Test Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI, a minivan to conquer them all


The Touran premiered its new look and design. An evolution that manages to display a look more dynamic

Volkswagen has always had the concept of a family steeped in their DNA. Has always had this philosophy of mobilizing the middle classes. Of that concept as socialist and popular came the Beetle original. Today, Volkswagen continues to have an accent, familiar, indeed, as all shall know his own name means “people’s car”. A name that has at this moment a few models of the brand they represent as well as the car today I bring to test: the Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI.

The purchase of a minivan is never something passionate or sentimental. Is not a whim to go. It is rather a necessity. Something that families need, such as eating. And this has done that for many years the segment of minivans has been boring, both from the aesthetic point of view as dynamic. Its main function is to offer everything a conventional car does not manage, not even the evil so-called SUV that neither can come close to the dimensions of livability of models such as the Volkswagen Touran.

I must say that despite the fact that the Touran is manufactured from 2003, we are in the second generation, which hit the asphalt. Yes, it seems like a lie, but Volkswagen managed to stretch the previous model for more than 12 years, and hear, the things they weren’t wrong. However, the market bid strong and rivals throng the doors of the Wolfsburg with products at the height of that I have always considered the best minivan on the market. Something that attest to the more than two million units sold in Europe in these years.

So we are faced with a new generation, in fact does not share anything with its predecessor. The Touran premieres everything from the chassis up to the technology, through design. At this point I must say that there is nothing written, but I have to recognize the obvious, which is that the compact mpv Volkswagen has improved greatly over its predecessor in paragraph aesthetic. A style that is more sharp, more aggressive, with a snout under and ribs more marked than if they are still doing the car spectacular to the eye, at least take us away from the usual lines mpvs that we have known.


In regards to your tires, the truth is that Volkswagen has barely touched the existing

Obviously everything on the exterior is new, although the wheels have barely received changes. The main points of interest reside in the general appearance. This Touran is more dynamic, visually speaking, than its predecessor. Once more Volkswagen has been giving more importance to the role of the form, something on the other hand forced given the segment in which we find ourselves. The important thing about the Touran is in its interior, so we go there.

The experience of Volkswagen to make cars practical is easy to recognize. A sensational job

If you would like to summarize it in a quick and easy way I would say that the interior of the Touran is exactly like that of another Volkswagen. It breathes the same feeling as when you enter in a Volkswagen Golf or a Volkswagen Passat. That is to say, notes from the outset that the manufacturing is good, all the settings are very good, better than that of the past generation, by the way, and that everything is where it should be. Something that check nothing more to sit in the driving position.

it Is amazing the work of the germans in this aspect. Finding the correct driving posture is extremely simple, since midas two meters and 1,70. you just need a few adjustments to the seat and the car seems to fit with you impressive. So a point in its favor. On the other side, as I expected, so no surprise. When you touch the dashboard, you realize that the top is more soft and padded than the lower. Turn to to abuse the plastic, but yes it is true that these are of better quality and lower. Something that can be understood given the client type of this car.


A sober interior welcomes you, even though all the elements are where they should

Something that I like and that Volkswagen has been able to correct with respect to the previous generation is the position of the screen. I repeat again that it is the same that we find in other products, not only the brand, but of the whole group. Now it is over because of air conditioning so that its handling is better, having to divert less the look of the road. In terms of this is to say that it is a screen of 6.5 inches that comes from finishing most basic and for which the touch operation is as quick as intuitive.

As I said at the beginning, a minivan has to be able to highlight one aspect: space. My recommendation is that if you need or want space, buy space, not size. Let Me explain. A SUV, for example, may present the same dimensions that the Touran, but it will be impossible that it should match in terms of interior space and livability. In fact not only happens with the SUV, but with any other car on the market, since it is impressive the amount of space the Touran has achieved in his interior with the change of platform.

Usually say that they are the seats front which enjoy a greater space, and this is so in the Touran, but be careful, because the rear seats do not fall short. The second row is adjustable in length, so that allows us to adapt the car to our needs. That require more trunk space, row to the front. No, row back. As simple as pull the lever and move the seat. By the way Volkswagen has decided to change the old seating system. In the past the Touran had a second row completely removable, now is not, and the truth is that they miss less because their folding is best.


The legroom is more than generous, there is no problem in any of their dimensions

The new generation also comes standard with 7 seats. Optionally, at no cost, can be suppressed, but the truth is that I don’t I would put it. Yes it is true that when you add seats to the car will lose some advantages, as the spare wheel of normal size, or a few litres of luggage space. However, it is the typical accessory that although not use it regularly you will appreciate that if, at any time you need it. Gives you more versatility without a doubt.

To get into that third row of seats, you only need to dip the tab of the outboard seats of the second row and quickly they are folded and pushed forward thus opening up a space that everything is said of step is pretty generous. Is one of the third row more convenient and accessible that I have seen. Yes will the same happens to all, the leg room is still very fair, even though an adult of average height can do it with some comfort if and when the second row is moved forward a little.

finally, in terms of habitability is concerned, the trunk. More than a trunk as such is a box, a chest. Their rectangular shapes allow for easy and comfortable entry and exit of objects. In terms of dimensions, we find a minimum of 137 litres when all seven seats are deployed, 633 when the third row goes camouflaged, and a maximum of 1,857 litres when we broke down all the rear seats, leaving a space for loading completely smooth. Finally, the front seat has a folding function, so that it swoops like the second row. In this way we will be able to introduce objects that are excessively long.


The trunk, with its big proportions is a treasure chest in itself. A large space with a well-received

Jumping to the (technology we can say that the Touran has entered the TWENTY-first century head-on with a lot of systems, wizards, and devices. Something that today is considered almost essential. The amount of gadgets to contemplate are tremendous. Among the list of optional I personally I recommend that you consider the following elements:

  • Climate control tri-zone – 395 euros
  • parking – 535 euros
  • LED Headlights High – 1.285 euros
  • Automatic regulation of lights road (Light Assist) – 145 euros
  • adaptive cruise Control with auto brake – 405 eur
  • DSG – 2,000 euros

For me these are the most prominent elements that we can add to the equipment of the Touran. I must say that part of them are not selectable in the finish most basic, but also I say to you personally that the finished intermediate of the three that you have: Edition, Advance and Sport, it is the most balanced. The access level is correct, although you should bring more elements in addition to the central display. The highest contributes some interesting things, but given the characterter general of the car, some of them are hardly usable, as the driving modes.


The screen of 6.5 inches is standard, and its usage is as simple as intuitive

So that the finish of the intermediate is that I would bet. Although I have to admit that the basic equipment can be improved. Do not get me wrong, he brings everything that we need, more if we take into account the promotion that is coming, but in this regard, a rival can mojarle the ear easily. Yes, you have to take into account that the base price is 29.170 euros, a high price if we compare it with the other models of the segment. Being only surpassed by the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer.

Test Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI

Well, leaving aside issues outside of the driving, it is time to get to analyze the mechanical version, which is postulated as the most sold in our country. I speak of the block four-cylinder 1.6-liter with 115 HP and manual gearbox six-speed. Theoretically, a minivan is not fact, nor to run or to be driven aggressively. However the progress in terms of chassis settings and allow that to day of today a MPV is conducted in a manner very similar to a compact.

The first thing you realize when driving the Touran is that it is very well balanced. Volkswagen borda cars of this type. Is comfortable with a suspension that pulls to a soft point but that still allows for a lot of grip in the curves. The commissioning work is really good, because it allows us to circulate comfortable, absorbing bumps and speed humps, at the same time, if you print a faster pace, you can reach us at the time of entering into a curve, to where that yes will bring out a little understeer. Something completely logical on the other side.


If you can afford it, I recommend the DSG, but the truth is that the manual is very good

So yes, the Touran is comfortable. Your roll is very soft, more than that of his predecessor. Your block is also more refined. The improvements introduced in this engine known to have served for the Touran wins a point of refinement. It is an ideal car both for the battle of the day-to-day as well as for the long trips. Your soul wheeler comes to the fore as you hit the highway and engranas the sixth gear.

Dynamically is a minivan, with a high center of gravity and lazy. Even so it moves with a certain ease on twisty roads

There are that say that the block TDI 1.6 has won 10 horses more than his predecessor. The gain is not exaggerated, and in some ways still falling a little short for certain times. If we are going to drive in the usual way with a lot of cargo or seven passengers, as if we’re going to move through mountain passes, my recommendation is that you choose the career ladder, a higher power, of 150 HP. Because not to do so you’ll have to dip many times at the change coming to exasperate. On the contrary, if these cases are not usual for you and you are more of a highway and blanket, the option of 115 HP should be your choice.

The engine of the proof we find a change manual of six speeds. I have to say that once again I’m struck by the work of the guys from Volkswagen in this field. In addition to being smooth and precise in his routes, the gearbox know to take advantage of perfectly each and every one of the horses of the motor. So much so that in certain moments seems to have more of those specified in the technical data sheet. A great job, although it will still stand up for the flawless DSG of seven speeds. An expensive option I know, but worth every penny.


After years of stretching the first generation, this second comes at the best time and the best way

One of the most significant changes of the Touran is its improvement in terms of savings and consumption. It was one of the things that I have called attention. Volkswagen approves a spending mixed of 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers. Although these did not end up leaving, the actual data does not deviate too much. In fact can be rolled, with a cost very close to the 4 liters with no problem. On a freeway trip I have come to see 4.2. In town around six, and in the global computing of the week the average was 5.2 liters. A number excellent so let’s look at where we look.


Volkswagen has been obliged to renew the Touran since the advance of rivals, such as the Zafira or the Citroen C4 Picasso that we already tested. However, the response of the germans has been more than strong putting on the table the best minivan on the market. has been enhanced everything existing, which was a lot, but it has lost a single one of the qualities. Their most powerful weapons are the space and livability. Presents many advantages with respect to a SW, even though the design is not one of them.

In the (dynamic the Touran surprised by your behavior in all kinds of situations, but presents a marked character router. The version 1.6 TDI can stay short for some, but without a doubt will be the most demanded. Yes, everything has a price, and the Touran is not cheap. At least not if you compare it with rivals generalists. Long is the most expensive, but recognize that for all that I have commented on before is worth it. The leader and the reference to the segment once more.


The original philosophy of Volkswagen is still present. Car functional for a public functional