Test Opel Crossland X, for young families

2017 being a very intense year for the German firm Opel. Your goal for this year is the launch of nothing less than seven models, although the news that more importance has had is the purchase of the brand part of PSA General Motors. Both manufacturers already had some agreements of collaboration, having developed the new Opel Grandland X and Opel Crossland X, share platform with several models of PSA.

The brand showed, for the first time, your Opel Crossland X to the beginning of the year, although it was not until the month of march when we were able to see him, live and direct, during the presentation of static to the press conference in Madrid. On that occasion, we talked to you about all your details, although we were not able to drive it and also you knew at that time their rates to our market. The case is that now, yes, we have been able to get to their controls, leading to the outskirts of the factory Opel in Figueruelas, where it occurs next to the Corsa and Mokka X.

As I break down all the details of this new Opel Crossland X and did a review of their design, livability and tech gadgets we don’t want to repeat it, so let’s move on tiptoe in these sections while we will focus on your driving sensations.

More spacious than it looks outside

outside dimensions are of 4,21 meters long, by 1,76 wide and 1.6 high, with a wheelbase of 2.6 meters. Are dimensions of a model for the B-segment-SUV, a category that is growing by leaps and bounds each time it has more members. The fight in this segment of crossovers urban is being each time more intense, and lasts.

Of this model we can highlight its habitability, because although the exterior dimensions are more contained than those of a Mokka X, the interior is very similar (or even slightly more spacious in the Crossland X). The worst dimension of the rear seats is the legroom, but we played with the advantage that the rear bench can be moved lengthwise in 15 cm (this is optional), resolving this problem if we don’t go with the trunk loaded to the gills. Your volume of boot is 410 litres, expandable to 1.255 by folding the seats.


The Opel Crossland X is offered with two trim levels, Selective and Excellence, as well as with a total of six versions mechanical. The family of engines diesel is composed by a block 1.6 is available with outputs of 99 and 120 HP, both manual (5-speed transmission for the less powerful and 6 for the higher power).

If you prefer a version of gas can opt for three different variants of 1.2 liters. On the one hand, we have available the 1.2-81 HP, and intake air (only with 5-speed manual transmission), as well as the 1.2 Turbo 110 and 131 HP (110 will be 5-speed manual or automatic 6, and the most powerful can only be 6-speed manual). there are No versions of traction 4×4, all are front-wheel-drive.

we Drove the 1.2 Turbo 131 HP finish Excellence

The route organized by Opel has made us explore different types of pathways for the vicinity of the plant of Figueruelas, in the province of Zaragoza. In these journeys we have conducted an Opel Crossland X in finishing Excellence and associated with the engine 1.2 Turbo is more powerful, that is to say, the version of 131 HP.

This mechanism develops maximum power of 131 HP at 5,500 rpm, while its maximum torque, of to 230 Nm, appears to only 1,750 rpm. It is an engine of three cylinders and 12 valves that approves an average consumption of 5.1 l/100 km, and can reach a maximum speed of 206 km/h and make 0-100 in 9,1 seconds.

it Is true that, if we are quite fine with the ear (and we have the radio turned off), and we are attentive, we can see that we are faced with a three-cylinder engine, as it does not sound as round as a tetracilíndrico. Yes, once we started the march, it is more complicated to recognize it as a triple. The engine pushes with great force from far below, obtaining a delivery of power more than adequate for a car that will spend most of the time by urban traffic. The only “but” is a certain “turbolag” to low-spin when we demand a lot of energy with the right foot, but nothing worrying.

Without having tried it, I would dare to say that the variant of 110 BHP will be ample for the majority of regular customers of the Opel Crossland X and daily use. Yes, the price difference between one and another version (280 € according to the configurator of the brand), we may be tempted to buy the variant of higher power.

finally, we find a driving posture elevated, and extensive adjustments of seat and steering wheel, so that people of all sizes will feel comfortable to your controls. That high position allows us to control the angles and distances of the car in urban environments.

During the test we quickly realized that the Opel Crossland X is made for the urban life and daily. The steering has a great assist, while the tare of the suspension is to soft. This will facilitate the conduct and use in the city, being a car very easy to drive. By motorway meets it, this being a version enough power even to make trips, although do not display the poise and the confidence of the Mokka X on fast tracks.

secondary roads it is not a car that invites us to practice a driving agile. The tare soft suspension and the assistance of the address that is so good you feel in the city undertake its dynamic rhythms elevated when they appear asphalt, bumpy roads and curves. The address is accurate, and neither conveys what is happening under the front wheels, while the suspension allows certain inclinations of the body if the rhythm is joyful. In any case, at a normal pace, your behavior is correct.

Opel we have commented that this product is focused on young families with children, being a car for the everyday use of the family (parents between 35 and 45 years), while the Opel Mokka X is a car more personal, or for families who no longer need a car as practical because their children are older (fathers older than 50 years).

Equipment of the Opel Crossland X


  • Opel OnStar
  • Alert of involuntary change of lane
  • Detector of traffic signs
  • Kit puncture
  • disc Brakes on all four wheels
  • halogen Headlights with LED daytime running light
  • Headlights antinieblas front
  • rear-view Mirrors with electrically adjustable, thermal and housings in body color
  • R 4.0 IntelliLink
  • steering wheel Controls
  • 6 speakers
  • steering Wheel adjustable in height and depth
  • startup Wizard in costs
  • Airbags for driver and front passenger, front, side, and curtain
  • electric Windows in the four doors
  • on-board Computer
  • Two outlets of 12 volt
  • alloy Wheels of 16 inches
  • black Outline around the windows
  • Air conditioning
  • sun visor-passenger’s with mirror


  • Roof in the color black ore
  • Pack Visibility
  • rain Sensor
  • On of lights automatic
  • Contour chrome around the windows
  • Protector of low front and rear
  • instrument cluster with chrome accents
  • Climate control bizona
  • on-board Computer color 3.5-inch
  • reading Lights, rear
  • Both sun visors front with mirrors and lighting
  • ambient Light white on the doors and dashboard

Prices of the Opel Crossland X

Motor Transmission Finish Price
Motor Transmission Finish Price
1.2 81 CV Manual 5v Selective 18.042 €
1.2 Turbo 110 CV Manual 5v Selective 19.582 €
1.2 Turbo 131 HP Manual 6v Selective 19.862 €
1.6 Turbo (diesel) 99 HP Manual 5v Selective 20.202 €
1.2 Turbo 110 CV Automatic 6v Selective 21.482 €
1.2 Turbo 110 CV Manual 5v Excellence 20.682 €
1.2 Turbo 131 HP Manual 6v Excellence 20.962 €
1.6 Turbo (diesel) 99 HP Manual 5v Excellence 21.302 €
1.6 Turbo (diesel) 120 HP Manual 6v Excellence 22.427 €
1.2 Turbo 110 CV Automatic 6v Excellence 22.582 €

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