Test offroad of the range SUV of Mercedes

This 2015 has been the year of the offensive SUV by Mercedes-Benz. The German manufacturer has increased its range considerably with the intention of raising a product for every need. And that in 2016, yet will most novelties in its offer SUV, as its flagship, the Mercedes GLS and the future GLC Coupe.

what A todocamino has some limited capabilities off road? The brand of Stuttgart wanted to put in doubt this criticism, common to this type of models organizing a circuit offroad with your current range SUV. Far from proposing simple dirt roads, Mercedes raised a route full of potholes, rocks, steep slopes, mud, crosses, axes, wading and steps inclined Who said fear?

In the event there were units of the small GLA, newly arrived GLC, GLE and GLE Coupe and the sensational Class G. of course, all with the 4MATIC four-wheel drive are always associated with a change to automatic (7G-TRONIC or 9G-TRONIC according to model and version) and configured in strict series, including tires with those that come out of the dealers.

One of the most unexpected was that of the Mercedes GLA. The SUV smaller than the range of the German manufacturer gives war in the segment of the todocaminos compact and was the surprise of the day because I did the same route as his older brothers, showing as the only limitation a free distance to the ground is more moderate.


The Mercedes GLA gave the face in the area of testing

On the opposite side was the Mercedes G Class, an off-road pure and hard which is already an icon and that reveals the heritage of offroad brand. Don’t expect a lot of comfort: the G-Class is pure effectiveness out of the asphalt and for this, it relies on a chassis rails and cross-members, as well as solid axles, to dare with everything.

Between these two extremes, the mark of the star has been renovating and extending its range. The GLC, GLE and GLE Coupe focused the attention for being the most recent additions. The Mercedes GLE Coupé is cleared a little of this facet jacket. This SUV has an approach that is more sporty and conforms to give the option of mounting the air suspension for those who need a higher free height when leaving the asphalt. In spite of everything, a unit of the GLE Coupe with this suspension was part of the caravan in this experience offroad and we can give you faith that there are was left behind.

Technical Package Offroad

For their part, both the GLC as the GLE keep an ace under the sleeve. This is the Technical Package Offroad, offered optional suggestions of equipment of both models. This pack includes up to five driving modes, off-road underbody protection, and a ride height increased.


The Mercedes GLC fording a river

In the case of Mercedes GLC, by equipping the Technical Package off-Road the ground clearance is increased by 20 mm if you use the AGILITY CONTROL suspension as standard-mechanical suspension and damping system variable-. If you have opted for the full air suspension multi-camera and adaptive damping with electronic control progressive AIR BODY CONTROL, the distance grows to 50 millimeters. That is to say, the height above the ground can reach up to 227 mm of ground clearance to circumvent best the obstacles.

In terms of the five driving programs for off-roading offered by this package, are pre-set configurations which simplify the task of overcoming any situation. With only rotate a rotary control knob are adapted to the dynamic adjustments in the following modes: Offroad, Slope, slippery Ground, Roll to release the vehicle and Trailer.

The package offroad also includes a dynamic display in real time on the screen of the multimedia system COMAND of various animations such as slope, lateral tilt, the orientation of the steering wheel, the compass or the settings of the AIR system BODY CONTROL. Also added to coatings in the low to protect from bumps and scratches, and the wizard of declines DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation) whose speed can be adjusted via the lever on the cruise control cruise control.


the body of The Mercedes GLE offers up to 285 mm of free height

this is Not the first time that we do a test offroad on the Mercedes GLC, and never ceases to amaze us. Had no problem to overcome the test area but, without a doubt, what is more portentous is the ride comfort that is able to keep even in areas that are very bumpy thanks to the air suspension multi-AIR BODY CONTROL.

finally, the Mercedes GLE that replaces the ML. Serial mounts the AGILITY CONTROL suspension with mechanical suspension, but if it is equipped with the AIRMATIC package with ADS and the Technical Package Offorad body can achieve up to 285 mm of free height to the soil, with a depth of wading 600 millimeters. Data that is admirable for an SUV.

The new GLE package offroad offers six driving programs, since the GLC sum an additional mode called OFFROAD+. With this selected is activated the reduction gear and the center differential can be locked at 100% when it is necessary to improve the traction on tricky terrain.