Test Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the SUV is a hybrid

prueba-toyota-rav-4-hybrid-2If Toyota has already sold more than 9 million of hybrid cars, it is not a coincidence. The japanese manufacturer is the one that bet stronger for this type of mobility has a wide range of this type of vehicle. One of the last to arrive was the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which became the first SUV hybrid the brand. A new technology implemented in one of the foundations most successful and well-known in the history of Toyota.

do Not forget that the Toyota RAV4 is a veteran and was released over twenty years ago. Since 1994 it has sold over 6.5 million units of the SUV along four generations. This model seeks to gain a privileged position in the market and overcome in sales to diesel. In Toyota since the first time it has not been hidden to the trust reposed in him, it is expected that around 80% of the sales the model corresponding to this hybrid version.

Design dynamic and with personality

prueba-toyota-rav-4-hybrid-6The facelift of the Toyota RAV4, which was introduced this variant Hybrid, was a change quite important. Especially in the front we can notice that it follows a more dynamic design and attractive. Three grills found in the SUV, with a top that integrates the logo of the brand and connects both headlights, middle, quite narrow and a wider bottom and a trapezoidal shape. Below will be a the protection of metallic appearance.

The bumper has been redesigned and will highlight the major headlamps with LED technology. The fog lamps are housed on both sides of the bottom. In general it is evident the robustness of the vehicle. The side view is not back, and call attention to its wheels of 18 inches and some prominent wheel arches. If you look across the bottom of the body receives protections plastic, achieving a more aesthetically off-road.

prueba-toyota-rav-4-hybrid-8We lag behind, which is probably the most sober of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. There are less changes and highlight by a gate of great dimensions and with a zone plate quite broad. This makes the enrollment is in an elevated position, very close to the rear headlights LED, also occupy an important part of the surface. At the bottom we find ourselves with a defence chrome hardens your character.

Grows in the presence and grows in dimensions. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is long 4.6 metres, width-1,84 metres, and high-1,70 meters. The distance between shafts is kept at 2.66 m Therefore we are faced with a C-SUV, a generous size, which will have a large interior space as we will see later. For those who are looking for an option for something smaller, you can expect the Toyota C-HR, which is already on the way.

remarkable Roominess

Prueba Toyota RAV4 HybridAs mentioned, the dimensions of the RAV4 Hybrid will be loose in all its points. The cabin will be the place where more noticeable, since we will find a remarkable roominess. The squares in front are very spacious and both pilot and co-pilot iran in an elevated position that allows you to dominate the field. When we went to the rear seat surprise us because they will be able to accommodate three adults, provided that the trip is not very long. The central square will be more narrow, but it is not at all uncomfortable, because there is just tunnel transmission.

The boot but does not get to be the best in its category, it is quite large. It is in 501 litres of capacity, which means that it has lost 46 litres compared to the versions that only have the combustion engine. The explanation is that this hybrid version has had that accommodate its batteries under the floor of the trunk. Even so your space can take advantage of the perfect thanks to a double bottom, and even leaves us room for a spare wheel.

improved Interior

Prueba Toyota RAV4 Hybridin Addition to a cabin, not large, will also be brought up to date. In the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid we see an important improvement in terms of quality and technology. The materials used for its interior are quite nice and put you in a position nearest to ‘his cousin’ the Lexus NX 300h. Our unit had the finish Feel, which, without being the top of range already came with highlights. Both the lower part of the dashboard as the interior of the doors shall be coated leather.

If you continue to talk about materials we will have to say that the top of the dashboard is hard plastic and which receives a chrome trim of metallic appearance improving your appearance. The seats in our unit are made of fabric, while the steering wheel, hand brake lever, and armrests have leather upholstery.

here speaking of technology that we have found in the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and that is one of its highlights. Our unit carries the multimedia system Toyota Touch & GO, which allows you to control everything from your 7-inch touch screen. Just below it we find the starter button and the controls in the climate control bizona, serial from the finish to Advance. Below and a bit hidden are the buttons to select the driving mode.

Prueba Toyota RAV4 HybridBehind the multifunction steering wheel we will have the box of instruments, which draws attention to an element. The LCD screen of 4.2 inches color is complemented with the other larger screen and helps us by giving us all kinds of information. Another important aspect that introduces this model but that will be only on the top finish will be the system of vision of 360 degrees, which will facilitate the maneuvers.

In the RAV4 Hybrid is not lacking in the driving aids. Thanks to the Toyota Safety Sense we have all type of security systems that will facilitate our work at the wheel. We find a system precolisión with pedestrian detection varied from 30 km/h, warning of involuntary change lanes or signal recognition. Will also highlight other as the adaptive cruise control or the detector dead angle.

Mechanical hybrid of an old acquaintance

Prueba Toyota RAV4 HybridAlthough the main element and gives its name to the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the one that is under the hood. It is the first SUV of the brand that equips a hybrid drive system and in addition will be one that we already know. It is the same that we already saw in the Lexus NX 300h and that is formed by a gasoline engine Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder and 2.5-liter which is combined with an electric motor.

And we say that we have only an electric motor because our unit has only traction at the front axle. But the japanese constructor will also give you the option of having all-wheel drive (AWD) in the RAV4 Hybrid. What will you do with the system (E-Four, that you install a second electric motor that is responsible for moving only the rear axle. With traction 4×4 gain in towing capacity, will amount to 1,650 kg, more than double that in our unit.

prueba-toyota-rav-4-hybrid-3even Though people cost you tell if our unit has traction 4×2 or 4×4, because there is no difference of aesthetics between the two versions. In both the joint power of the engines is of 197 HP, the result of adding 152 BHP petrol engine and 105 kW of power, and that they are sufficient to move this SUV than 1,600 kg As the rest of the hybrids from Toyota, uses the transmission e-CVT planetary gear, that works to use as a inverter continuous.

The feeling is the same as in the other models, a push continued in that we do not find the jumps between gears. Though now, with the purpose of giving the driver a most rewarding experience, the RAV4 Hybrid is equipped with the box Shiftmatic. With the lever of the switch (which is equal to that of any machine) will be able to move between the six gears of sequentially. Changes are emulated, but we will allow some retention.

Quiet and refined

Prueba Toyota RAV4 Hybridonce you put on the steering wheel of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid will have a fundamental aspect that catches the attention: the silence on board. As long as the battery allows it, start it, and do the first meters in mode 100% electric. The truth is that I still had to get used to a vehicle of this weight and dimensions to move so stealthy. The soundproofing has been done with the interior is nottable, just because we noticed when it enters in game the gasoline engine. Only will we come to the noise of the engine when you demand a lot of power.

Because in normal situations, we will look for a middle term between efficiency and performance. If we want to customize our tours you will have to use the buttons with three modes of driving. With the EV Mode we will try to shoot using only the electric motor as much as possible. It will not be over long distances, since the autonomy is very limited, simply a support to save fuel. We have to be careful with the right pedal, and if we will enter in the game the gasoline engine.

Prueba Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Eco mode is the most recommended for the RAV4 Hybrid, it will look for the maximum efficiency and throttle response will be smoother. With him we will accomplish our best brands in regards to consumption. For situations that need your peak performance, we will have the Sport mode. The throttle becomes more sensitive and you get some acceleration pretty amazing. Do not forget that makes the 0 to 100 km/h in 8,3 seconds.

all you need is a few kilometers to realize that the first SUV hybrid from Toyota is a vehicle easy drive. Anyone can be put behind the wheel and drive it smoothly despite of its external dimensions. Feel at ease in urban tours, where you will be brought to light the potential that you have and we will get to spend little. When we go to highway will also comply thanks to its poise and their reactions and noble.

Comfortable but little dynamic

Prueba Toyota RAV4 HybridBecause, first of all, travelling in the Toyota RAV4 is synonymous with travel comfortable. The tare of their suspensions does not, we will choke the imperfections of the road. The level of comfort and the quality of rolling will be your highlights. The address is rather assisted, and although not transmitted too, is appreciated when manoeuvring. The touch of the brake, we will have to get used to, since the regenerative braking makes it a little difficult to dose.

The negative part is that this comfort seems to have carried forward all the dynamism. You will not find even an iota of sportiness in this model, although it is true that it is not his function. high center of gravity makes it not the ideal vehicle for a twisty road. There you will find a little rolling and it will cost you to follow the drawn if we hold on tight corners.

Prueba Toyota RAV4 HybridIn the decision of previous contact with this Toyota RAV4 Hybrid had been able to roll on some dirt tracks. On this occasion we have re-tested your behavior off-road and has helped us to verify that you do not have a focus purely off-road. In this model it complicate some of the ramps, although we are confident that the majority of the users who have just use it off road. And who intends to ask the all-wheel drive.

We come to the final part of the test to talk about one of the most important aspects of the model: consumption. The RAV4 Hybrid front-wheel-drive approvals 4,9 l/100km, and we can say proud that we have approached these figures. On some trips favorable, when the electric motor came into action we have been able to lose the 5 litres. Logically, when we shoot at 120 km/h motorway, this figure will rise, but not in excess. The total average we stayed in 6,6 l/100km, a good result for a vehicle of its features.


Prueba Toyota RAV4 HybridThe Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is a vehicle with which the brand access to a new market niche and that makes things difficult for his rivals. Offer a design with personality, especially on his front, with very strongly-marked features and easily recognizable. But not only that, but it will also be the perfect solution for those who looking for lots of space. Its remarkable roominess inside and trunk to the height you will be placed as a good option.

The RAV4 Hybrid will prefer the short-haul and urban before long road trips. In addition, the pocket will thank you, because the best figures of consumption are given in this type of situations. The ease of driving, the tare of the suspension or driving modes will help us when we get down to the controls. Another advantage is that since the finish is more basic will have a equipment fairly complete as you can see below.

Equipment of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Advance

  • alloy Wheels of 17 inches
  • Toyota Touch 2 with 7-inch touch screen
  • Tailgate with opening and closing electric
  • Headlamps with LED technology
  • Climate control bizona
  • Sensors of light and rain
  • Entry and keyless start
  • cruise Control

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Feel!

  • Equipment Advance
  • Tires duotones, 18-inch
  • Upholstery mixed
  • Toyota Safety Sense (includes system precolisión, adaptive cruise control, sign recognition, and intelligent control of road lighting)
  • front Seats heated
  • driver Seat adjustable electrically
  • rear windows obscured
  • System JBL audio with 11 speakers

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Executive

  • Equipment Feel!
  • Toyota Touch 2 & Go Plus
  • Upholstery leather
  • electric sunroof
  • view Monitor, panoramic 360 degrees
  • Traffic Alert Rear (RCTA)
  • Detector of Dead Angle (BSM)

Prices Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in Spain


Finish Price 2WD Price AWD
Finish Price 2WD Price AWD
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Advance 30.800 euros 33.800 euros
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Feel! 33.500 euros 36.500 euros
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Executive 37.100 € 40.100 €

the Opinion of the editor


  • Habitability interior
  • Refinement of the set
  • Consumption adjusted


  • Just differences in aesthetic between the 4×2 and the 4×4
  • Sound high when you require the motor
  • Behavior little dynamic

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