Test Suzuki Swift, it maintains its style while being totally new

Prueba Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift is one of those cars that, unfortunately, spend too much unnoticed in the Spanish market. And we say unfortunately because it is an urbanite that has nothing to envy the products of the competition that do succeed. In fact, after going to their remotes, we discovered that it is a product that is more balanced and fun than many of its rivals.

the same is Not true in other markets as well-demonstrated by its sales figures. The urban japanese has sold 5.4 million units at the global level between the years 2005 and 2016, both included, of which a million have been delivered in the european market. In these years, at the global level, the Suzuki Swift has sold almost the same as the Renault Clio and more than the Opel Corsa. But let the sales figures and let’s get to know the new Swift in depth.

Before getting filled with its aesthetic design it is important to take a look the new dimensions of this urban model. The new Suzuki Swift uses an all new platform which gives you some exterior proportions of to 3.84 meters long, by 1.73 wide and 1,49 high. The wheelbase is 2.45 meters. In compared to the previous generation the new model is 10 mm shorter, growing to 40 mm in width and have lost 15 mm of height. The distance between the axles, for their part, increased in 20 mm

Keeps its essence, but is adapted to the new times

Prueba Suzuki Swift

Suzuki have not wanted to make a revolutionary change in this generation jump to an aesthetic level. When we see the car for the first time do not have problems in recognizing that we are looking at a Suzuki Swift, so keeps a good part of the shape of the body and continues to transmit an image of youth and urbanite.

The main changes appear in the front. The headlights (with daytime running lights of LED) have been made up and are now presented with a few lines more smooth and less sharp. The main grille wins a lot of surface and receives a trapezoidal shape in the style Audi. The lower part of the bumper draws a sympathetic smile.

In the side view we also find differences to its predecessor. The intermittent side, in the finish high (GLX) are located in the mirrors and not on the front flippers. The rims are new design and have a diameter of 16-inch, with finish different according to the level of the equipment. The handles of the rear doors (there is no option to bodywork of three doors) are located now on “hidden” next to the C-pillar which, incidentally, also receives the black color. This we have the three pillars of the color black, a floating roof and the feeling of being in front of a three-door.

Prueba Suzuki Swift

back of the body has been redesigned. Now shows a few riders of different lights with LED lighting in the upper finish, a tailgate of greater surface area that provides, in addition, greater sense of width (in addition to the 40 mm extra) and the registration number is located in a lower position.

A cabin very worthy

The Suzuki Swift is a model that could be considered among the largest in the segment A and the smaller B-segment by the length of its body; although, if we are guided by the space interior is closer to the B-segment. It is smaller than a Toyota Yaris and larger than a Volkswagen up! or a Hyundai i10, for example.

Prueba Suzuki Swift

seats, front does not give a sensation of distress, or of being too close to our companion, although we must bear in mind that it is a small car and that it will not be as wide as a segment D. rear seats are more spacious than in the version predecessor, which already were good. The space for the knees is generous for being a car 3.84 metres and the height to the ceiling there will be no problem for people of 1.80. Although the width is good, best not to travel three adults in the second row.

volume trunk has taken a major leap forward in favour of this new generation. The Suzuki Swift happens to have 210 to 265 liters of cargo space.

An interior with hard materials but very well finished

In terms of the interior design, Suzuki has opted for rounded in a good part of the dashboard, especially in the central area. They say that it generate a greater sense of sportiness. Another detail, which seeks to increase sportsmanship is the mild flattening of the steering wheel in its lower part; for fortune is just that, mild.

Prueba Suzuki Swift

In the center of the dashboard, and at an intermediate altitude (if higher would be better) is located in the touch screen and 7-inch color. Brings the latest trends of connectivity as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or MirrorLink, and reversing camera. In the upper finish (GLX) also includes browser. It is not the single color screen as the instrument cluster incorporates a LCD screen of 4.2 inches that shows a multitude of data and graphs, including lots of information about the behavior of the vehicle, including forces G.

All materials used in the cabin are hard plastic, the most common in cars of this size. But despite being plastic materials, are not unpleasant to the touch and give a feeling of solidity. If you click on a corner or point of attachment is not easy to find noise. Finally, we must highlight the great number of holes slides that, if at most of them are not too large, we have a good number scattered around the interior; both in front and behind.

Range mechanics

Versiones del Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift is available with two engines, one atmospheric and the other supercharged. The maximum torque of the engine is a 1.250 four-cylinder that yields a power of 90 HP and a torque of 120 Nm at 4400 rpm. The more powerful variant uses a block 1.0 Turbo three-cylinder engine capable of developing 111 BHP and a torque of 170 Nm between 2,000 and 3,500 rpm. Both versions can be associated to the system (micro) hybrid named SHV. For the last quarter of 2017 will come, the Suzuki Swift Sport, which will use the engine 1.4 Boosterjet with a power of 140 HP.

versions SHV necessarily come with a manual gearbox, front-wheel drive and finish in the FRONT. The awd is only available in the 1.2 with manual shift mode and finish GLE. The automatic gearbox is a CVT and is offered with the engine 1.2 and finished GLE.

At the controls of the Suzuki Swift GLX 1.0 Turbo 111 HP SHV

Prueba Suzuki Swift

the steering wheel of the Suzuki Swift, we find a great performance. Their dimensions and short turning radius allow you to to move with agility in urban environments, being able to perfectly control the distances. We will not have complications at the time of parking, even more with the help provided by the rear view camera. The operation of the system particular SHV (s) is not appreciated, because it does not allow the displacement in a fully electric mode, but is simply a support.

The path of the presentation took us through some roads where we could see the push from a little over 2,000 laps of 1.0. Dynamically displays plumb, although it is true that the excessive (for my taste) care of the address remains “leisure sports”. If your touch was less artificial, the sensations would be much more sporting. In terms of the suspensions, have a tare ideal, holding the body to the cheerful rhythms, not ends, and filtering very well the irregularities of the terrain.

Prueba Suzuki Swift

In this section, we highlight the work of the new platform premiered by this Suzuki Swift. Save up to 120 kilos weight and increases the torsional rigidity of the whole. It is for this reason that we receive a pleasant feeling of lightness in corners, acceleration and braking, which results in driving more agile, both on the open road as in the urban centres.

we Also had the chance to roll highway, where it is shown to be as plumb as any other car of the segment B. Despite being more compact than most of its rivals, the increase of the width of its tracks as well as the greater distance between axles conveys confidence to the driver when rolling at speeds of 120 km/h.

Prueba Suzuki Swift

to The not having done a great number of miles and not be a test in depth, we cannot draw clear conclusions from its consumption. Soon we will test it for several days. However, the box instruments never came to reflect consumption higher than 6 liters.

Before we say goodbye to the new Suzuki Swift, it is important to note that the sound insulation also has surprised us for good. For their part, the three-cylinder engine practically does not transmit vibrations; except at idle and cold. In any case, in this condition are not high.


Prueba Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift is a car that you are searching for a product of small size should be shuffling. It is not an expensive vehicle, has a performance which is more than enough, its interior imparts a feeling of durability and of work well done and his range is relatively wide. Meanwhile, of series features 5 year warranty, which is always something to keep in mind. In addition, and although it is a matter of taste, its outward appearance is nice.



  • Wheels, 16-inch
  • Kit puncture
  • automatic Lights function, “Guide me” and day-lighting-LED –
  • Air conditioning
  • Crystals later obscured
  • multifunction steering Wheel trimmed in leather
  • Browser-on-board
  • electric Windows front
  • 7-inch touch Screen with reversing camera
  • heated front Seats
  • USB Port and Aux
  • 12v
  • folding rear Seats
  • Isofix
  • Assistant emergency braking


  • alloy Wheels of 16 inches bittern
  • LED Lights front and rear
  • Climate control
  • side-view Mirrors with blinkers integrated
  • steering Wheel with adjustments in height and depth
  • adaptive cruise Control
  • speed Limiter
  • power Windows rear
  • Stop/Start System
  • Alert of involuntary change of lane
  • Detector fatigue
  • Lights of long-range automatic
  • 3 rear headrests
  • System SHV

Prices Suzuki Swift

Prueba Suzuki Swift

Currently, all versions benefit from a discount of 2,000 euros on the part of the brand, to which you can add another 1,000 euros more if we fund. Prices below shown are without any type of discount.

Engine Change Finish Price
Engine Change Finish Price
1.2 90 HP Manual 5v GLE 15.250 €
1.2 90 HP Automatic CVT GLE 16.650 €
1.2 90 HP SHV Manual 5v GLX 17.750 €
1.2 90 HP 4×4 Manual 5v GLE 16.750 €
1.0 111 CV Manual 5v GLE 16,450 similarly €
1.0 111 CV SHV Manual 5v GLX 18.950 €

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