Test Toyota Aygo Copa Kobe Motor racing in its purest state

The competitions brand are a symptom of motor racing is pure, fun and learning. After a few years in which we have seen as most of them were lost in the darkness of the financial crisis, the commitment of various brands and individuals is doing that again rise from the ashes to continue to be that platform preview for something bigger.


outside is seen a few changes with respect to an Aygo street

The Rallies of earth have always represented that branch of the competition that has never been given up. With costs much lower than any other competition, are these cups the more accessible happen to be for a general audience. Costs, content, fun, and learning are of vital importance in the career of every pilot.

Sure many of you remember the legendary Copa SEAT Marbella. An initiative that served as a launching pad for world-class drivers such as Carlos Sainz. This 2015, was born the Copa Kobe Motor, that with the same enthusiasm and essence aims to indoctrinate the great drivers of tomorrow and help to remove a thorn to those who yearn for compete but do not have a lot of money to do this.

So nothing better than the new Toyota Aygo to recover that spirit of competition pure and simple. A light vehicle, of a power to reflect that premium, the joint actions of the pilot and co-pilot above the pure performance. All this with the guarantee of reliability and savings that comes standard with the smallest member of the Toyota family.


The interior can not be more spartan, but provides the aroma of competition

After tough negotiations with Toyota Europe, the dealer Kobe Motor got that they imported a model ultrabásico that would allow its adaptation for the competition. Of made sure that most of Toyota Aygo that you see are five-door, while in the Glass Kobe are only three, with just equipment, and a basic finishing, very basic.

on the Basis of this Aygo as particularly, the engineers are in charge of releasing all the unnecessary in the small. Removed door panels, coverings, rear seats, and other elements annoying, staying with the handles of the front doors, the handles of the windows manuals, the box of instruments, and the part of the air conditioning of the center console. And point.

For each race that is disputed you will receive a bonus of 100 euros. A help to defray expenses

As dictated by the competition, having lost all of that weight it is time to reinforce the structure with a safety cage, firewall, race seats, harnesses, five-point anchor, a rev counter (the standard car comes without it), tires, racing, enhanced suspension, brakes drilled and stickers of sponsors. With all this, the Aygo is not able to overcome the 830 kilograms of weight (in vacuum).


The majority of mechanical components are standard. During the 2015 has demonstrated absolute reliability

There are that say that 95% of the mechanical is of series. Under the hood remains the engine tricilindrico VVT-i litre of displacement and about 80 horses of power. The only thing that is changed is the air filter, to make it more efficient, in addition to sealed the engine and the gearbox, also of series, so that no computer is put to tinker and to modify the engine. Maximum equality for all participants.

With all weapons ready it is time to talk about the operation of the cup 2016. the price of The car is of 16.900 euros, without discounts. Included in the price is included mono of competition for pilot and co-pilot helmets with communication system, a set of five tires Pirelli, and care tent. In addition to the taxes and registration of course. At this price there are add 1,200 euros for registration, 900 if he has run the season 2015 and you want to make the change of car, as it also is valid to this season, whose main difference is the loss of 10 horses.

To make the competition more attractive, and a little lighter economically, Kobe Motor has decided to award prizes for results. The first 10 finishers in each race will be rewarded economically. The winner will take home eur 1,250, the second, 850, the third 550, and will continue to descend progressively to 100 euros for the tenth place. In addition, at the end of the season, the winner will have an extra prize of a steering wheel, semi-official, to continue climbing in his career, the second will have a bonus of 2,500 euros, which will be a 2,000-if they are just third party in general.


safety is essential, therefore the roll cage and safety harnesses

Test Toyota Aygo Copa Kobe Motor

it’s Always fun to feel a pilot for a day, and for this reason could not miss the opportunity of riding in the Aygo championship Rallies. With Isaac Vera as my instructor, I taught in a first moment, the qualities of the Aygo and the circuit on which we will perform the test. Tips extremely helpful, since my experience on the land is limited to a few laps and kilometres years ago.

Nothing more to boot, one realizes that although 80 horses are not many, the absence of insulating elements makes you feel a lot more exposed to the elements and to the circuit. Just a few millimeters of body separate you from the outside and that does nothing but increase the sensations of hardness and speed.

Each participant will decide how many tyres you use at the end of the season. But the expenditure of the same is very low

At this point I have to make a point. The Copa Kobe Motor has started this 2015 with some excellent results of level of competition as volume of participants. The organizer hopes that the coming year will be the confirmation. But it is only the beginning, because they are already in full stage of development of a Toyota Auris racing with a power estimated between 140 and 150 horses. A jump generous than will be the reward for the winner of the edition of 2016, with the inscription in six races of the national championship of Rally earth.


The Aygo competition moves on the ground like a fish in the water

coming Back to the Aygo and my laps. The own Vera tells me that all the time we are going to go in second gear, launched more than sufficient to reach 80 Km/h maximum and to check the joy with which moves this little. Your push is not humongous, but sufficiently energetic to despempe├▒ar their role with ample attitude.

the best of the Aygo comes in curves, where it is able to present several different attitudes. Surprised with a great grip, tires and suspensions help to do this, but since the earth is normal that shows a clear character understeer, it is very bell tells me Vera, so that little touch to the brake quickly and the rear lost. Fun guaranteed. It is easy to check, take the curves of the side and exit quickly towards the next bend.

As I say, the Toyota Aygo of the Copa Kobe Motor is not a waste of performance and speed. It is simply not their goal. The best thing is to indoctrinate pilots, to teach them under certain safety margins. The best thing is to be reliable and affordable so that many can have access to it. Theirs is, without doubt, recover the essence most basic of racing, Rally, what once was the SEAT Marbella.


A great future awaits the Copa Kobe Motor, the return to the competition more pure and basic