Test Mitsubishi ASX 2017, a rejuvenecimento facial very successful


The dealers already have the first units of the new Mitsubishi ASX

The market commands, and for more than 10 years the public demand a greater amount of SUV’s and todocamino. For this reason the majority of manufacturers have launched on the market a multitude of versions and variants. Mitsubishi has an extensive experience in the manufacture of suvs, and that is why his range is mainly composed of this type of car. Now comes the renewal of one of their fundamental pieces; the Mitsubishi ASX 2017, which I have already had occasion to taste.

Before analyzing the innovations that are included in the small and functional ASX, it is appropriate to look back. It was the year 1983 when Mitsubishi presented in society the RVR. Little or nothing to see that minivan affordable with the model before us today. It was not until the third generation and to the demand of the market, when the japanese brand has changed the designs of the RVR is to make it into an SUV with the name ASX.

This occurred do nothing more and nothing less than nearly seven years ago. The ASX was born as a joint venture between Citro├źn, Peugeot and Mitsubishi. A triple alliance strange that has generated a lot of hits to the japanese brand, which has long been the most benefited with the creationn. That is why it now comes to us for a renewal. A face wash really, with the that will attempt to extend its existence until Mitsubishi, now the property of the alliance Nissan-Renault, decide whether to create a new one or not.


The acronym ASX represent Active Sport Crossover

When I say that it is a face wash more than any other thing, is that the designers of Mitsubishi seem to have focused only on the front of the car at the time to redesign my course. It is the only part that changes. The intent of the changes has been that the small ASX is more like its big brother, the Mitsubishi Outlander, which already premiered aesthetic philosophy almost two years ago.

The truth is that the changes don’t feel as good as his older brother, but truth is that thanks to them the ASX shows a more sophisticated look. The chrome elements bring that elegant touch to the pair maintains the image of sturdiness that any SUV worth its salt must possess. And even there I can read, because there are no new developments aesthetic, at least in the body. Well, you have to add a few new sets of tires and a color palette more lively and varied.

Mitsubishi is now added to the downsizing and replaced the motor 180 DI-D by the new 160 DI-D with only 2 HP less

And if you step inside the changes are even less. Is still present hodgepodge of components that were already part of previous model. Components of the three manufacturers mentioned above crowd to give us a inside that the truth is not bad. The Mitusbishi ASX has everything you need in a car. is Not a new space, but there are things that have changed. The steering wheel and infotainment system SDA are the most eye-catching.


the interior of The ASX is pretty well resolved, although abound plastics

In regards to equipment, Mitsubishi will offer the new ASX in the three finishes common: Challenge, Motion and Kaiteki. From the most basic we find ourselves with a wide array of technology, most of it centred on security. There will also be sensors of light and rain, cruise control, climate control and radar back.

In the other of the balance the Kaiteki represents the maximum capabilities of the ASX. It is worth noting the presence of panoramic roof, leather upholstery, Xenon headlights, rear-view camera, browser with touch-screen seven-inch, and heated front seats. Between other items.

In the section mechanic, the ASX has a simple variety of mechanical and tractions. You can choose between front-wheel drive and total. The only problem is that this last one will force you to take the level of equipment highest of all, in addition just to be available for the units oil. There are three possible motors, one gasoline and two diesel. powers ranging from 114 HP to the new block 160 DI-D, and the 150 HP of 220 DI-D 6AT 4WD.


despite their measures trimmed, the rear seats offer a great habitability

In terms of prices, the ASX is presented as one of the SUV more affordable in the segment C. The list starts in the 15.900 euros the ASX 160 MPI 2WD with the finished Challenge. On the other hand, the top of range comes represented by the ASX 220 DI-D 4WD 6AUT with the finish Kaiteki, which is now reaching the 29.595 euros. The list of extras is rather short, and the difference between the finish Challenge and the Motion is barely 1,200 euros, and the hop level is quite attractive.

Test Mitsubishi ASX 2017

I have to say that during the national presentation I had the opportunity to try the more powerful variant of the full range, that is to say the configuration of the engine 220 DI-D with automatic six-speed transmission and all-wheel drive. There is also to say that in his time already had the occasion to test this unit, so it is great to measure the improvements that Mitsubishi has entered into the ASX.

Obviously we’re talking about a car that its average value is extremely competitive. No doubt the price is the most attractive presents, but not have to talk about a bad car, or poorly manufactured, but rather the opposite. It is true that to get that price Mitsubishi has laid hold of a lot of plastic inside, but unlike the other models, they do not present a bad appearance, or the result is unpleasant to the touch. Although on the other hand we can also find leather seats as the finish Kaiteki.


The design philosophy of Dynamic Shield now comes to the ASX, as already happened with the Outlander

Well it is true that we are not facing the car the world’s finest. Your engine of more than 2,200 cubic centimeters is a little clunky, and its vibrations are felt in standing. In addition to being noisy at certain times, especially from the outside. Are 150 horses that are managed by an automatic change that you prefer the comfort and softness to the features, and the high-performance. And that is one of the general tonic of the ASX, softness and comfort.

At this point is to say that Mitsubishi has managed to do a good job. Everything on the ASX is configured and prepared to be comfortable, and the truth is what it is. Is designed to roll quiet. The engine pushes with enough joy. The gearbox is a little delayed, but in this edition if they include the maximum power behind the wheel, which, by the way, I would like to many cars much more expensive have the good touch that they have. Thanks to the two cams can interact with a more accurate and simple with the engine to find power when you need it.

the trunk of The ASX has a minimum capacity of 442 litres. We will get to the 1.219 litres if you folded down the second row of seats

As I said, the box is more lazy than the engine, but both provide a behavior more than correct. In fact, I think that is the engine proper. To lack of try version 160 DI-D. it Is a pity that you always have to find always associated with the automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. This obligation will have penalties beyond the advantages that gives the 4×4 system. One of them is the rise in the average data consumption. Mitsubishi puts an average expenditure of 5.8 liters per 100 for this unit. During the test there was no possibility of checking the veracity of the same.


A display on the box informs us about the various data related to driving

finally I have to talk about suspension. The ASX has a few steps cut out of 4,355 meters long. That is to say that it is mainly designed for tight areas and get to park easily in the city. However a short battle could also give rise to think that the ASX can behave in a dynamic way in sections revirados. But it is not so.

I speak of comfort and softness. The engineers and the developers have included a suspension system specially configured to absorb bumps and imperfections in the road and not be noticed. On open roads and on highways is extraordinary, but not as well in a stretch of curves, where the suspension brings out a front axle soft. On the other hand, there is no problem, because the ASX has not been created to these terms, but it is something that I should comment.


it is Never easy to renew one of your key pieces, and this is why you have to be very careful with what you are doing. The renewal of the Mitsubishi ASX 2017 is marked by a slight upgrade aesthetics, successful from my point of view, and few internal changes. Remains an economic wager to herethey who seek a SUV functional that is not too expensive and impractical for the day-to-day.


In your configuration of 4×4 the ASX may dare with the outside track with greater confidence

Mitsubishi has gotten the ASX it is more attractive thanks to the new changes. With the new design of the small SUV will continue to expand its number of buyers, and no wonder. Its spaciousness is very good, your equipment is correct, and their functionality is beyond doubt. The behavior on the other hand, showed good-natured, prioritizing comfort above other things. And finally the price. Today it is hard to find a rival for this japanese. If we add up all the set it is logical that the ASX is becoming a choice more and more common.