Test Seat Ateca Style TDI 115 HP, the SUV’s most eagerly-awaited of recent times

Test Seat Ateca 1.6 TDI 115 HP In the entire history of the Seat, very few models have created so much expectation as it is making its first SUV: the Seat Ateca. The crossover dominate europe and the Spanish brand, has waited for the ideal moment to present to us a model that on paper is great: it has an athletic design, an inner quality and an attractive price if we value the alternatives that are there in the segment.

We have followed all the steps that this model has given thanks to our spy photos, after its presentation in Geneva and their arrival at the dealers the time comes to put the hand above.

For this reason, we have gone to the dealer Seville Engine, we have assigned a Ateca to make the initial contact. It is a Seat Ateca 1.6 TDI 115 HP, with equipment Style according to the configurator of the official mark is available from 23.120 they euros, although that figure will drop, according to the promotions and discounts in force at the time of purchase.

The surfaces and plants of his side, his robust waist that one of the light clusters front with the pilots rear and their wheels meet the standards of beauty SUV that any model must show, in addition, the front grille that wears the badge of the next mark to the wheels of 18 inches and the headlights Full LED, available from 1.060 and 965 euros respectively, rounding off a picture that attracts our gaze.

Impressions of the interior

Jumps to the view that some elements of the new SUV from Seat have been inherited from other models of the house, for it sounds to us, the design of the dashboard, central console, steering wheel, or the instrumentation.

The driving position is comfortable because the seats are slightly cushioned and the three-spoke steering wheel, with buttons on its surface that enable us to interact with all the possibilities of multimedia, has a thick pleasant to the touch, in addition to the module of the air conditioning and the touch screen of the multimedia system is within the reach of the hand, because the dashboard is slightly oriented to the driver.


Dashboard the Seat Ateca

we can Also see real-time data on the fuel consumption data, trip data, which we are doing and a “sport” mode, which we indicate by using three areas on the screen the pressure of blowing the turbo, the G-force and the power that we’re using in each moment. Of all of the functions above I can not speak in depth because I have not had a chance to use them thoroughly. Optionally we can install a camera system for peripheral control our environment.

The materials of the interior and the union between them is pleasant to the touch and to the eye

Under the room air-conditioning module, we find two USB ports, a connection jack which will allow us to play audio from an external source, and the possibility of recharging our mobile phone wirelessly.

The multimedia system that equips this unit test has a 8-inch touch screen that is very eye catching. We can move between the different menus by touching the screen or with the toolbars located at the sides of the screen.

This system allows the use of some functions of the mobile phone, display images and play external sources of audio.


Seat Ateca: the 8-inch touch screen

rear Seats are comfortable for two occupants

As is usual in the segment of compact SUVS such as Ateca, the rear row of seats is somewhat fair for three occupants, especially in the area of the shoulders. The legroom is sufficient and the “tunnel of transmission” (although this model is front-wheel drive) make it difficult for the legs of the central passenger that is the worst standing out usually.

There are various places to leave objects, a magazine rack on the back of the front seats, a slide in each door and another more narrow next to the room air-conditioning module of the rear seat located between the two front seats.


the support of the central plaza is hinged

Trunk up to 1.604 liters

The trunk has a capacity of 510 litres that by folding the seats is increased to 1.604 litres though a small step will not allow us to take advantage of all the capacity of the same. Optionally, the Seat Ateca can equip a tailgate electric even add the function of opening hands-free for when you load an object bulky and our hands are occupied exclusively with the load.

we can Also load objects especially long because the back of the occupant of the central rear row of seats can be folded and used as arm rests, in turn, through a trap door, communicating with the trunk. How you can see under the floor of the same is located a spare wheel and the subwoofer of the audio system.


Under the floor of the trunk of the Seat Ateca is a wheel replacement

driving Sensations

as you start driving it you realize that it seems a lot more to a sedan than to the classical concept of 4×4 classic. their reactions are virtually identical to that of a compact model with the exception of when we seek him, we tickle where the understeer and a slight nod to appear timidly.

The benefits that we offers the turbo diesel engine are sufficient for the majority of drivers that do not need a vehicle fast, doesn’t offer great performance, but a low consumption, our average has been lower than 6 litres per 100 km but approvals data is slightly lower, 4’and 4 litres is the official figure for the mixed-use with tires of 18”.

Data approved Seat Ateca 1.6 TDI 115 HP
urban Consumption 4,8 (L/100 km)
extra urban 4,2 (L/100 km)
Consumption combined 4,4 (L/100 km)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 11.5 seconds
maximum Speed 184 Km/h

The strength of this engine is concentrated between 1,500 and 3,500 laps, rev range that will help us to perform maneuvers of overtaking in displacement with load.

it Is a good option to get around town because despite of being an SUV has a compact size that is very usable in the day-to-day with good visibility and maneuverability. In road the Seat Ateca invites you to make a great kilometrada thanks to a driving position I have found comfortable


Following our first issue of contact, we must recognize that the Seat Ateca leaves a good taste in your mouth, they have done their homework, they knew what they had to do. Like it for its robust appearance, the quality of the materials in the passenger compartment, that is the best thing that you can do the mark and the engine which although is not a great performance but if a low consumption, and for most users this is the most important. It is also noted that in the field of security 5 star Euro NCAP, making it the safest of its category.

Who may need more features you will have to opt for the version 2.0 TDI of 150 HP, and pay your premium of € 3,500, or make the jump to the version gasoline equivalent, which, surprisingly, is cheaper than the version protagonist of this test.

Without a doubt, the Seat Ateca 1.6 TDI 115HP is a good choice for anyone who is not accomplished by territories, and urban wants or needs an SUV of these features. It is therefore a great alternative to the king of the segment, the Nissan Qashqai, and also a great option to models like the Volkswagen Tiguan, especially for the price difference existing between this model and the model protagonist of this test.