Test Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country, a compact premium different


The smaller of the
Swedish house receive its corresponding update. The new
Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country 2017 receive the blessing of the god
nordic. The hammer of Thor is now in possession of the range
compact Volvo to adapt the signature of luminance of the T lying
as they do currently Volvo XC90, S90 and V90, and does not reach
only position that accompanies a new funding and more technological.

As always, security
it is the strong point of all the Volvo. did you Know that the V40 was the
first vehicle to equip a pedestrian airbag?
The swedes
think of the safety of both the occupants of its models such as the
rest of road users, and “details” like this sometimes
passed something unnoticed but are what make the difference.

this system of protection we add other systems of driving assistance as
the wizard of lane keeping, monitoring of dead angle, and
we highlight the performance of the adaptive cruise control
it works really well coming to tell visually
speed difference between our vehicle and the vehicle that precedes us,
and the alert, rear cross-traffic. Safety is paramount in this brand.


in Addition, currently all
manufacturers, including general practitioners, are released to the career of
homogenize boxes instrumentation digital from the appearance
the incredible Audi Virtual Cockpit. However since 2012, the
40 series Volvo’s have one of them
. Perhaps it is not so
spectacular as the Audi but by then had, and
available, three different themes to display the information to the driver. Change it according to your preferences or mood.

once inside the
cabin upgrade is as subtle outside. New
materials for the molding of the dashboard and doors, new
upholstery mixed leather/fabric, called City Wave taken out of the prototype Volvo Concept Estate and an update of the
Volvo On Call.

Volvo, synonymous with safety

The emergency call system automatic now
has extensive communication capabilities. The main novelty
is that it is now compatible with wrist devices from Apple and
, and use these to inform the services
emergency, open and close doors, control the climate control and
localize our vehicle remotely, very useful in case of theft
for example.


As was expected, the
dimensions of space in its cockpit remain intact. The squares
front are spacious offering a large space for the shoulders,
legs and head, in contrast to the rear sin to be something more
reduced to that of its rivals. The same can be said of your
trunk, who with 335 litres of capacity without folding down seats
still a bit behind compared to its rivals of a similar size.

Volvo, as a good brand
nordic applied unique solutions in their vehicles looking for
both the excellence and differentiation
. The central console in
this sense which you can not leave you indifferent. Of series account with a
digital display 7-inch color that is not touch, the center console
is floating leaving a significant hole after her to stop posing
keys, wallets, glasses without breaking with the aesthetics of the car.

You will be surprised to see that
has a large pendant that really is not so much if it were not
because retains the classic layout of 12 buttons as if it was a
phone dialer it were
in the center of it, a detail that
without a doubt, will captivate the more purists but on the opposite side of
the views assumes 12 extra buttons whose practicality is anecdotal.
However its favor we were amazed about how to integrate in the design of the dashboard hole to introduce the
that it is an “invisible being to the eye”.
Although what is really important in this section is that the browser, which in this case is slow for the introduction of a destination, although after your operation is correct


The new model premieres
bumper, grill master and, optionally, the eye-catching Headlights
LED feature lighting, LED daytime T
. These headlights only modify its internal structure so
the exterior silhouette is the same, just as happens in the behind
in which the optics further does not modify your silhouette, but yes the
signature light. A few differences you’ll notice on the outside
unless a greater number of shades outside.

The range of engines
remains intact. Blocks Drive-E four cylinders and 2 liters for the whole
supply diesel and gasoline
are available in three potency scales each one of them.
During the presentation I had the opportunity to drive both the V40
, the model of access to the range, as the V40 Cross Country D3, the
version jacket equipped with the propeller most popular. In both cases
the vehicle moves with ease, although obviously you will note
increase of power in the D3. Interestingly it seemed to me more
silent the D2
so that the access engine
it is more comfortable during the ride.

The consumption of both are
higher than approved but I still seem to content

with a media that barely reaches the 6-liter circulating
roads of great height in relation to sea level with a normal conduction within the
legal limits and little more than six liters when we combined
this type of roads with a the great stretch of roadway is not paved
made of sand, stones and vegetation.


To tell you the truth, once
inside the V40 Cross Country barely notice a difference to the
V40 conventional. The increase of the distance to the ground we
benefits in areas not paved but within the post
driving we will not have feelings of SUV.

Security and control at the wheel

The ride comfort is
the same as the standard version as well that will give us the feeling
of owning a compact vehicle for the day-to-day as any
another of his segment but that makes it easier to get out of the road
greatly, especially if we choose the versions gasoline provided
with the four wheel drive, exclusive for this Cross
Country. The dynamic is one of the strong points of these vehicles that give you a great sense of security and control at all times.

It is also say that
diesel engines have a big push from very low speed.
We have shown that it is able to meet a costs 1000 and a few
revolutions per minute being engranda a long march without
question, that is to say without reducing the speed, the automatic change or generate the
characteristic of increase of vibration and noise, a result that
dictates to us that has not needed to strive sobremanera.



Certainly, this restyling
this is not exactly a surprise, since it is at the foot of
the letter the process of rejuvenation of other vehicles: take
features aesthetic of the models of the brand and retouch
the inside fitting a new multimedia system with a greater number
of functionality. However this does not mean anything bad since
the Volvo V40 because it was a vehicle very well executed.

A compact premium very
that does not stand out in too many sections but that are
be essential, as safety, dynamics and the design of its more powerful
excuses, however to comply correctly in all other
aspects that it is difficult to find a reason
will turn against him