Test Mercedes GLE 350d Coupe, the SUV with the superlative


The package AMG provides you with a look more aggressive

In recent years Mercedes has given a radical change to your image. Their models of classic cut have evolved to offer a design much more modern, bold and attractive to reach new customers. In the pursuit of this goal, the German brand also has entered in new segments, as is the case of the so-called Sports Utility Coupes (that is to say, SUVS with body-coupe) of the GLE Coupe is its first exponent, precede the GLC Coupe.

The manufacturer of Stuttgart, it was clear that his entry in this category had to be blunt. Thus, it is not surprising that the Mercedes GLE Coupé is superlative in every way. Self-proclaimed king of the excesses it is with great pride and merit with the intention of not leave anyone indifferent.

Our test unit is the GLE 350d 4MATIC Coupe, the only variant of diesel in the range and also the version of access with a starting price of 79.475 € . Even dressed in a reserved, silver-colored, the GLE Coupe shuns of discretion. This SUV longs to be noticed, desired and envied and for that reason calls attention for, wherever they circulate. This has a lot to do its herculean dimensions: 4,90 m of length and 1.73 m in height already make clear its proportions although the 2.00 m of width of the GLE Coupe are the most impress.


The soft fall of the roof follows the pattern of the Sports Utility Coupes

A width that reaches up to 2,13 m if you count the mirrors, which forces us to think twice before venturing through narrow streets. This dimension is disproportionate we also complicates things when it comes to finding a parking space in battery in a public car park.

the appearance of The GLE Coupe is really superb, especially if you equip the package, AMG Line exterior with bumper, more prominent. Features profiles with chrome so as not to lose the elegance. In the rear, the trim molding chrome bottom around the simulated exhaust, escapes of truth are hidden.

The top of the pack, exterior sports put the huge alloy wheels AMG 21-inch in titanium grey color, fit a tire of epic dimensions that reach the 315/40 R21 on the rear axle. In the list of optional elements, you will find tires of up to 22 inches.


The chromed twin tailpipes are fake, the real ones are hidden under the body

of course it is also available the package AMG Line interior, as is the case of this unit. In this pack includes a multifunction sports steering wheel three-spoke, floor mats specific and some front seats sports design, very pretty but not particularly comfortable because they have a cushion too firm and narrow. Yes, they have electric adjustment and finding a suitable position is simple.

The driving posture is high, allowing to observe the traffic around us in a dominant way. The visibility is pretty good and even by the inclined rear window we have a view reasonable. But, of course, is a mole, and see the ends of the vehicle to maneuver in tight spaces is difficult.

With such a contour will be appreciated that it is included in series package of car parking camera with 360-degree. Includes help active parking with Parktronic so that automatically steers the vehicle to the hollow of parking by taking control of the steering wheel and the brakes. Can be used both for the maneuver and park as for desaparcar, either on line or on battery. In addition, the turning diameter is low for a car of this size and thanks.


the interior design of The GLE Coupe is out of date

The car rental package also contains four cameras that allow the settings of a 360° camera, ideal when performing maneuvers. You can see a a top-down perspective complete of the vehicle -the picture is not too defined so that it is not very useful in some occasions – and several detailed views from each of the cameras.

The images of the camera 360 ° is displayed on the screen of the infotainment system. This display fixed 8-inch provides a good resolution and always looks good even when the sun shines directly on the screen. Is not touch, is handled by a controller with a touch pad located between the two front seats. The operation of the multimedia system is unintuitive, it does take an adaptation period to become familiar with it.

The dashboard looks out of date when compared with the latest models of Mercedes but, yes, look solid, and good settings. Some moldings creak the pressure on them, being the most obvious case being the soffit of ceiling lights. This seems to be the reason that you will perceive some noises, although it could be a peculiarity of this particular drive.

The testing unit equipped with a audio system surround Harman Kardon Logic 7 optional, that provides an excellent sound quality thanks to its 14 speakers and a power output of up to 830 watts. In the list of extras Mercedes-Benz is also available in system Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG for gourmets.

habitability is similar to that of the Mercedes GLE, so that is quite spacious. The main difference found in the height of the rear seats, which is slightly less for the fall of the roof. Even so two passengers of tall go well in the rear bench, whose backrest has adjustable tilt. The central square rear is designed for occasional use, being noticeably less comfortable than the rest due to their shapes. Optionally, the second row of seats may have its own regulation of air-conditioning.

once inside we are comfortable, but access to the cab is difficult. The floor is at a height very high and there are that raise a lot of legs to clamber inside. There are No handholds on top of any door to hold on. In the rear, in addition, it adds the complication that there is little space for the voluminous wheel arch. Exit is also somewhat compromised because the ground is very far away. Enter and exit the car it can be difficult for elderly or people with mobility problems, young children and adults of short stature. In option, there are a few side steps worth considering.


The cargo space is very usable although it is very accessible

The boot has 650 litres of capacity, a volume is very generous even though they are 40 litres less than the GLE. The load is divided in two heights and under the floor we found a compartment very large if not equipped with a spare wheel. The loading height is very high and if something is placed at the bottom of the trunk is difficult to reach him. The gate has the electric drive of series.

Convincing in all respects

GLE 350d Coupe to enjoy a refined engine turbo 3.0 V6 that appears smooth at all times. Its use is very nice and sounds good although hardly stop to notice because the cabin enjoys an excellent soundproofing. In this way we move silently even at speeds high.

This mechanism develops 258 HP. However, it is not your power that impresses, but its maximum torque, with a brutal 620 Nm at only 1,600 rpm. Goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 7,0 seconds, a figure that would like many sports cars, the strength that shows is emphatic and makes a good couple with the change automatic 9G-TRONIC which, as its name indicates, has 9 relationships. The changes are made delicately, almost imperceptibly, and always encourage the mechanics to move down laps unless we are fastidious with the accelerator pedal.


The GLE 350d Coupe is the only version of diesel in the range

The suspension of the GLE Coupe is firmer than the GLE with the body, traditional and is note. The intention of Mercedes with this is that the SUV with body-coupe has a dynamic behavior more sporty, even at the expense of subtracting something from ride comfort. The rocking is noticeable but not overly defendants, granting an unexpected agility to this tank 2.260 kg in vacuum.

Without doubt, it is worth to equip the Airmatic package, that gives the German model of versatility. This pack includes air suspension with the adaptive damping ADS PLUS so that you can vary the ground clearance and damping each wheel is adapted to the driving situation. Mercedes also offers some stabilizer bars active so-called the Active Curve System that promise to reduce the movements of the body.

driving modes Dynamic Select can be selected through the infotainment system, or conveniently by a selector in the central console. Each program adjusts the characteristic curve of the engine, the change and the direction -and the suspension-if equipped Airmatic-.


The multimedia system is handled from this control that combines keys, a rotary knob and a touch-sensitive surface

All versions of the GLE Coupé always assemble the 4MATIC four-wheel drive. Despite this, it is best to avoid driving offroad. The free height of the body invites us to do this but the suspension signature is somewhat uncomfortable and, above all, the huge size of the rims and the low profile of the tires limited the possibilities off the road.

The motorway is the preferred type of terrain of the GLE 350d Coupe. Here comes to the fore the magnificent aplomb of the SUV sporty Mercedes and can go at high speeds undeterred with the thrust of a locomotive. Optional elements such as the active cruise control Distronic or the Head-Up Display enhance the experience behind the wheel.

The mixed-use approved by the GLE 350d Coupe ranges between 6,9 and 7,2 l/100 km according to the measure of the tires mounted. Forget about those data. In a varied use the fuel consumption will be between 10,0 and 10,5 l/100 km. It is a high value, but we have a powerful V6 engine that moves a 2.3-ton shod with tires giant. The physics don’t believe in miracles.


The cameras that surround the vehicle are of great utility in the maneuvers

If you only ride your bike for the road and make driving peaceful we can stay around the 8.5 l/100 km, although we can make up a few tenths if we maximize the so I plan to, which provides the box 9G-TRONIC. In this mode, which operates automatically, the engine decouples from the transmission to reduce the retention, and to allow a forward by inertia (“sailing”).

In urban tours the GLE Coupé is outside of their natural habitat and note also its efficiency. The German model is equipped with the function of start and stop ECO -automatically shuts down the engine when the vehicle stops – but even so, the consumption skyrockets, surpassing often the 14 l/100 km or more.


With the GLE Coupé is impossible to pass unnoticed

let’s face it, the Mercedes GLE Coupe is a car of whim and as such is not the purchase more rational that can be done, nor is it intended to be. A GLE body traditional is much more practical in every way but this model with the air of coupe, whose main rival is the BMW X6, brings a powerful image that will be highly valued by potential customers.

there are No more combinations on the diesel, but version GLE 350d Coupe is an excellent choice. In this variant the memorable SUV German have a performance which is outstanding with a consumption which, although elevated, are not crazy. A model of superlative that will be the desire of those who wish to enjoy a great differentiation and exclusivity among the premium SUVS of the moment.