Test offroad Peugeot 2008-and what it is capable away from tarmac?

With the restyling of this model, the lion brand has taken the opportunity to promote the new Peugeot 2008 reaffirming its capabilities as a crossover cut, under the slogan “This is an SUV”. One of the most remarkable features for an SUV is the versatility and the ability to venture out with certain guarantees outstanding offroad What is able to make the 2008 off-road? What we were able to check for the Peugeot SUV Trophy.

the first edition of The Peugeot SUV Trophy it has been held the past weekend in the town of madrid Fresno de Torote, only 30 kilometers from the capital, revived the natural landscape and rural in disuse of that area. 2008 has been the protagonist of this appointment, with its epicentre in the finca La Casita del Olivar, overcoming an offroad route and various dynamic tests.

The offer of this event has gone beyond the engine has been completed with activities for the whole family. Gastronomy with the famous foodtrucks, stalls, craftsmen, DJs, concerts and attractions for children such as bouncy castles with mini swimming pools or trampolines were part of the Peugeot SUV Trophy. In total about 1,200 people have enjoyed the event, of which more than 600 have been made test drive.


Focusing on the test of the French model, open mouth with a circuit in the countryside that was passing by the own Fresno de Torote and the neighboring towns of Daganzo and Serracines. In this route, the caravan of 2008 he had the opportunity to circular on roads of sand, earth and stones. Here the outstanding ground clearance of 165 mm played a fundamental role to sort out the bushes, potholes and unevenness of the terrain.

More demanding were the dynamic tests specific carried out in a rugged terrain. The key here was the system the Grip Control. Although all versions of the B-SUV Peugeot are front-wheel drive to optimize traction. Models equipped with Grip Control in addition to, in addition, a few mixed tyres Goodyear Vector 4Seasons that improve the motor away from the asphalt.


technology Grip Control to vary electronically the transfer of the driving torque on the front end, the management of the braking and the performance of the stability control. Through a rotary control located between the front seats can be selected five different programs operating.

  • Standard Mode: is used for normal conditions
  • Mode Todocamino: transfer all the torque possible to the wheel that has more grip
  • Arena Mode: maintains the slip of the drive wheels simultaneously
  • Snow Mode: adapts instantaneously to the control of traction of each of the two drive wheels
  • Mode ESP Off: disconnected the stability control and Grip Control

In this way, with the way Todocamino connected we face the obstacles that the organization had prepared. On board the Peugeot i-Cockpit, with its characteristic steering wheel of small dimensions, it was possible to overcome the structures proposed side bends or crossings of axes, where some wheels were in the air when driving over them. The most striking was an amazing ramp pendulum that the range, was testing the suspension of the crossover French.

The exercises did not have a high difficulty but it would not have been able to overcome with tourism ‘normal’ as a Peugeot 208, for example. 2008 not only surpassed without difficulty all the activities, but made it clear that I could probably cope with obstacles more complicated.