Test: Nissan GT-R Track Edition: The 14 information that will make you feel a racing driver

If there is something that stands out the Nissan GT-R is to by make feel to the user that are mounted on a real rocket. Despite being a car of four-seater livable and with a trunk generous, is able to compete at the same level as cars that are double its price without sweat. In part, because the Nissan GT-R is not intended to be elegant, but cash and point.

G-Forces or pressures of liquids are some of the items

But in the center console hides a part of the magic. It is true that in addition to being able to parameterize part of the art of the car using three push buttons are independent, the central screen hides 14 information that we can view independently, or in conjunction with each other.


The customization of the menu makes you feel like a true racing driver

Obviously, not all at once, but we can select a custom view by giving prominence to a few menus or other depending on the display you choose between 5 available options. These 14 menus are:

  • coolant Temperature
  • Temepratura of the oil
  • oil Pressure
  • transmission oil Temperature
  • oil Pressure transmisión
  • Sobrealimentación
  • Combustible/gama
  • Inyección
  • fuel Consumption recent
  • G-Force acceleration
  • G-Force braking
  • lateral G-Force
  • G-force acceleration/braking
  • G-Force total


In this view, a window stands out above the other two.

Obviously is too much information to be able to display them all at once, but in the view that allows you (6 at a time) yes, it is interesting to see the pressure of fluids, overeating, and temperature of fluids, while the biggest, the logical thing to do is to visualize how to split the forces G.

As in a video game, the driver receives a lot of information

Visually it becomes an eye-catching item and there are a few specific buttons to navigate between the different visualizations. Also, as the display is a touch screen, the operation is easy and the response is very good in general terms. But best of all is that Polyphony (reputable company with games like the Gran Turismo) is involved in the development of the technology. Either we forget an important issue: it measures the lap times on a circuit.

it Is, probably the most technological car , and few cars give such detailed information. It is possible to find data of G-forces, but little by little it has been losing the custom of certain indicators, taking the Nissan, a menu in danger of extinction.