Test: Victory Gunner: In progress and conclusions (II)

I Admit that the first visual impact of the Victory Gunner, is devastating. A little scary to think if with the enormous size that it has, a person of my stature can be handled with ease on the Victory.

it Is impossible not to look at the aesthetics of the bike. How beautiful it is! Can a bike type bobber is not the that you’d have in your garage, but it is impossible not to admit the natural beauty of this style of moticicletas. This one in particular is a success in every angle. And they may not have a long tradition, but the duties in paragraph aesthetic the have made well those of Iowa.

The key is inserted in the left side of the bike, between the two cylinders. The analog speedometer in the form of a watch retrolumina in a blue color very intense and has a small display with on-board computer at the bottom. Curious is that the size of the numbers on the speedometer decreases dramatically from 120km/h and it is impossible to not be distracted in excess to hit to see what speed we move forward if we pedal faster. As the maximum speed allowed is 120km/h on the tracks faster, as it should be enough… isn’t?


A route of quiet roads and some smooth curve, is the best ground of the Gunner

The exhaust represses a sound that seemed to be thundering

After a sound electrical issues the bike to give the contact the time comes to start it up and wait for it to fall down the foundations of the buildings surrounding it, with its deafening sound. But a small disappointment invades my body when I hear a weak rumbling sound. To tell the truth has more ‘heart’ than exhaust noise, because it will be the engine and beat the one who does the duties that the long queues of black color have not managed to make. It is not a subject that can be arranged if you want some decibels extra, because among the optional there are other exhausts that are sold as an accessory. Depends on tastes.

posture, as could not be of another way is with the legs forward and something open. The arms are stretched to reach the handlebars, and in my case I have to move a bit back to be able to find a position that will allow me to handle the bike with ease. the advance and The volume of the bike is a matter of habit, and freeing the mind of fears, because what at first invites us to a behavior overly cautious, with the miles becomes easier to control. The maximum width you mark the handlebar and although it is not as ‘mousetrap’ in the city as just another type of motorcycle, it is more permissive than what you suggest.

In fact, a point that fatigue more than the size, it is the hardness of the clutch. The handle is designed to be used by road more (less gear changes), which by city (constant changes), because of its short course it is joined by a touch to the that there is that apply a lot of force. Shortly after the Gunner tried the Victory Magnum that had the same feelings. The change is rough to engage certain gears, and it sounds excessive, but it is not a critical point because it is measured with the characteristic muscular of the Gunner.


you can’t tilt a lot before touching it with the estribera on the floor

Handling good. A key: the seat 635 mm from the floor

in Addition, the long-standing relationships of change prevent circular to less than 40 km/h in second without noticing that the bike calls for gas and that the engine suffers in low. it is therefore common to resort to the first one more times than we would like, but what is certain is that the elasticity of each gear is infinite, and allows you to recover from far below a poor choice of gear engaged. Note that its natural land is in other ways, with infinite horizons and no buildings at all corners.

The monoshock works correctly and is comfortable. Your tour of 75 mm does not allow us to pass results to a lot of speed and it is a matter of habit pick the perfect spot, and once you get it, it is quite comfortable. For travel on long trips it is a delight to be able to consist with a suspension to the height and a telescopic fork 130 mm in the front. The relationship of marches invited to make routes endless in fifth or sixth; in function of the situation. The last gear retains very little with engine brake when the accelerator is depressed, transmitting a feeling almost of stalemate, but to maintain a cruising speed constant, it is perfect. Best from 110-120km/h.

Fifth is often used, with an increased retention and more comfort to be used between 100km/h and 120km/h. If you use this ‘bobber’ for all, nor it will be until you pass 200km, when you see that warning lamp fuel reserve. As we do not have a clear indicator of the gasoline remaining, we have to watch a little consumption, although in many motorcycles with deposits more or less flat, it is common to find the lack. The fuel tank capacity is 17 litres.


The aesthetic is a luxury. What a nice is to see her go!

The propellant is infinite in every gear. A sixth ‘overdrive’

The relationship the driver has with the Gunner, it is of harmony. A walk it is easy to become a great route and the most pleasant thing surely is that you enjoy at any speed. Its margin of action is between 2,200 rpm and 4,000 rpm. From there, while still giving itself the bike, there is no need to make it work. No invites to go fast but is not slow if you are looking for a great acceleration and high top speed. The stability is high on the Gunner and the wind whips with force against the driver because there is no protection aerodynamics. But you already know this before you buy it to see it at the dealership for logic.

The sporty character is limited by a low height dimensions of 120 mm to the ground and a few pegs to touch the ground long before the limit of stability of the vehicle. A stability powerful that, in part, must thank you to tyres of width and generous size 130/90 R16 for the front and 140/90 R16 for the rear. A profile, by the way very high, which dampens certain irregularities and it accentuates the comfort. The braking power is sufficient and with the ABS of series, the guarantees increase.

The on-board computer includes odometer digital form, as well as a partial kilometers, a total time and a little more information. By the day your display is correct, but the backlight at night in intense blue color causes it to lose is easy to approach after this type of light. Leds in white would be more interesting.


Their tires are wide in the front and rear axle

For the rest, enjoy becomes a basic premise of the Gunner and the manageability that, in principle, it seems that it’s going to be a critical point surprised in a positive way once we got used to the bike. Thanks to the seat to 635 mm of soil and that any driver can be adapted to it (although for maximum comfort is recomedanble measure as little as 1.75 meters), having a bobber full of personality and affordable price it is possible to.