Test Smart Forfour Electric Drive, urban, social, practical and electrical


Like a fish in the water. So the unfolding of the Smart Forfour ED inside and outside of the city

The electricity has come to stay in the automotive world. It represents the future of sustainable mobility. If to this fact we add that each time more people live in the major population centers, it is clear that an alliance between two worlds will be a advantage for all those who move around the city. Many brands are already positioning themselves in this topic, but none as Smart. The Fortwo ED is now added his brother more logical and practical, that I have already had occasion test: Smart Forfour Electric Drive.

And is that the brand Mercedes has for many years been ahead of the solution to a problem that every time drink more covers in the media all over the world. Rare is the day in which I will not advertise any measure or restriction to traffic. Cars with internal combustion engines have the days numbered, at least in the city, and that is where the electricity will have to cover a vital space.

As it was in 2007 when we saw the first Smart all-electric. Today, if you live in certain cities, it is very easy to see, because it is used as a solution to the continued restrictions and threats of circulation. And is that as I say Smart knows that the future of the city traffic passes by the cars electrics, and if the Fortwo is an advantage, the more you can be the Smart Forfour.


ED stands for Electric Drive, will for the first time to all the bodies of the family Smart

Is to say that both are the same car. From the aesthetic point of view there is nothing to distinguish a Forfour petrol with a Forfour ED. The body is the same, with this design youthful, lively and relaxed, is able to adapt to you thanks to the hundreds of possible combinations that exist for the cell Tridion, and the rest of the body. The only new details are the stickers that name the model: Electric Drive, there is no exhaust pipe, obviously, and the lid of the tank of gasoline that is converted into the charging plug.

inside the same thing happens. Nothing tells you that these on-board an electric car. Panels, the design, and the simplicity of the Smart is still there. In the case of the Forfour, as it says your name, add two doors and therefore two more seats. Two carriers in reality, because it is difficult to define them as seats. Even so nothing new with respect to a gasoline model. And all thanks to the batteries of the car are installed under the passenger compartment, so that nothing is changed in the interior.

For the first time in the family of Smart, all the bodies will have their corresponding version ED, Fortwo, Fortwo Cabrio / Forfour

we All know the advantages and qualities of the Smart Fortwo, however I think they are more the that presents the Forfour. Everyone has family or friends that you take some time, and although they are only a few times, or even one, will thank you for them. Yes the growth is remarkable, because are 80 centimeters higher than the smallest member of the family. This is why we lose that ability to park where we want, but the measures remain very short, and I think that is really worth to opt for the four-seater.


The rear seats are not very spacious, but they give life to the hour to carry occupants

To all this must be added to price. Equipment levels remain the same: standard, Passion, Prime, Proxy and Brabus. But the difference between choosing a Fortwo ED, and a Forfour ED will be about 800 euros. In Spain they have not yet announced prices, it will know from the next 10 of march, but in Germany it has been chosen by starting the range in 21.940 euros for the Fortwo and 22.600 euros for the Forfour. I repeat that these are prices for the German market, but adds a few hundred euros, and you will have the prices here.

What doesn’t change is the engine. Like it did with the small, the Forfour mount the new electrical Smart. The company has improved and refined the system in the face of this second generation of electric range, and the three variants will have the same block. Being 100% electric, is mounted an electric motor synchronous that develops a power of 60 kW, 81 HP, that is 5 kW more than the past generation, and a torque of 160 Nm. To this must be added a lithium ion battery of 17.6 kW.

That in terms of technical data. The Smart Forfour ED formalizes an average consumption of 13.1 kWh/100 Km, which means that in this case, we have a range of 155 Km. Are five kilometres less than in the case of the Fortwo, and the same amount as the Fortwo Cabrio. The data are humble, which in the case of compare them to other rivals of oil would be worse, but the truth is that the electric range of Smart does not intend to compete with them. To the contrary, it offers many things that they can’t.


The Smart electrical are the best solution for the city and its surroundings

Test Smart Forfour Electric Drive

What I said at the beginning of the test, and repeat. The data confirm that the large cities will cover almost all of the world’s population in the coming decades. Most of them are not prepared for the increase in this social, and it is common to see the traffic problems this causes. Madrid is one of those cities that already affect the mobility in certain moments, and neither is the first nor will be the last. urban traffic is doomed to disappear, although by that small glimmer start to sneak cars like the Smart ED.

this is Not the first time that I get behind the wheel of one of them, the first time was a few months ago when I had the chance to test the Smart Fortwo ED, and then what I did on the streets of Miami. This time has been the release of four doors, and I’ve done it for the French city of Toulouse. Does this want to say? Because that the Smart ED will fit into any environment, city, or situation. And they wonder.

either by great avenues of american or by narrow French roads, it gives them the same. The traffic or the narrow streets pose no problem, beyond how annoying that can be. And now you might as well consider that that ability to have that many cars in the segment, and reason will not fail you, but the fact of being an electric gives a lot of qualities that their rivals, non-electric can’t or won’t reach.


Even if it is electric does not need to modify anything in the interior of the Smart Forfour

there Are 155 kilometers of autonomy. Well it is true that that in real life is not so much, but yes that will be 130 kilometres. That is to say a distance far superior to what travels an average spaniard in a day, which come to be little more than 20 kilometers. There are many kilometres to travel only by city, but is that the Forfour ED not only has the ability to move through the city, but can also be presented as a serious alternative for those who do not enter the city but they traverse the same distance in their day-to-day.

So that the Smart ED can be a solution for a large number of cases, but how does the Forfour ED? The truth is that it gives taste. Every day I like more electric cars, its softness, its comfort, functionality… Yes it is true that they have many limitations, almost all of the autonomy, but after you catch one you discover where are the shots in the world of motorsport.

The Forfour ED is a pleasure for behavior and solvency. Well it is true that he has that touch of passion that gives the gasoline, but they may be playful in other ways. The thrust stand is much better than in the previous generation of the ED. We note as the power delivery is more cheerful, and more consistent over a spectrum more large of use. Something that lets you leave the traffic lights the first.


As is logical, the Smart Forfour ED will always be associated to an automatic gearbox

The second thing that guarantees a total management for the city is the address. Smart has paid special attention to turning radius. Within just 6,95 meters is able to give a turn of 360┬║, so you can imagine the practicality and the ease of movement that this provides. If we add to this the measures short, and that there are hardly any dead corners, the control over the traffic it is excellent.

If we talk about dynamic themes, the Forfour ED continues to be amazed. It is extremely agile, with changes of pace dizzying and fast. In the narrow roads in the area of testing I was surprised to see how well that goes, as fine and soft which is always displayed. As I said, the electric ones do not have that touch of passion of the gasoline, but, without doubt, the Smart ED are the electric more fun that I’ve tested. Even better that many of combustion.

Smart has an agreement with DHL that allows your car to become a point of pick-up and delivery of packages

there is Also space for security and the technology in their almost 3.5 meters long. The Forfour, as the Fortwo, you have a radar that measures at all times the distance with the car ahead of us. In function of the measure, as it only calculates the amount of withholding that should be applied to the electric motor once we raise the foot off the accelerator. If you push the ECO button, the program acts in a less precise, because the retention is increased. Even so it is a good program that always acts to improve the autonomy of the car.


A free application will tell us the status of the car

I’ve Already said that Smart has improved the engine and the battery of the ED, but it has also been tasked with improving the load times. These vary a lot in function of the outlet to connect the car, but to get an idea, in a normal socket and power it would take six hours to recharge the 80% of the battery. This never would fill out completely, since to get 100% of the load we will have to take the hand of a Smart Box.

By the time the brand has not specified the price of such extra, but if we decide to install one recharge to 80% takes three and a half hours. Later Smart will offer a charger more powerful 22 kW, which in this case will reduce the charge time will be reduced to 45 minutes. To all this, the developers have created an app with which you can schedule reloads in addition to being able to visualize at all times the state of the car. That said, a lot of technology in so little space.


In a nutshell, the world is changing, and Smart is preparing for it. In fact he has done that since 2007. The range of Electric Drive is the most intelligent of all the units. I’ve already tried two of the three models that will arrive. Yes, the Fortwo Cabrio will also have electric version, but it will take longer to arrive. In terms of your behavior, you take one or the other, since in all cases, the behavior, the smoothness and driving are the same. Outstanding.


The Fortwo and Forfour will arrive on the market to the pair, the later will the version cabrio

however, for a little more money, and by 80 centimeters extra, you have the four squares that give a greater versatility. It may be that the Fortwo is the one that best represents the urban concept of the Smart, but the Forfour adds practicality and the ability to bring your friends, children, family, and even pets. So that the choice between one or the other may be a matter of occupation. Leaving that aside, if you want a small car, thrifty, well-equipped and electrical, or you are thought of this possibility, it is not necessary to look much, the family, the Smart ED is there for you. A success.