Test Mercedes GLC Coupe 220 d, the brother of fun and refined the GLC

The arrival of the BMW X6 were constantly handling the segment. The brand of the blades are pulled from his sleeve a producer of premium SUVS and also sports. Until then, the concepts sports and todocamino had not been so closely linked, as you would expect that a SUV could highlight its sporty image, or its dynamic capabilities. The mark of the star responded after a time, encouraged by the great acceptance of his compatriot, launching the Mercedes GLE Coupé. He would start a fight on two fronts, one with the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe as opponents, and another starring the BMW X4 and our guest of the week. We present the test of the Mercedes GLC Coupe 220d, an SUV that engages you.

What is happening in the market? It seems a question of the past, right? The SUV has become one of the greatest alternatives when it comes to buying a car, it seems pretty clear. Clear as the water it is also the fact that the manufacturers are betting, each time more, for this type of model, launching todocaminos of all classes. They are attractive, practical, some very adventurous… the segment of the minivan, and even the hatchback is in serious trouble a long time ago. Although, as I was counting, there are todocaminos of all the classes, and the Mercedes GLC Coupe is one of those models that is not bought with reason, but that is done by listening only to the heart.

brother fun of the Mercedes GLC

What for? Simple. We find ourselves with an SUV of 4.73 m. long, 1.60 meters high and 1,89 m. width. On the other hand, his brother, the Mercedes GLC, which does not mount the sports bodywork, measured 4,65 m. long and 1.63 metres high. Is shorter and more high, has more trunk and as you can imagine a space of the interior filed. Do you understand Me now?

Although, of course, the Mercedes GLC is not hooked to the eye as does the Mercedes GLC Coupe. The front follows the traits of its brethren, with a few optical sharp that are positioned to both sides of a large grill with the logo of the brand presiding over this space. The front bumper stands out for the sports lines, the edge marks and the muscle that follows. Mercedes has radically changed in this sense and after this change, it is difficult not to turn your head when you see this happening to a child of Stuttgart for the street.

If we stayed in this point, in the front, we could hardly differences to the version “normal” of the family GLC and the Coupe. And that is, it is in the profile where it is brought to the surface differences. The slender line falls gently on the back, with a bezel very steep unlike the GLC, which ends up more vertical. The waist line is high, the glass area smaller and the ground clearance of 151 mm, a height of about 30 mm lower than that of the GLC.

The rear section also is another of the places where the most differences can take. The optic is closer to the Coupe versions of the company of the GLC. In the same way we find an area more robust, with a moon back more differentiated from the rest, and a small spoiler to finish off this set sports. In addition, to strengthen its sports personality, the drive that we drive mounts the package AMG line, an optional equipment which includes, in subparagraph (outer, trims, elements and sporting wheels that are signed by the division that may be five-twin-spoke.

Environment fresh and sporty

access to The interior of the Mercedes GLC Coupe, despite being less tall than the GLC and have the ground more near, it is full with great ease. Once seated in the driver’s seat is the atmosphere is fresh and sporty. This last is what we must, to a large extent, the above-mentioned package, AMG line, which also acts on the inside leaving us a spectacular three-spoke steering wheel flattened and of greater thickness, trim elements in aluminum and gloss black, contrast stitching and seat in fabric and leather.

I especially like the center console that attaches to the tunnel for transmission in a soft way. In this same space highlights the large screen, the outputs of the air conditioning, the little boutonniere of the same space or, more down, the control of the multimedia system. I have to say I like the design of the touch panel computer info-entertainment, but I am not convinced its operation. I don’t see it practical, easy, or intuitive. I prefer to only the control wheel and the quick access buttons.

Less practical, clear

Highlights the space that we have in the squares in front of the Mercedes GLC Coupe. In addition, there are a lot of holes slides so that we leave our personal items. forward visibility is good, on the contrary that the rear, for the moon to us is too small. In the rear seats, despite the fall of the above-mentioned moon back, there will be no problems to not be that occupants of this row are very high. And is that even in the square in the middle is space is very acceptable. Yes, unlike the GLC, the occupants of the rear seats will have a feeling of claustrophobia by having less glass area and have the roof close to their heads.

In terms of the trunk, we will enjoy a 500 l., about 50 l. unless the GLC. In addition, the height, or less space used, will complicate the access. A trunk fight you to you with the BMW X4, so they both move in similar figures.

The brother refined

And if I told you that this car is bought with the heart, by its design, is also made from that side of the sport in terms of capacities. Although, it is true, we are not talking about an SUV radical, or much less, as the Mercedes GLC Coupe wheel with a softness staggering, for that there are the versions AMG. The ride comfort is one of their great bundled up, being able to travel with him miles and miles without feeling tired or overwhelmed. In the day-to-day, it is less practical than a GLC by the low visibility of your rear window, and also more difficult to govern than a GLA for their actions. But once you get control of your body, you will be sewing and singing.

The sporty character that follows, forces in the adjustment is somewhat harder than a traditional SUV. And yes, it is true, when passing speed bumps or potholes, you will realize that your tare absorbed with less fineness irregularities. But these responses do not come to be uncomfortable and, in exchange, if you are thankful for in a driving sport. In general the Mercedes GLC Coupe stands out for refinement, refined in place, refined in the responses of the automatic gearbox and refined in its direction. But make no mistake, because you can take much more of him.

The tare of this SUV sports is noteworthy. Even on narrow roads, with sharp curves and firm wavy, this model behaves like a gentleman. And is that is so efficient and polite that it costs to get a but. The finish AMG line allows us to go faster, because it has sport-tuned suspension with a set of sports shock absorbers or perforated discs on the front. The only one that we could take in sporty driving, I would go direct to your gearbox, because you rule with too heavy hand in the mechanics of 170 horse power and not let it stretch the turns too.

A heart that goes from less to more

The version chosen to perform the test has been the diesel engine of 170 horsepower, that is to say, the Mercedes GLC Coupe 220d. It is important to note that we are looking at the diesel version of access, since above it we find the 250d and the 350d. In the range mechanics are also available in two variants petrol to start at 211 HP and a hybrid. All of them are related to the transmission four 4Matic, being driven in the same way, except the hybrid version, by the automatic gearbox dual-clutch nine-speed 9G-Tronic.

Speaking of the mechanics of the Mercedes GLC Coupe 220d, we find the well-known block of 2.143 cubic centimeters and, in this case, 170-horsepower. Are four-cylinder in-line working to get provide 400 Nm of torque to the set. On the paper declares 8.3 seconds in the test of 0-100 km/h, not bad for a motor that should push a body of more than 1,800 kg

Your answers are subtle, something that as we have been saying it defines it. The engine pushes gradually the box of the Mercedes GLC Coupe without kicking, little by little. On many occasions, gives the feeling that we travel at a lower speed, because the motor “runs” but does not give that feeling. In addition, the gearbox, of which we have spoken in the previous lines, it seems that it works with shyness, because it is not the note except in overtaking or in urban driving.

Good consumption in general

At the time of making accounts, the Mercedes GLC Coupe is around 8 litres/100 km in the city. As expected, it does not stand out in the (urban, but if the automobile is. To 100 km/h I’ve had a figure of 5.8 l/100 km, a consumption that has gone up only half a litre, reaching 6.3 l/100 km on the highway. In total, half in a test of 1,500 km that has been the sporty driving, city, highway and national highway, the Mercedes GLC Coupe has consumed 6,7 l./100 km, not bad for a SUV 170-horsepower. Keep in mind that, of those 1,500 km, 1,000 were made by highway. Even though it is not determined to make good figures.

On the Mercedes GLC Coupe, more than levels of equipment finished with a well-defined we will find lines of equipment. Among them, as not, the line AMG, which we mentioned in the previous lines, in which we point out the details for the body and the settings sports suspension. There is also the line Exclusive, a set of elements used for the interior which add to the luxury of this space.

Prices Mercedes GLC Coupe

Engine Change Traction Price
Engine Change Traction Price
GLC 220 d 4Matic Coupé AT 9v Total 56.658€
GLC 250 d 4Matic Coupé AT 9v Total 59.033€
GLC 350 d 4Matic Coupé AT 9v Total 68.976€
GLC 250 4Matic Coupé AT 9v Total 56.158€
GLC 43 4Matic Coupe AT 9v Total 77.001€
GLC 350 e 4Matic Coupé AT 7v Total 66.223€

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