Test of the Audi Q2: what we liked (and less liked) from the new Q2 What Has been born, a best-seller?

From appearing in march – see the 7 keys of the Audi Q2 2016 – we have been speaking at length of the new best-seller Audi. We already know that the price of Audi Q2 will be from 25.950€ (see prices of the Audi Q2 in Spain). And finally we traveled to Zurich, to its international debut, to offer our first test of the Audi Q2. The Audi Q2 has passed through our hands, with different engines and configurations, to show us their pros and cons, and to check if we really are to that monster that he could become the best-selling product of the brand in Spain. But what is it that we liked, and what less we liked the small crossover German?

Your design may or may not like. What we like, personally, is that finally Audi has taken risks, or at least has moved out of its aesthetic line as usual. Live, do not confuse to an Audi Q2 a Q3 or a Q5.

I like it, and a lot of, this Audi Q2 has opted for a design more daring. If there was a product in which Audi had to risk, that was the Audi Q2. And they have done so. We know that this design has not liked them all equally, to me personally there are aspects of its aesthetics that still does not convince me too much, but what is undeniable is that Audi has opted for the daring. Those who criticize on more than one occasion how similar to each other than are the products of Audi today we will not be able to use that criticism to attack the Audi Q2.

Is more. If something we have seen when you test it, and contemplate it in direct colours and finishes are very different, is that no one will confuse the street to an Audi Q2 with an Audi Q3, Audi A3, or an Audi A1. Even if it is only by details like the edges of your headlights, your grille, and its pilots on the rear, or the decor in contrast to the rear pillar.


An Audi Q2 agile and enjoyable to drive

In many aspects this Audi Q2 has passed, and with flying colours, his older brother, the Audi Q3.

I like how it moves this Audi Q2. I had big doubts about it. But if something has proven to me Audi on its latest releases is that they are truly working, and a lot, to make that their cars are more convincing to those who, as they say their archenemies and fellow countrymen from BMW, we like to drive.

does Not cease to be an SUV. If you are looking for poise, and excellent behavior in a curve, the Audi A3 will offer a better performance. But the interesting thing is that this Audi Q2, which is 12 inches shorter than an Audi A3, 8 inches taller and sits on a battle 3 inches shorter and a few suspensions more high, it is able to cope perfectly with all type of curves and offer a quality rolling excellent.

Is more, in my opinion, the more damaged it will be, without a doubt, the Audi Q3. And among other things as will advance their quality of rolling your agility, and aspects such as acoustic insulation and perceived quality, make that the Audi Q2 will exceed, in many respects, his older brother, the Audi Q3.

audi-q2-prueba-mdm-07Detail of the rear diffuser of the Audi Q2 and the exhaust.

audi-q2-prueba-mdm-10The steering has good feel, thanks among other things to that account with springs, variable series for the entire range. And the suspensions also have a tare suitable. So that in no case would still lack, the absence of optional such as the adaptive damping is optional, or the system Audi drive select that lets you select different modes and different settings, that affect the direction, the automatic change (have it) and the cushioning.

audi-q2-prueba-mdm-14series, the Audi Q2 has halogen headlamps, but can optionally be purchased with these LED headlamps with adaptive functions.


The 1.0 TFSI 116 BHP of power engine is that you should never rule it out, although 150 HP is the right power if you want a car-agile, responsive, and meets with a vengeance on all types of roads.

Although later I shall speak further of engines, I will say that in my judgment the most recommended, so much in diesel as in gasoline, will be the 150 HP. That doesn’t change the fact that the diesel 116 BHP of power, I have found it more than sufficient for many customers, and even the new 1.0 TFSI 116 BHP of power, with three cylinders, seems to me an excellent choice, especially for customers with a usage which is eminently urban, and without resulting impediment to exit the highway.

I will give you a fact easy to why three cylinders and 116 HP of power are more than sufficient for this Audi Q2. Other SUV premium compact, larger in size, and with gasoline engines of access, but more powerful, marked on the scale between 200 and 300 kg more than the Audi. And that, once more, I like it.


The interior intersperses details of Audi A1 and Audi A3, for good and for bad, with a touch more casual and colorful.

I like to be daring on the outside, but also that it has opted for an interior design, although not so daring, yes, youthful and attractive. Let’s say that, somehow, intersperses details of quality and style of an Audi A1 and an Audi A3. In many respects, the quality of the Audi A3 it has seemed to us that exceeds that of the Audi Q2. There are items for materials and fit for improvement, for example in the handles of the doors. While other areas, such as the dashboard, have a quality at the best level of Audi.

The Audi Q2 yes it is difference for a touch more eye-catching, color, that runs some of the borders decorated in yellow, orange, or red, or even a lighting package with ten different tones that you can select from the entertainment system MMI of the car.

Although go to of taste, and, more specifically, in the likes of a server, which is not a big fan of the SUV and your driving style, not that I liked it so much that the Audi Q2 has been designed to travel with the driving position very high. Another way, for a driver of 1,69 metres in height, the instrumentation is not at the right height, it is not easy to adjust well to the steering wheel and the sill of the windows is very high. This does not cease to be a consequence of having opted for an exterior design with a high waistline, and a line of glass floor, which at the bottom is an aesthetic tendency in boom in these days.

Audi virtual cockpit in the new Audi Q2. In the browser, it will appreciate even the snow-capped peaks of Switzerland.

A photo posted by David Villarreal (@davidvillarreal)

Another detail of the Audi Q2. The Audi virtual cockpit, a dashboard is fully digital.

audi-q2-prueba-mdm-29The rear seats of the Audi Q2 are more than acceptable for its size.

audi-q2-prueba-mdm-23I liked, and a lot, for your space. With 20 inches less in length that models like the Mercedes GLA, BMW X1 or, without going any further, the Audi Q3, you would expect the Audi Q2 with rear seats narrow and a small luggage rack and a little profitable. Nothing could be further from the reality. The rear seats are not huge, but comfortable, especially for two adult passengers.

With 400 liters of capacity, the trunk of the Audi Q2 is excellent for a car with 4,19 meters in length. By volume, it is less theoretically than the a Mercedes GLA, but not less profitable. In fact, in my opinion, the Audi Q2 is an alternative that ought to value many buyers looking for a crossover premium, because your boot may well meet and exceed their needs.

The Audi Q2 has a mobile base in the trunk, which can be placed in a comfortable position flush with the mouth of load, the ideal to help us load bales, or a little further down, taking advantage of a good double bottom that will allow us to maximize the load. And below that first double bottom there is still room for a subwoofer and a sound system Bang&Olufsen, or a spare wheel temporary. What we see is that the tray in its lowest position, does not sit well, nor was so low, in models of four-wheel drive (for the space occupied by the transmission), in front wheel drive models. The difference is minimal, but yes it seems to be a detail to take into account.

audi-q2-prueba-mdm-22 computer sound is hidden in the double bottom of the trunk, in the place that should occupy the spare wheel.


The Audi Q2 and its price

I don’t like both its price. I think that Audi still might have struggled to place it in a more competitive position, a step below the Audi A3. But we find that the price of the Audi Q2 is virtually the same as that of the Audi A3 Sportback and higher, logically, to that of an Audi A3 three-door. Today you can purchase a Audi A3 Sportback 1.0 TFSI 116 CV of power by 24.560€ and a Audi Q2 1.0 TFSI 116 CV of power by 25.950€.

In terms of the diesel, you can buy a Audi A3 Sportback 1.6 TDI 110 CV by 26.420€, and a Audi Q2 1.6 TDI 116 CV of power by 26.400€.

In any case, we also cannot forget that with the passage of time, Audi will be launching, we cannot be the slightest doubt, new equipment packages and offerings, as in the rest of the range, which, through funding and other discounts can make that the Audi Q2 will be even more accessible.

This is all for today. In our next installment I’ll talk about motors, our impressions, and our advice. what Better diesel or petrol? What is the 1.0 TFSI three-cylinder engine and 116 HP engine recommended for this car?