Test Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, the toy battery-ideal for the city


One of the more electric young’s market, a whole city in its purest state

In a world where big cities are becoming the centres of world population, the congestion, traffic and pollution are problems we face every day. However today there are solutions that in some way to remedy and avoid these problems: the city cars and electric cars. But few join both worlds, at least not in the way that he does the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive. A toy that I have already had the chance to try.

And is that a few years to here, the world of motorsport has seen the future, and part of this is found in electric cars. it is increasingly common to read about restrictions of traffic in big cities, and although to day of today is somewhat sporadic, the reality is that in a few years it will be forbidden to drive in urban environments, unless you have an electric car or with zero harmful emissions.

Smart takes many years ahead of the future. it Was back in 2007 when we saw the first Smart fully electric. However this was just a first step, since it was a shot very limited, with only 100 cars tested in the city of London. However it has not been until the third generation when the Smart Electric Drive has become the success that we know today. Something that no doubt will be extended in time with this fourth generation.

The formula has been the same, and if you’re looking for differences of aesthetic, with the petrol versions, as I advance that do not exist, except because there is no exhaust pipes to the view. Oh, and a couple of stickers that dictate the Electric Drive. Otherwise everything is exactly the same as a Smart Fortwo conventional. And is that the germans have thought of: why change something that we already know that it works? in Addition, thus reducing costs. All advantages.


equipment levels remain the same: Passion, Prime and Proxy

The measures remain the same, to 2.69 metres long in the case of the Fortwo and 3,49 metro for the Forfour

So that we continue to have the same look of youth, urban and playful on the outside. With the cell Tridion, in multiple colors and a palette of hues that allows you to create an infinity of possible combinations. There is a Smart for each client, and is able to adapt to your style. In addition, for the first time in the history of the Electric Drive, may be associated with all the bodies; the Forfour and Fortwo and Smart Fortwo Cabrio, that it is the only electric cabrio on the market. There you have it.

In terms of the inner three-fourths of the same. Smart remains committed to what is known, to a prescription even if you already know, does not cease to please us. it Is a guessing game to find the differences between a Smart ED and one of gasoline, but they are. The first is the presence of a ECO button next to the gear shift lever of the automatic transmission to direct that has no changes and that manages in the most efficient way possible the delivery of power.

The other change is centered in the indicator next to the frame of the driver’s door. It usually teaches the information of the revolutions of the engine and the clock. In the ED, however, teaches us the reserve electric power and the charge indicator of the battery. And to finish off with the paragraph changes, you need to leave the screens, both the instrument cluster as the central display, as they have integrated a multitude of displays to information on our driving, as well as the state of engine and batteries. And it’s over.


The power outlet is located in the same site as the mouth of the deposit, the rest Smart

If we go to the section mechanical is not that we find many changes. To the naked eye. The engineers of the Smart were very clear that they wanted to retain the principles of the brand, and therefore did not want to alter the outer dimensions, or the interior, or the radius of gyration. It implies that the space for the battery is the same as that in the previous generation. But technology is not the same as that of years ago, and the batteries have evolved, like their capacities, their autonomy and their weight, as of now is 20 kilograms lighter.

But Smart has not intended to change the autonomy of their electric, and once again continue to show an operational range of 160 kilometers. Focussed on the fact that a regular client performs a daily maximum of 45 miles with three or four tours a week. That is to say, just the autonomy of the Fortwo ED. If we add to this that the battery contains the same number of cells, and 96, and the same capacity, and 17.6 kWh, it is logical that there will be no changes of any kind in the new family of Electric Drive. Everything is said of step; all of the propulsion system is exactly the same for the three models in the family.

despite the fact that everything is equal, or virtually equal, they have improved certain performance data, and performance. The electric motor is more efficient, and therefore delivery 5 kWh more power, reaching now 60 kW, 80 HP, 160 Nm torque engine. Despite that slight increase of performance, has been enhanced consumption. If before you were around 15,1 kWh / 100 miles, is now claiming that it will be 12.9 kWh per 100 kilometers, and the truth is that it is perceived that feeling of saving.

finally, and to leave aside the topic of generational changes, the engineers at Smart have focused on improving the systems of recharge. The times vary a lot in function of the outlet to connect the Smart ED, but to give you an idea, if you enchuf√°ramos to a wall of the house, it would take six hours to recharge the 80% of the battery. We could never reach 100% with this connection, since it is only possible to get it with the Smart Box.


The central display indicates to us how they are working the battery and the motor

This extra yes which will allow the total recharge, also may carry 80% of the replenishment in 3.5 hours, although if we install the charger, three-phase 22 kW, instead of the 7.2, the times are shortened dramatically, as 80% of the battery will be ready in 45 minutes. in Addition, if we install the Smart Box, we will have the possibility to schedule the periods of recharge, the calefavción and air conditioning, as well as check the status of the car thanks to a mobile application.

Test Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

But let’s get to what’s interesting. After explaining where and how to apply the changes in the family power Smart, it’s time to tell you how it behaves in its environment in the city. as I mention in the headline of this test, the Fortwo ED is the Smart more smart. He is the one who brings together all the advantages of a small city car, as well as the best qualities of an electric car. The best of two worlds.

As you can imagine the Electric Drive is that I liked it, a lot. It is without a doubt the best car for town, though eye, is not only used to go strolling around these streets, but it also has ability of circular road fast. But yeah, it is not the fastest car in the world. With him you’ll be the king of traffic lights, from 0 to 60 in 4.9 seconds, but reach up to 100 Km/h takes 11.5 seconds. With this you’ll be able to make a slight idea of the capabilities on the highway.


The driving position is exactly the same as that which we already knew. With a lot of space

Eye with this I do not mean that the new electric Smart will not be able to cope with a stretch of highway. In fact they can and do so quite freely, because we always find excess power at the time of stepping on the accelerator. Is the good thing of electric cars, the torque is always immediately, although this may not be very high. Yes, as I said, the Fortwo is going left, not much but what is going, what costs me more is imagining the Smart Forfour in such a scenario with four occupants on board.

But the Smart are designed for town, and here, my friend, have no rival. Are the ultimate weapon to get by on narrow streets, congested roadways, and parking lots of ridiculous size. As you say, the Fortwo ED is the result of uniting two worlds that go hand in hand. Even in cities where, due to its size, it can be devoured, as is the case of Miami, the ED is moving forward with value regardless of who is crossing the road. Fun to watch as Mustang of untold power left behind in the outputs of traffic lights.

For the Fortwo and Fortwo Cabrio, the autonomy is 160 Km, in the case of the Forfour is five kilometres less

Driving an electric should always force us to do an exercise in efficient driving. We must, therefore, be wary when you press the accelerator pedal, although the car itself makes it a lot easier driving. To further enhance the capabilities of the system is to press the ECO button. With it, the throttle becomes more slow reaction, in addition to increasing retention at the time of lifting the foot. Thanks to him we will be able to extend the life of the battery if we find ourselves in specific situations, such as a traffic jam.


The indicator notifies us of the power reserve and the level of charge of the battery

Is a toy, a toy, battery-operated, which makes you feel really good. Both it is great fun to drive, something that can be extrapolated to any Smart, both for the environmental awareness that is taking over the world. The formula of Smart has been very simple: take what we already had, which was good, and improve it a little bit more with more technology. But very importantly, without losing the essence or the concept.

If your environment is the city, or the vicinity of the same, do not hesitate, the Smart Fortwo ED is your ideal car. Yes, you have to get used to charge it almost every night, just like the mobile, to be pending of the battery, and to pay attention to certain aspects that may be undermining the operational life of the battery. It is more a question of awareness of capacity, because the Electric Drive is ready to make your life easier, but are you?


The world tends, inevitably, to the electric cars and to concentrate large amounts of population in urban cores. Therefore the city cars and electric will be the key to future mobility, and it is there where he makes act of presence the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive. A toy battery-operated, such as a radio control car. Ideal for the day-to-day urban. The best of two worlds that has evolved little, but all that has done has been for the best. What we still can not determine is how cheap is this toy, but for us to make an idea, in Germany, with discounts and subsidies, its price will start below 20,000 euros.


The Smart more smart. The Fortwo ED is long the best car that you can have for the city