gently and tenderly, taking you from point a To point B with all the comfort. They are like the typical butacones of ears that all the grandmothers are in the home. Really an exceptional job. In addition to the work of sound proofing, which insulates great the external noises, making the feeling of comfort and relaxation to increase.


The dashboard of the Class And gives us a foretaste of the technology that it can reach to incorporate

In terms of space, the new E-Class is able to offer a level correct. It’s not the car’s best capitalized in the world, but yes it is true that you do not need more, although on a long trip with five passengers aboard, the occupants of the second row will suffer slightly. Yes, in terms of capacity of trunk is going sobrado, with nothing more and nothing less than a minimum volume of 540 liters. Data that is tripled if you folded down the second row of seats.

Technology. If there is something that is important to highlight to the new E-Class is for that. Mercedes presents us with a revolution in the form of systems and assistants. In fact, many could make that look like self, but even if a car is able to move by itself, the truth is that there is more than a help team highly advanced. Mercedes called Drive Pilot. An extra of more than 2,500 euros that will transform your car in a machine of the future. But is that really how it works?

In the world of the automotive industry, there is now a technology war. A war for being the paladin of computers revolutionaries, of attendees who promise an impressive advancement. The culprit of all this is Tesla. The american brand shook up the industry of the four wheels with the arrival of the Auto Pilot, and since then the manufacturers pointers try to balance the scales with the release of similar systems.

I admit that I am not very fond of these wizards. By very sophisticated. In the case of the Drive Pilot of the Mercedes I believe that it in no way represents the arrival of the autonomous car. The system is really useful in two specific situations. The first of them on a highway straight up, keeping cruising speeds. In that case you can drop the steering wheel calmly, for he alone will remain in the lines and take cornering light, with large radii.


The E-Class continues to grow. To day of today already are around five feet long; 4,923 meters

however, when things get complicated, it is better to take control yourself, because the system is nothing resolving. Is more, at certain times the car can put us in a bind. Mercedes warns that this is not a standalone system, that the human should never neglect the ride, and really is so, although in many times they have been sold as the cleverest car in the market.

The second situation where the Drive Pilot behaves of wonder is in the jams. If you are one of those that every day you have to suffer one or several of these annoying flushes, I recommend that you spend the money, because it is then where you are going to get the most out of it. The E-Class is able to start, stop, and turn by itself. So you will only have to connect the system and gets out of the way of everything. Rest your legs and let yourself go. As easy as that.

Is laudable in the work that Mercedes have achieved, but to this day I still find that the arrival of autonomous cars is far away. At least as the brands we want to sell. The progress is significant, but there are many things to debug and improve. But eye not only the manufacturers have to improve, but also the infrastructure, the roads, the signs… I said, a distant world at the moment.


The family continues to grow. The new E-Class will have five bodies different

But let’s jump to the section mechanic. At this point Mercedes has not risky and provides us with a range varied and diverse that it starts in engines of four-cylinder diesel with a minimum power of 150 horses. The cap comes to us under the signature AMG, the Mercedes-AMG E 63. A beast of up to 612 horsepower that will fight in a segment very restricted and exclusive. In the case of the testing unit d is a-Class E 220 d with automatic transmission 9G-Tronic. Conservative settings.

Test Mercedes E 220 d

As I say it seems to me like the settings are correct at the time of search for a good relationship between behavior, consumption and price. In theory the 192 horses of this unit should be more than enough to move the E-Class without any problem. And I say should because in certain moments, it can be misleading, given that the electronics and the settings they act in a certain way, in the opposite direction to the performance.

Mercedes weighs a lot of the history, the heritage. Even every day less. The German brand has always been known to develop cars with a clear focus comfortable, and the new E-Class is not less, at least in its version 220 d. Is a wheeler excellent. One of those cars that get on and make one kilometer after another without a murmur. Your quality of rolling is awesome. Just allow leaks of any kind, either aerodynamic or mechanical noise or rolling.


The box is completely customizable, always shows a lot of information and a clear way

E 220 d is a car that it encourages you to go relaxed, not to run. For these purposes it is perfect, because we also have the extra comfort of the Drive Pilot in very specific cases, and the change automatic 9G-Tronic, which moves up gears imperceptibly and efficiently, although once again errs on the side of excess of comfort, as other transmissions are faster in the way they act. Although, of course, is not the concepto of the car, to stretch to the max as is the Mercedes AMG E 63 with their savage 612 HP.

But this is not the case. As I say the power in this occasion is 192 HP. The development team has raised several driving modes, which allows us to have several cars in one same. It is an online program that sets up various parameters depending on what you want in a certain moment. It also enables you to configure it for your personal or it is managed automatically by itself.

I must say that in all cases we obtain the same characteristic good-natured to that before referred to. The ECO mode, the most efficient of all, is painfully quiet. The power is cut too before the movement of the accelerator pedal, and instead of having almost 200 horses seems to have the half. This mode is the more correct when we’re going by highway or secondary road at a steady pace and without a rush.


The driving modes are six: Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport, Sport + and Individual

But if by any circumstance we need something more than force, we will have to move the roulette to find the more appropriate map. Well you might think that why not to leave it in automatic mode and for him to manage alone? Obviously is best, but even so it’s still showing too much lazy in certain moments. The response is still not commensurate to the power it takes, and that in certain moments, it can generate something of distrust.

COMAND has improved with respect to other versions, being very intuitive and informative

What does that have to recognize is that the fine tuning of the chassis is very good. despite its dimensions, you will note a car agile. You can bind curves as if it were smaller and lighter, although at the time of being on the curve receives a hard bounce on the front axle. It can camouflage in some ways, if we select the modes more sports, but even so, once again, displays its settings soft.

Eye with this I don’t want to say it is bad. Mercedes knows perfectly what is your client type, and to them goes directed this version. Where everyone will be happy is to look at consumption. All of the above not only serves to demonstrate that the E-Class is exceptional as car travel, they also are especially thrifty. So much so that there were moments in which I got to see averages 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers, but andn the calculation end of the week, the balance stood at 6.1 liters per 100 kilometers. A data item is excellent taking into account size and power.


despite the evolution of technology, the E-Class continues to show classic details


as title to this test, note the weight of the history in the E 220 d. Have almost everything that you might expect of a Mercedes. Almost all of those attributes that have been shaping the brand in the course of these more than 100 years of existence. Your please account with excellent comfort, with an avant-garde technology, with a consumption ridiculous and with a style that for me, today, positioned as the sedan most beautiful in the segment.

But on this occasion, Mercedes has not made a case to your estate at the time of the selection of different materials of the interior. I expected more of this point. To say that the Class E is not a S-Class in little, just as I expected, but a C-Class large. Something that would not be a big problem if it weren’t for the price. For € 70,000 of the unit may require much more than an approach that is aesthetic, comfortable and technological.

Mercedes had the opportunity to position itself far above its rivals; Audi A6, BMW 5-Series and Jaguar XF, among others. However I think that on this occasion, has focused more on other fields, aside from basic things that we all expect from the star. I understand that the technology is very important today, but it should not be the main axis of development.


The E 220 d is a balanced configuration, though conservative in certain aspects