Test Opel Mokka 1.6 CDTI 4×4. Range, versions and conclusions

The Opel Mokka will better motorized than the average of the segment, in Spain is only offered with 136-140 HP, and several competitors are offered with engines much less powerful, except for a couple of versions of sports that are thinly traded (as the Juke Nismo RS). Except with LPG or with automatic change, the Mokka can also have all-wheel drive.

we Can also consider the Mokka if we are doubting between a SUV-B very fitted or a simpler version of an SUV-C, as for dimensions it is a bit bigger than its rivals. The standard equipment is rich, the optional abundant, and the price is also above the average. Another important detail is that made in Spain, but the Capture also.

no longer have the doubt of if you decide for the Opel Mokka or Chevrolet Trax (cousins to the engineering level) having been discontinued the latter. With respect to the Opel Antara, Mokka is clearly more efficient and economical, but in skills outside of the road the Antara is defended much better, and passed by where the Mokka may not pass.


What engine are more interested in?

Without any extra or colours of body, engine 1.4 Turbo comes from 19.658 euros. The version of LPG increases the price considerably, as we will 22.306 € 2.648 € more. You can recover the investment because you can save 40% in fuel, the consumption approved spend of 6.1 l/100 km to 7.6 l/100 km of LPG gas, but the gas costs almost half.

what about the diesel? It leaves more economic, 21.689 euros, and consumes clearly less. However, the engine is more delicate to maintain, and the cost per kilometre is not very advantageous. If we stick to the consumption that I have taken, are about 8 l/100 km of gasoline compared to 5.3 l/100 km of diesel. In the medium and long term, the diesel comes out ahead. In gas we can calculate 9-10 l/100 km, with a cost very similar to that of diesel, but more economical in maintenance.

Both the 1.4 Turbo (without LPG) as the 1.6 CDTI can opt for automatic gearbox, always with front-wheel drive. In Spain only the 1.6 CDTI can have total traction in any finish, with a premium of more than $ 4,000. For those who do not go to never come out of the asphalt, or live in an area of climatology delicate, I would say that with the version 4×2 goes that shoots. In finishing Excellence, we can also choose the 1.4 Turbo 4×4, also without LPG.

prueba-opel-mokka-16-cdti-4x4-gama-y-conIn autonomy, the CDTI comes out clearly the winner, you can only beat him the 1.4 Turbo LPG draining the gas tank and the gasoline, but at a higher cost. Autonomy only with gas is the smallest of the range, is one of the tolls of this technology. The engine best performance is the diesel.

The 1.4 Turbo 4×2 accelerates to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds, with both petrol as well as LPG, and diesel needs 10.3 seconds, the difference is ridiculous. Is more noticeable the change in the recovery 80-120 km/h; the 1.4 Turbo you need to 13,5 seconds (14,1 if it is LPG) and diesel 9.9 seconds. The tip speed is higher on the 1.4 Turbo, but in Spain I don’t consider that relevant (196 km/h in front of 187 km/h).

The automated versions, the be torque converter, they have a small loss of performance. In terms of the total traction, also reduce a little the performance, but that with the road perfectly dry. The less complication, and lower adherence, the 4×4 comes out ahead. Summarizing: short term, gasoline; medium/long-term, diesel; very long-term, GLP.


equipment Versions

In the finished Selective we have the basic elements of safety that do not depend on Opel Eye, central locking, cruise control, glove compartment-illuminated, leather steering wheel, air conditioning, anti-allergens, front fog lamps, tinted windows, power mirrors, stereo, CD400 Plus (Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary), wheels 17″…

A little bit more equipped come the Color Edition, which include serial Opel OnStar, the packets Comfort, Electro and Visibility, central armrest, rear, ambient light, portagafas, climate control bizona, elements, exterior color black, steering wheel controls, radio CD600 Intellilink (non-browser), wheels 18″, etc

Virtually the same Excellence, but without the same exterior details in black color. In fact, the price of the versions Excellence is almost 1,500 euros cheaper. There are many optional items, as some are not available to the Selective. In any case, the equipment is superior to the basic models of competition, the price also.

prueba-opel-mokka-16-cdti-4x4-gama-y-conIn regards to extras, some recommendations:

  • The Pack Techno includes the headlights addressable AFL Plus, and much better night driving
  • The Opel Eye, as always, it seems to me highly recommended
  • The browser 950 IntelliLink works very well, but it is a system that is not going to evolve, and has fallen behind of his great expectations, and many customers are burned by this issue
  • The 19″ wheel are not recommended, are just aesthetic, you do not need
  • For those who live in cold areas, the seats and steering wheel, heated appreciate it a lot
  • The solar roof reduces the height of the passenger compartment a bit, but it only affects people very high
  • With the Pack Premium (2,000 euros) we will have the headlights AFL+, ergonomic seats, browser, items, heated and armrest front; spread cost

The configurator official is very easy to use and will allow us to know with more detail the different packages, which for reasons of space, we cannot comment in its entirety. Any other questions about the car I will be happy to resolve it in the comments section.

prueba-opel-mokka-16-cdti-4x4-gama-y-conTo finish, to remind you that it is a dropped restyling, and it may be worthwhile to wait a bit for a more up-to-date, improvements of equipment or of systems of infotainment. In terms of engines, I don’t expect changes, as the thrusters already comply with the Euro 6 legislation.