Test SsangYong XLV, playing with space


Arrives in dealerships Spanish the new SsangYong XLV. This model has some features very similar to the Tivoli and it is because they both share platform, engines and design language. But eye, do not be fooled because this car is not simply a SsangYong Tivoli with bodywork family.

The hyundai brand has wished to situate the two models in two segments very distinct because the Tivoli struggle in the popular category of crossovers in urban and the new XLV is set to compete in the segment of minivans compact. And it does so with one important quality: to provide a trunk immense, the largest in the category.

In this way, the XLV is placed a step below that of the well-known SsangYong Rhodius. The new Korean model will be offered only with five seats, who want seven seats you will have to resort to a Rhodius. As a curiosity, the abbreviations XLV are the acronym of ‘eXciting Lifestile Vehicle’ (vehicle for a life-style exciting), a moniker is pretty optimistic for a minivan.

modern Design and bold

The similar aesthetic with the Tivoli is evident and that is good, remember that this is the model with the design of more sophisticated of the history of the brand. Their traces can be recognized in the design of the hood or the small calender with an elongated bezel in black that emphasizes its width. Also the headlights of the XLV are similar. Are halogen lights and there is the possibility of equipping xenon, or led, although the daytime running lights are led.

The bumper presents a novel design and very original. It has a form of bone that surrounds the fog lights and you feel really good. This attribute already had the prototype, and SsangYong has decided to keep it in the production model, or which would be appreciated.

In the side view is where you will appreciate more the robust design of the XLV, marked especially by the bulging wheel arches. This feature has as a consequence a detail that I don’t finish to convince a lot and it is that the door handles are not at the same height.


The XLV is 245 mm longer than the Tivoli

The worked out design of this SsangYong is evidenced on the top: all the pillars are black except the C-pillar, but still maintains a black strip. This creates an attractive visual separation between the roof and the body, a effect of floating roof. Unlike the Tivoli, the body may not be bittern –although this is a possibility yes it is contemplated in other markets.

According to the equipment level, also has a aluminium roof bars and a sun roof. In the side view of Korean is where it clearly shows the main feature of the XLV, its considerable rear overhang that lengthens the silhouette until the 4,44 meters in length and allows you to boast a load capacity sensational.

In the rear of the strokes are more clean and simple. Once more the pillars blacks blend with the bezel, creating a surround effect, and is finished on top with a spoiler very well integrated. The pilots in the rear are turning to led technology for the lighting position, and brake, are of a size very generous and bite the fin back.


The front bumper has details with look of carbon.
According to the color of the car, is bordered by a trim gray or silver.

Space streams

the interior of The XLV is not luxurious but it certainly is evidence of the great evolution of the hyundai brand in recent years. The mpv uses materials that offer a good visual quality and real in addition to providing a general look modern. The dashboard is identical to that of the Tivoli.

The steering wheel is one of the most attractive element, has a pleasant feel and a good thickness. It is slightly flattened at its bottom to allow more room for legs. Its only downside is that it can be adjusted in depth, only height. Through its ring is displayed in the evocative box of instruments. It is nice, it reads well and enjoys a display, monochrome with all the information of the on-board computer. It also has a touch customizable with six colors to choose from.

we Also have a practical multimedia system with a touch screen of eight inches with the functions of audio, telephone and navigation. This screen reacts quickly and accurately to the touch despite the fact that the visibility is not as good as we would like when the sun shines directly on it.


The upholstery TPU synthetic leather with details in red is really attractive and
the seats have been awarded in South Korea for good ergonomics.

Below is this a climate control bizona and the society integrated in a panel in piano black following the fashion, very nice but it gets dirty right away. This type of finish is also present in other moldings of the steering wheel and the doors to offer a touch more elegant.

The livability is outstanding but it should be recalled that only has five spaces, without the possibility to mount a third row of seats. There is space in torrents and four persons of 1.90 metres in height may go wide both in front and behind. Is more, the hollow to the knees in the rear seats is very generous, one of the largest of its segment. The position of the rear seat backrest can be regulated in two positions (with 27,5 and 32.5 degrees of tilt).

I Say four occupants because five iran more tight because the width is a fair bit for that, as it happens in almost all the cars of the category. The eventual passenger from the central square rear benefits from a tunnel transmission bit intrusive, although the backrest is not as comfortable as the seats side due to the presence of an armrest hinged in its rear face.

Without any doubt, the trunk is the crown jewel of the XLV. Nothing less than 720 litres of capacity, an incredible volume for a car of only 4,44 meters long. To find something with more capacity to be found among larger cars so with this minivan, we can go with the house in tow. Optionally SsangYong allows you to equip a spare wheel instead of the repair kit punctures, but loses a part of this generous volume.

The cargo space have a fund that can be placed at two heights, creating two distinct compartments. The idea is very practical although it costs a bit to move this piece removable from one position to another. With the double bottom in its upper position we have 574 litres in the hole in the main and 146 in the compartment that is underneath.

in Addition to large, the trunk is well resolved. There is a 12V socket, hooks for engage networks, a few rubber bands to hold small items and hangers everywhere (up to six). If you folded down the back seats the space is 1,440 litres, practically the same as that of a van-commercial.


The height from the base of load until the tray is remarkable

Only two engines and without the option of a 4×4

SsangYong offers two engines for the range of the XLV. A petrol maximum power of 128 HP and a turbo of 115 HP, both with four cylinders and 1.6 liters. Both can be associated with a manual change and, in the case of the propeller of diesel, also one of automatic torque converter manufactured by the specialist, Aisin. All of them have six gears.

The diesel seems to us the most recommended option because this is a propeller with enough nerve to move without problems the dimensions of the XLV. In addition to pushes well from a few laps as well which is certainly more satisfying. The manual gearbox has a very nice and allows you to leverage the power of the engine. Another point in favor of this case is that all the versions with manual switch lead Start & Stop series, resulting in lower urban consumption. The auto involves a surcharge of 2,000 euros.

at The wheel going sitting in a high position and with a good visibility in all directions, which makes it easy to maneuver or park. Another advantage to the time to maneuver is that in addition to the assistance of the address is adjustable in three levels, just press this button. The system, which SsangYong called Flex Steer, is simple and useful.


In general it is a car very comfortable although the configuration of the soft suspension is not very sophisticated (McPherson front axle and torsional behind). A priori in our market will not be sold with all-wheel drive but even so, thanks to a remarkable ground clearance of 167 mm we will be able to get by dirt roads with certain guarantees and without fearor damage the bottom of the body.

So this is the new SsangYong XLV, from which the hyundai brand is expected to sell about 850 units per year. Multi-purpose, very spacious and with a huge load capacity, this model also boasts a very competitive price, which starts at the 16.650 € . A model that can compete without complexes with the station wagons sold.