Test Toyota Prius: Exterior and Interior (I)

The new Toyota Prius wants to regain its status of iconic model within the range, to be more hybrid, and has a less approach to “selling”. That is to say, it has not been designed to like to the maximum number of people, but a group is more closed, as was the case in the second generation. The search of the maximum efficiency has been conditioned by a lot of the exterior design. The proportions seem somewhat forced.

You can choose one of seven colors

Keeps the distance between the axles, 2.7 meters, but it has grown to 60 mm long and 15 mm wide, although the height decreases to 20 mm These are the proportions of growth typical in the industry: more long, more wide, more low. If you look at the car from the side, we seem to have the nose a very flattened (the flagship Toyota is just as high as that on the GT 86), and that is very big from behind. In addition, the highest point does not coincide with the B-pillar has been moved forward 170 mm

– level aerodynamic has a coefficient of resistance (Cd) of 0.24, the same as that of the Tesla Model S, and the lowest production models in series. Not only is the polished design of the body, but for the panelling below. Front and side has a pass, but behind it is a bit more difficult you want. Calls the attention where passes, something that I swear was not happening with the model that replaced, which happens more unnoticed. In Spain it is sold only with tires bittern 17″, although there is version of 15″, in both cases with the same tyres as the Prius 3g.


The design is so with every intention, aerodynamically it’s great, the aesthetic has been left in a secondary level

If we look at the guts of the car, then you understand everything. It is based on a new global platform, TNGA, which determines -as always – the shapes, proportions and dimensions. In the new Prius are going to be seated close to the ground, the drop waist 59 mm. When you have a lot of space for the head, the driver can elevate the seat, even if it is high, if you prefer to be placed higher.

there are No issues of visibility in front, the engineers have improved the vision down because the instrumentation stands out less, and though you may not see the morro, gives more feeling of domain, at the same time which seems to be more dynamic. The rear visibility is just as bad, the spoiler design Kammback cover the line of the horizon, but also prevents us from ourselves to be blinded by other drivers at night. The parking camera also compensates for that deficiency.

The driver will also notice that the steering wheel is more like that of a normal car, before it seemed to the approach of Peugeot (which came after) small balance and instrumentation high. The HUD, which is now color, it gives more information. You can see the speed, limit current in the pathway, use of the hybrid system and how are the batteries charged. Yes, I miss the feature that allowed to know what button of the steering wheel is going to touch you, just to pet him.


You can choose two shades of the interior, light grey and black

The interior design has done everything symmetrical that it has been able, by removing the console floating. Attention is called to the charger inductive on the mobile phone, which is a waste of space if we do not have a model compatible with the Qi standard (recharge without cables). The lever of change, that there is little to touch, it is in a position a little forced for my taste.

it Is much the effort to improve the perceived quality of the car, with more padded surfaces, a greater respect of the silence of all the senses, and the contrast between the solid white of several pieces with the piano black central. Very nice, but when it is clean, the black part attracts the powder and the honey to the bears. According to Toyota, the interface is very easy to use, but the difficulty has been increased slightly.

automatic climate control, that now has two zones instead of one, it has a saving mode in which does not supply air to areas where there are no passengers. Of series has heating in the seats, the controls that the trigger is located in front of the charger is inductive, to the side, in a position difficult to find. There is one on each side, lucky that there is a light bulb that alerts you that the passenger has left his seat heated power.


The tapestry series is textile black, but can be of leather, optionally, by 1,500 euro. There is no other extra-factory

In the squares in front there is a lot of head room. When you go to the seats glued to the floor, the reduction in height does not imply less space in this dimension. In regards to the rear seats, the space available for the head is slightly higher, but the centre tunnel is more voluminous than in the previous model. Also it enhances the level of slides, especially in the back, that now the doors have gaps. In the front it misses the second glove box, now only has one.

The central square at the back is very usable, even on long trips

All the passengers are going to notice a better comfort, the car is better insulated than ever before, and the suspension has a higher quality of rolling in any parameter significant. The driving experience is very relaxing, it is a car that indulges a lot of the occupants and relaxes. In the second part we will see that also knows how to behave more sporty, but it’s not asking for much less.

The instrumentation top features two full-color screens, which show information of very varied nature, thus reducing to a minimum the distractions. In terms of the touch screen who presides over the dashboard, is for the sound system, phone/Internet connectivity, and some functions of the computer replicated on the overhead screens. The system Toyota Touch 2 Go+ is a remarkable improvement over the systems of previous.


too bad you do not approve to taxi, the rear seats are great in terms of space. The ventilation grille of the batteries is not already in view

As always, you can find a some fallitos. Although the body is more rigid, and they have removed all of the little noises parasites of plastics or own twist, the panels of the front doors vibrate -at the height of the elbows when the music has a volume medium/high. Considering that it takes a audio system, JBL 10-speaker, is a detail that detracts from the set a little. I also like that it has hidden buttons to the view, particularly to the left of the driver.

In the front has a power outlet, and the other for the rear area. Only has a USB port, plus the auxiliary connector, the same as the previous model. You do not have an SD card reader, but have reader CD, and it does not recognize DVD. Another curious detail, chest central only opens to the driver, the passenger will be uncomfortable to handle. Within no connectors, nor coasters, because they are outside and to the view.

In terms of the trunk, is more spacious despite use independent suspension. We see the setup as large as possible, 502 liters, the lack of spare wheel. If we choose a “cookie” for temporary use, will have 457 litres, and if we decide to go with a wheel like the others, will go down to 412 litres. Account with lighting and two hooks folding to the sides for small bags. It is possible to install a vertical network for small objects, that would be very close to the mouth of load.


The curtain folding allows you to choose privacy or a greater load capacity

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