Test Peugeot 3008 1.2 PureTech, a change of genre very well brought


Peugeot enters the segment closer than Europe with a modification, the 3008

As in life, changes have to be made at the appropriate time and in the proper way. Do not be afraid to new directions, and even less if they are taken with the bases with which Peugeot has reoriented the life of the 3008. In a little less than 10 years, the once-compact mpv has been transformed into a sleek SUV. The fashion brand trend, and here’s the reason for such a huge change. And to know how she’s been sitting the change of gender I have had the opportunity of to test the Peugeot 3008 1.2 PureTech 130 HP.

How to change the life. How to change the taste. Over a decade ago, the world mobilized to base of sedans and compact. Families used station wagons, and the ends or bought big boats on wheels, or tiny cars on ruedines. But that world no longer exists. Today almost everyone is looking for a SUV, no matter the size, but that is a SUV. And with that in mind, it is now easier to understand why the change to Peugeot.

So of a minivan, we have moved to a SUV. And not one anyone, but for a C-SUV, the segment with the highest growth in the european market. Just in the past month of February the increase of the market was 16.1% compared to the same month last year. A candy for which the marks kill themselves by sucking on their part. A school playground where the competition is voracious.

And as Peugeot arrives at the party with some disadvantage of time, has tried to regain ground with a car very visual. The main reason for purchase is the design, and no one like the French for daring with unique sculptures. You’ll like it or not, but the Peugeot 3008 does not go unnoticed. Such a combination of edges, lines, colors, lights and details creates a nice look outside. . I like it, especially the rear, and if on top we add the finishing GT Line all complements in a very visual and attractive. Admittedly, the French have wanted to do something different and daring. Good move.


The finish > Line is high, with a lot of equipment, quality and technology

we must recognize that the 3008 is not premiering philosophy of bodywork. That honor belongs to the youngest of the family, the Peugeot 2008. However where we are faced with a completely new concept, or at least evolved, is in the interior. The Peugeot iCockpit already was known, what we have seen in other models such as the Peugeot 308 or the Peugeot 208, but on this occasion he has gone one step further with the introduction of new and more advanced technology.

The purpose of this artifice was to look inside as well as outside. And what they have achieved. The passenger compartment of the Peugeot 3008 like, and much. Its minimalist appearance adds to a great feeling of quality. The choice of materials is very good. Surfaces are soft and good touch around the covert and advanced technology. Special mention deserves the fabric, let’s call it reverse cowgirl. It seems to have been chosen so as to cheapen the manufacture of the interior, but the truth is that it brings a great feeling of quality. The typical purchase of five euros that it seems as if you had spent 10 times more.

The fabric-style “cowboy” of the interior has been very well chosen and gives a great feeling of quality to the touch and to the eye

As I say, behind all of those materials properly selected hides an advanced system of technology. The dashboard digital hosts most of the functions of the car. From the browser to the more simple and functional data of the car and the driving. Simple buttons located on the steering wheel, which I shall speak later, change the type of information that we receive. Always of an elegant shape and pretty worked. We have to admit that.


The bold lines of the exterior to reach the interior, where it adds a concept minimalist

Although I have missed a Head-Up Display, the truth is that you don’t need both because I always have a double screen. The first I have already spoken, and the second of them is to be found in the dashboard. It is more traditional than the previous one, but in this case it picks up even more systems than that of the box. All the information that I have already mentioned, the screen of eight inches of the dashboard shows the information of the air conditioning, the parking cameras, which by the way are not of a great quality despite having vision 360 ° , telephone and other pijerías more that will delight every lover of the gadget.

like the rest of the interior, the screen, use touch, is handled on the basis of a row of buttons look minimalist and futuristic. Six buttons make menu, through which we can change the settings of a wealth of details. The truth is that this system is pleasing to the eye, although not so much at the time to handle it. The philosophy of less is more, not always right, and the computer is not at all intuitive that one would expect it to be. Yes that is true that requires a period of learning, but what I see all too complex in certain aspects.

But leaving aside the field of technology, there are many and obvious, do not forget that the 3008 was born as a minivan, and although it has changed the market has managed to remember certain aspects that always have accompanied him. Their 4,44 m long, 2,67 is used for the battle. A distance between axes that provides a large interior space for all your places. Obviously the front will be the more affluent, more if possible if you include the massaging seats, though the driving position, the steering wheel is so small and low, can cause problems of adjustments to the drivers highest.


Space more than plenty of room for the rear occupants, and for the life of all

But the rear also know how to offer some good dimensions for its occupants. With plenty of height and very correct legs. Even persons of high position will find satisfactory space, the 3008 is able to offer. Even a fifth passenger can travel relatively loose fitting and comfortable, as the transmission tunnel does not lift anything from the ground. In regards to trunk, it should be noted a minimum volume of 520 liters, expandable to 1.482 if you folded down the second row of seats, which by the way can be done through a few handles are installed in the trunk.

So yes, Peugeot has thought of everything to facilitate the habitability of the 3008, and the same has made the time to nurture it. The range mechanic is as varied as it is balanced, finding. Two petrol engines and many other diesel for a total of six different power ratings. From 100 to 180 horses, with blocks of three-and four-cylinder, turbo-fed in all cases and with all possible combinations of both manual and automatic transmissions with six speeds.

In terms of traction systems it is common to find the 3008 mobilized by the front wheels. However Peugeot offers its customers a pack of mobility that integrates the Grip Control system, with which we can adapt the answer of various mechanical components in function of the type of terrain we are treading. The test unit was not equipped with such a system, and I have to admit that if you are going to make use of more campero, for just 315 euros is a optional very to keep in mind. If we add to that a free height with respect to the ground of 219 millimeters, the 3008 is capable of traversing areas broken down with ease, more than enough.


The central screen is the information displayed and its quality is very high

Before analyzing the 3008 in your behavior, I must address the issue prices. Peugeot knows that the competition it faces is hard, and that a euro may mark the course of a purchase. As a good brand generalist that it is, has established a listing of prices you happy to all around the world. The base price of the Peugeot 3008 is 24.200 euros, although the unit more equipped and powerful off almost 38,000 euros. A very wide range that will satisfy each and every customer that passes by the dealer.

Test Peugeot 3008 1.2 PureTech

Spain, is a territory diesel. Although in recent months the market trends indicate that the gasoline becomes to gain followers, as can be glimpsed higher taxes and regulations on diesel-powered vehicles. So the gasoline engines are back to being a real option, and it is for this reason that, on this occasion I have decided to try the a priori will not be the alternative of choice, but without a doubt it is postulated as a very viable alternative.

block Is the smallest that we found currently on the 3008. Are three-cylinder engines and 1,200 cubic centimeters which develop a total of 130 HP. The engine on this occasion was associated with a change manual of six speeds, and as I said before, the front axle, without the aid of the Grip Control is in charge of doing all the work. Obviously before it bounces a key question; what will be the best option for the engine gasoline versus diesel? Well, for that I am here, to analyze it and tell you about it.


The steering wheel is very rare, and the driving position is strange with a position of the steering wheel very low

it is True that when a buyer raises purchased a SUV the natural tendency and immediate is to go head-to-by the diesel engine. However the evolution of the building blocks of gasoline has been such that even with fewer cylinders are capable of producing, although not at the same height, at a very high level that little or nothing will make us remember another type of fuel. The version PureTech of the 3008 makes clear this fact, although it could improve.

At any time of the week of testing, which did many miles in all kinds of circumstances and routes, I had the feeling to miss out on power or torque. 130 is the number perfect horse for a car of this type. Its maximum thrust, 230 Nm, it is found in the low range of the cuentarevoluciones, so that exit from a standing start is no problem. Nor in most phases of driving, where even with a delivery more linear, yes you get the answer that one expects.

despite the voluminous which can result to simple view the 3008, it is not a car excessively heavy. We are talking about 1,250 kilograms in running order, operating very well in many fields. Peugeot knows that a large part of their clientele will be moved mainly by urban tours and semiurbanos, so that has provided a setting conducive to this. The suspension is soft, while the rear is sinning in some way a response to dry, and the direction is capable of rotating in a span of like who says.


the aesthetic is coupled with a large dynamic behavior. A SUV is very agile and plumb

With all of this getting around the city is easy and simple, just like that do it on highways or expressways. As all the other cars, the 3008 has proved their real capacity to enter into stretches revirados. I’ve been saying that Peugeot has recovered its good to do, and the 3008 behaves better than the average of the segment in areas of curves linked. Despite the fact that the tires are pretty loud, the car keeps the guy in line even at high speeds. Its chassis is very well tuned, and evidence able to withstand higher powers.

There is a Sport button next to the change, but the truth is that there is no great difference with it activated. In fact I struggled to notice something different. What is even more remarkable is the steering, which becomes ligerísimamente harder, and the sound. Activating the Sport mode the car’s speakers emit a sound that could well be the a V6. It is an artifice unnatural, but the truth is that it is achieved.

Then, according to all that I have said; what we are in front of the SUV, gasoline definitive? The answer is no, and not because it is bad, but because for my taste there is a unique and unfortunate problem: the gearbox. It is a pity that all the effort put into the rest of the car has not been rounded with the change. I mean.


The shifter short presents a treatment very little refined. Is rough and hard

The unit tests was a mere 3,500 miles on the odometer, that is to say brand new. Well, each one of the marches had to be stuck with a violence unusual, the slack out of the lever was hyped up for the decade of the 80’s, the clutch pedal had to sink it to the bottom, and I have not found the correct point throughout the week, and even the marches were able to get away without having to step on the left foot. That is to say, a series of unfortunate misfortunes that render full driving.

Before this, I put myself in the shoes of a buyer and think that if that is going to be my day-to-day with the car, the years are going to be very long. I Had occasion to note such problems in the other unit, and while some were not as defendants, were present. I’m sorry to say mr. Peugeot that these terms have to treat them as well as the choice of the interior materials or the bold design of the exterior. I do not doubt that you have done so, but the result has not been the best, and should be corrected.

The finishing GT Line adds more equipment, quality, and above all, the aesthetic is more sporty and daring

But well, I don’t want to end the test with a bad taste in my mouth so I’m going to recover the joys of talking about consumption. “The gasoline, spend more”, “diesel is cheaper”… Those typical phrases we’ve all heard, but they are not universal truths, and every one of us should take accounts of how many miles we do a year to know what is best for us, because more than one can carry the hands to the head.


The design is his main weapon, although the 3008 has many aces in the sleeve

If your range of action is between 15,000 and 18,000 miles a year, you should contemplate the 1.2 PureTech among your purchasing options. You are going to spend more than the diesel, so I’m not going to deny that. In the computation of the week, the on-board computer leave the final figure of 6.3 litres per 100 kilometres, and as I said before I used it in all kinds of tours. To me the figure I find it excellent, and I can’t deny that with a BlueHDi had managed to bring it down, but not as much as one can expect.

But now you must look at the purchase price between one and another to discover that the gasoline is 3,000 euros cheaper than the equivalent version in diesel. It is a lot of money, and if we add that with every tank we have nearly 1,000 kilometres of autonomy, in the PureTech, there is only the math to discover which comes out cheaper.


by way of summary, I have to admit that I like the proposal of Peugeot. The new 3008 has undergone a transformation that goes beyond the usual. It has changed segment and has been the most popular of all, the C-SUV. The rivalry will be very high, but the foundations planted by the French brand are very good. The exterior design is his main weapon, but do not forget the interior, the technology, and the habitability.


Remarkably high for the 3008, and that it might be best if you to correct the problems of change

In the dynamic aspect I’ve found with many lights and a large shade. The engine tricilindrico is a bet very interesting and quite discouraging, quite the opposite in fact. The behavior of the 3008 is very good, multi-purpose, the same as the consumption that they do consider the need of a diesel. However the shade comes in the change in charge of managing the engine. Despite of taking advantage of the three cylinders in an optimal way, his lack of refinement has left me surprised. A shame, but in general, an SUV of remarkable.