Test of the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 in Vallelunga


While Citroën begins to withdraw resources of your program
in the WTCC, Honda assesses the options for the future within the championship, and RML continues to
working on the recent update of the Chevrolet Cruze, the new
a member of the family of the World begins its phase of work more
seriously. Polestar Cyan Racing has completed its first test away from Sweden.
Specifically, the team nordic has been tested the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 in
Vallelunga during the last week. Are the first steps after confirmation
of their entry into the WTCC and the presentation of your vehicle.

Thed Björk, Robert Dahlgren and Fredrik Ekblom have tested the
S60 Polestar TC1 in Vallelunga
, a path that normally collects evidence of the
World Touring car. This track tends to be a focus of a usual test for Honda
since this is a track that has long straights, fast corners that require a
high degree of grip and aerodynamic also a section very slow on the part
internal path that serves to evaluate the mechanical grip and traction
vehicles. According to the requirements of this Vallelunga, Polestar Cyan
Racing has taken a step forward with your S60


Although not yet revealed the identity of the two
pilots who will take part in the WTCC 2016, it seems that Thed Björk starts to take
a leading role
, at least according to the rumors. The triple champion of the
Championship, Scandinavian Touring car (STCC) ended up very satisfied after the test,
as she explained in a statement to ‘Cars.net’: “We have taken steps adealnte
with the car from our first test. It is clear that we are still in the
early stages of our development, but what I have experienced until now
with the V60 Polestar TC1 is very promising

In a similar vein, Fredrik Wahlén, Director of Polestar
Cyan Racing, explained: “We have been able to complete our program according to
the plans that we had and without any serious problem until now.
The evidence we have provided many answers“.
Before joining in
track to the Citroën, Lada, Honda and Chevrolet, the Swedish manufacturer must burn
more stages: “The development phase is still in its initial stages,
they are our foundation for our assault on the WTCC. We have most of the
development work ahead, but it is a prize to begin our program
testing of a such a positive