Test Renault Clio TCe 120: up and conclusions (II)

Although this Clio is a renewal of the generation that was born in 2012, remains one of the utilities more attractive for such a sporty design as a care. The sensations with the gasoline engine of 120 HP on a block of 1.2-litre four-cylinder in-line are good, in part because the empty weight is 1.090 kilos according to the manufacturer. What is certain is that the car feels light.

Surprising to some sport seats in its forms and mixture of materials in fabric and what looks like leather, but in short, the seat is soft which increases the comfort for a car citizen. The interior materials are relatively good, with hard plastics and padded across the dashboard and doors. The adjustments are of an acceptable quality, although in certain areas, are improvable, as in the upper part of the dashboard or doors.

There is a good sense of space in the front, but if we want to go comfortable and have long legs, will be an occupant of the rear who suffer from lack of space for the knees. in Addition, it is in the back where it shows more of a passenger compartment of segment B, as is the free height to the ceiling the less permissive with the taller people. However, the trunk has a hollow more than acceptable 300 litres, though once more, if you travel four occupants, you will have to be with hand baggage.


The new design makes it look more wide and aggressive

Your engine has a claw, but the suspension seems soft

Miss some more brightness in the passenger compartment, especially in the back or in the mirrors of the sun visors. On the front of the soffit to comply with its mandate. Moreover, modern touches in the instrument cluster with digital speedometer, indicator to change gears, and a tachometer highly visible, and a screen in the central console 7-inch with the system R-Link to upgrade to the Renault Clio, making it look like a car much more modern and current.

The climate control is an area with a few knobs that need a little bit more for perceived quality, especially at temperature, so your touch has a lot of slack. on the other hand, there are many holes in an object holder, although in my opinion seem to me something small. For example, under the center console there is a hole suitable to accommodate the mobile, but four years after the departure of the first Renault Clio of the current generation, the phones have grown and therefore does not fit.

Above the glove box there is a small ledge with a rubber coating for non-slip objects, but once again is something close and I don’t understand very well what utility could give. There is another hole in the transmission tunnel where it fits perfectly, the card serves as the key, but is a small surface. Maybe for a cardholder or loose. And finally drink holders of various sizes.


The trunk is not spectacular but sufficient for the utility and regular shapes

The steering wheel has a design with a good finish on leather, but plain-looking. There is a knob behind it that serves to control what in my opinion seems more important, as is the multimedia system. However we have given prominence to two buttons that are used to connect or memorize the speed limiter or cruise control; a matter of customs. The screen has an acceptable resolution and is easy to navigate the various menus, but the most practical is to have activated the display of the browser, which lets you know of radars.

The boot is push button and the car has a nice sound. Is a gasoline car that it seems much more refined than the diesel. The tires, which visually concerned by its large size and its low-profile (205/45 R17), surprised because they add a little stiffness to a suspension that has a craving for something soft and comfortable for an aesthetic as sporty as suggested by this Renault Clio. The direction is smooth and everything in the car seems more geared to please drivers of many profiles to those looking for sportiness in their car.

Yes that is true, on the other hand we have a shift lever with metallic finish gear and enviable that already would like other utilities. In this sense, yes I feel some guidance sports. In addition, the engine of 1.2 liters and turbo is very aggressive if it is required to power, better in the middle regime above that where it loses a little bellows at the end of the tachometer. However, it is not a car-oriented running, despite having a tip 182 km/h, which is not bad.


The steering wheel seems to be simple and collides head on with the rest of elements that are very modern.

The trunk is sufficient and there is a good feeling of space in front. Behind, the less

In town is a car that allows you to wander the areas more narrow and the handling of the clutch does not become uncomfortable; the other way around. The Renault Clio is a citizen who seeks to please the one who leads, but in addition, the previous engine to the most radical versions, it is certainly an engine with character. There is an ECO mode that allows you to optimize the consumption and to change to change certain parameters in the power management.

note, but not so the Clio is guilty of lack of ‘claw’ in this mode. However, it is appropriate to obtain the most energy possible contents, that while it is true that there are those of a gasoil, are not a far cry to assume, with 7.5 l/100 km in mixed cycle. If we enter the city, where stops and starts are frequent, in our usual route, we were not able to obtain a mark better than 8.1 l/100 km, which of course can be lowered if we use the car on fast roads once in a while.

On the highway, the car is well isolated acoustically and the strike continued, the wind does not move to the cabin uncomfortable. In addition, it shows good poise, and the steering is well-balanced to offer a direct contact with the wheels, but not so hard as in other vehicles cutting more sports. Visibility is good from all angles and the lighting, in charge of LED lights, is unquestionable. They are not the best LED headlamps that we’ve seen, but perform above expectations and are better than the xenon of yesteryear and of course the halogen that any utility used to wearing.


LED Lights that by design and brightness, are a success

Consumption real between 6 and 8.2 l/100km. Not bad

Thanks to the ECO mode, it is possible to achieve consumption of less than 6.5 l/100 km, in function of the fast lane where circuléis. The development between the fifth gear and the sixth does not present a stepping-stone large in terms of rpm, and in my opinion is well balanced because a higher development would have involved greater effort of the propeller on the climbs. That last gear helps a lot to get lower intakes and although the manufacturer says that the car spends between 4.5 and 6.8 l/100km depending on the type of use, we struggled to come close to these figures.

Toughening a little use, one realizes that the car has not been designed, nor by the scheme of suspension or steering or brakes (rear drum) to be the faster and sports. The braking is not bad, but without a doubt, the drum should be gone in this version and may have been reserved for the inferior.

Thanks to the low profile, the support is slightly more confident, although it is easy to see the car to the limit with a change of address where accuse the inertia and despite the fact that the understeer arrives a little later than expected and the propeller from turbo helps get the car out of the curves slower in an effective manner (190 Nm of torque), it is a habitat that is not the most ideal; remain in the memories of the radical utilitarian who brushed this power or even a little more makes a deácada. Today, premium that most find a car that is aesthetic and pleasant handling.


Seats are sporty cut though the seat is soft and oriented to the comfort

With the diesel in the crossfire, and despite the fact that the propeller 90 HP in diesel of the Renault Clio is a real bet for efficiency, this vehicle in petrol is a great option if you are looking for a good compromise between a motor energetic, prestacional, a car technology, modern design and very comfortable for the day-to-day.