Test Toyota Proace Verse 2017, the balance between work and leisure


The Proace Verse is the variant mpv van japanese

To Warsaw and we went to attend the international presentation of the Toyota Proace, the new van average size of the japanese brand with a focus aimed both for work and for leisure. The Proace debuted to the public at the last Geneva motor show 2016.

Has been developed in collaboration with PSA Peugeot-Citroën and for this reason in addition to this model there are two others that share technical features, engines, and equipment, are the Citroën Spacetourer and the Peugeot Traveller. The three are produced in the factory Sevel PSA in the French town of Valenciennes.

The range of the new generation of the van nippon is divided according to its orientation. With an approach to light commercial vehicle provides the Proace panel Van, in addition to solutions Crew Cab (van double cab) and Platform Cab (cabin platform). For his part, the Proace Verse is intended to transport people and has a focus mpv giving better finishes, more equipment and a specific suspension. Is posited as a more affordable option that models such as the Mercedes V Class or the vw Transporter.

Toyota Proace Verse, mpv up to 9 seats

The Proace Verse account with three sizes of body and two wheelbase lengths. The variant is the smallest in the Toyota model measures 4.6 meters long and 2,9 meters of battle. The intermediate size growing up to 4.9 metres in length and has a wheelbase of 3.2 meters. The Proace of greater size has the same battle (3.2 metres), but its rear overhang is increased to achieve the 5.3 m to increase its carrying capacity. All variants measure 2.2 m in width and 1.9 m in height.

Dimensions (mm) Compact Long
total Length 4.606 4.956 5.308
total Width 1.920 1.920 1.920
total Height 1.905 1.890 1.890
Distance between axes 2.925 3.275 3.275


The side doors electric can be opened with the foot

These three sizes correspond with the versions Proace Verse Compact, Proace Verse Means and Proace Verse Long. As is logical, the boot capacity varies in function of the length of the body and the configuration of seats, ranging from 224 liters, and 2,932 in litres.

luggage Capacity (litres) Compact Long
Two rows of seats, until the upper end of the seat 1.356 1.624 2.011
Two rows of seats, to roof 1.978 2.381 2.932
Three rows of seats, until the upper end of the seat 224 603 989
Three rows of seats, to roof 798 1.384

Three finishes so that work and pleasure are not at odds

Regardless of the size of the body chosen for the Proace Verse, the japanese model has three finishes called Shuttle, Family and VIP, with between 5 and 9 seats and are configured and equipped to meet the different needs of particular transport.


The Proace Verse Means finishing with the access Shuttle

According to Toyota, the finish Shuttle is oriented to self-employed workers that use the vehicle both in his professional environment as a family and for them to have a configuration of 6 or 9 squares. Has bumper in body colour with trims chrome trim, fog lamps, daytime running lights-LED, rims 16-inch steel, pressure sensor, tires, and tinted windows. As optional elements, and include the alloy wheels, the tailgate of a vertical opening -instead of the doors of double leaf and a second door side.

The equipment includes air conditioning, radio with Bluetooth, cruise control and power side mirrors. In the interior of the Proace Verse Shuttle, are up to three rows of seats for three people in each, all of them with anchors fixed to the ground. The third row has folding seats and in the second resting in a proportion 60:40.

The finish Family is viewed as a minivan, recreational with 5 seats (Compact) or 8 seater (mid and Long). It has steel wheels of 17 inch, window of the gate practicable, seats slidable and removable mounted on the rails, a covering that is of higher quality than that of the finished Shuttle, safety systems Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), wipes on the windows of the side doors sliding tables type aircraft.

According to the variant, the Proace Verse Family can enjoy xenon headlights, alloy wheels of 17 inches, mirrors electrically folding, double climate control seats, front and rear, multimedia system with 7-inch display screen, the management system of the traction Toyota Traction Select (TTS), panoramic roof, rear parking sensors and a side doors power whose automatic opening can be optionally operated with the foot.


Inside the finish Family

Finally the finished VIP is aimed at executive transportation and have 6 or 7 squares provided with three rows of seats. Your image has a sleeker finish (called Pack Look), and is more luxurious, with xenon lights, light sensors and rain, 17-inch wheels, sensors of parking, side door electric, steering wheel leather, TSS, TTS, small tables, airplane type and table sliding and seats swivel captain’s chairs in the second row.

The ride comfort of a passenger car

Settled on the modern, modular platform EMP2, the vehicle type combi japanese have an image clearly identifiable using the modern and attractive design language Under Priority that characterizes the DNA of the latest releases in the range of passenger cars of Toyota.

at The wheel, we sit in a position high and upright, with good visibility in all directions. After driving it has become clear that the Toyota Proace Verse is not a simple version for transport of passengers designed on the basis of their commercial vehicle, but increases its functionality with a greater dose of comfort and quality to position itself as a great minivan, with a capacity of up to nine passengers.


Very quiet and comfortable at all times

The range mechanics of the Proace Verse is composed exclusively by diesel engines (D-4D, in particular, 1.6, 95 and 115 HP and the 2.0 150 and 177 HP. According to the motorization, you can resort to a manual gearbox of 5 or 6 speeds or an automatic transmission of 6 marches. All the mechanics are the source and PSA are outstanding for their smoothness.

Engines 1.6 D-4D 95 1.6 D-4D 115 2.0 D-4D 150 2.0 D-4D 180
engine Displacement (cm3) 1.560 1.560 1.997 1.997
Power max. (HP/ kW @ rpm) 95/70 to 3.750 115/85 3,500 150/110 4000 177/130 to 3.750
maximum Torque (Nm at rpm) 210 to 1,750 300 to 1,750 370 2,000 400 2.000
Stop & Start No Yes Yes Yes
Transmission Manual 5v Manual 6v Manual 6v Automatic 6v
Speed max. (km/h) 145 160 170 170
Accel. 0-100 km/h (seconds) 15,9 13,4 11,0 10,1
Consumption (combined, l/100 km) 5,5 to 5,6 to 5.1 to 5.2 5,3 5,5 5.7 6,0
CO2 Emissions (combined g/km) 144 to 148 133 to 137 139 to 147 151 to 159

During the presentation we had the opportunity of driving the engine 2.0 D-4D 150 HP that has surprised us by his good push and to maintain a consumption always below 6.5 l/100 km over this is the version of 177 HP, not necessarily linked to a automatic transmission, that will be a good choice for those who want absolute comfort.

we were Also able to perform a couple of routes with the mechanical 1.6 D-4D 115 HP, a priori, that should concentrate a larger volume of sales. Despite his figure of power more modest, is shown to be sufficient for the day-to-day thanks to its 300 Nm of torque. The consumption during our contact has been around 6 l/100 km This same block with a variation of 95 HP, maybe a bit fair for those who need to transport a lot of cargo.


The modular interior is one of the strong points of the Proace Verse

The three trim levels of the van japanese can be completed with three lengths of bodywork, with the only exception of is not available a VIP version with the body Compact. However, it is important to note that not all finishes, engines, transmissions and truck bodies can be associated with each other. possible combinations are the following:

Versions 1.6 D-4D 95 1.6 D-4D 115 2.0 D-4D 150 2.0 D-4D 180
Shuttle Compact YES YES
Shuttle Means YES YES YES
Shuttle Long YES YES YES
Family Compact YES YES
Family Means YES YES YES
Family Long YES YES
VIP Compact

gone are those vans are crude, uncomfortable and noisy. In terms of comfort, the Proace Verse has little to envy to other minivans because it highlights the absence of vibrations and the low noise at all times. The suspension has a tare soft and comfortable: your configuration is specific for the transport of passengers in this version Verse, and it is completely different from the one that mounts the Proace Van.


The safety equipment is very high

As confirmed by the Polish roads during the launch event, the new Proace is very poised and gives confidence to the driver in any circumstance. It is a vehicle quite agile, although the steering ratio forces you to reach for more of the account in the turns. Yes, the turning radius is the best in its category (only for 11.3 meters) which was appreciated at the time of performing maneuvers.

The japanese brand has also worked in the security getting five-star Euro NCAP, something that only you can boast about in this segment the trio of models of Toyota-PSA. Depending on the version is equipped with the set of technologies of active safety and driver assistance Toyota Safety Sense. This includes the detection system dead angle, security system precolisión with pedestrian detection, the warning of involuntary change of lane, the alert attention of the driver, the recognition of traffic signals, intelligent control of road lighting and the adaptive cruise control.

The flexibility inside is very accomplished, especially in the case of the levels Family, and VIP. Slide, fold or remove the seats is simple and fast by allowing a huge modularity for the Proace Verse that has nothing to envy to that of a minivan, classic.


The Toyota Traction Select (TTS) is very useful for forays off the tarmac

To give you more versatility, you can also equip the Toyota Traction Select (TTS), a system identical to the Grip Control, which employs PSA. This system improves the functioning of the traction on slippery surfaces with little or no grip. You can choose between five levels of intervention that correspond with the normal program, snow (up to 50 km/h), clay (up to 80 km/h), sand (up to 120 km/h) or VSC Off (traction control completely off).

introductory Offer for professionals

The starting price of the Toyota Proace Verse is 29.850 € . The japanese brand accompanies the arrival of this model with a interesting promotion for professionals which lowers the cost to 16.975 euros plus VAT. Maintenance is done every 40,000 kilometres or two years. For the first time, the Toyota Proace will be available in all dealers of the japanese brand, instead of being relegated exclusively to its 22 Business Centre.

As is the case with any tourism of Toyota, the new Proace Verse enjoys a warranty of three years or 100,000 km of the brand. As introductory offer they offering a financial leasing called Plan 5.55 five years which includes warranty, maintenance, and replacement vehicle during the entire period.