Test Volvo XC60 2017, security and comfort with a touch of scandinavian mythology

Volvo XC60 is a very important piece in the Swedish firm. Sales of this SUV D segment represent 30% of the global sales of the brand, and in Europe it reaches the million units sold. We just get off of this Volvo XC60, which has been presented in the north of the Iberian Peninsula.

Quality, comfort and safety define it to perfection. In addition, the guys from the mark of the alchemical symbol for iron-go for a 4-cylinder engine in both the variants petrol as well as diesel fuel, without the need to use the engine configuration-V as many of its rivals.

In the exterior we will find a inspiration in the scandinavian mythology that the guys from Volvo have been captured in the headlights. These represent the Thor’s hammer, and give the Volvo XC60 a modern look and feel, and robust.

The interior is no slouch, and has some dimensions of very high quality. From high-quality plastics, leather seats, good construction and details that make clear the passion to produce the car.

Two words: Quality and comfort

Nothing more to get in the car, we find one of them. The Volvo XC60 shows the to know how to make scandinavian, with high-quality materials and, as a curiosity, so only 8 buttons to interact. A minimalist design, a great leap with respect to the previous generation.

just by touching any part of your dashboard, either in wood finish or aluminum mesh -only option in the finishing R-Design-, we will give an account of the good construction of the interior. Nothing creaks, the wood is not of imitation, the buttons are well finished…amazing up in the vents. Without a doubt, a job very well done.

The security, the strong point of Volvo

the Inventors of the seat belt in 1959, Volvo know that security is an element of great importance in the day-to-day of every one of its customers; and so we could notice in the XC60. In addition to incorporating the systems to which we are habituated, as may be the Airbag, the ABS system or the seat belt, this new generation has several elements that take care and add comfort to its occupants.

Among the new safety features introduced by Volvo include the system City Safety, which helps in the direction of with the purpose of avoiding an obstacle, and the system Blind Spot. This last takes you beyond the help of detection of the dead angle, taking control of the steering to return to our lane. To act it has to be the case that we would like to move forward and a car behind us were doing this maneuver with a speed superior to ours.

The new Volvo XC60 has the system Pilot Assist. This system of driving semi to help the driver, is in charge of controlling the steering, acceleration and braking on roads up to a maximum speed of 130 km/h. Unfortunately, not overtake autonomously. Is available as optional.

All of these elements of security, along with other safety systems and driving assistance, respond to project, Vision 2020, for which Volvo is committed to that, from that year, no one is seriously injured or dies in a car from your company. A clear commitment to continue to maintain 58 years after the invention of seat belts.

scandinavian Mythology in the outside.

The elements that most stand out in the front of the Volvo XC60 are, without a doubt, the Thor’s hammer. Taking inspiration from scandinavian mythology, and following the line of its older brother, the Volvo XC90, the LEDs of the headlights take the shape of these hammers of the god scandinavian.

The front shows a robust appearance, but at the same time, elegant and modern. And not only in the front, because you can catch a glimpse of these adjectives both in the lateral and in the rear, where stands the imposing rear lights. In general, not known for hard lines or accentuated as we see in some other models, but makes good use of curved elements to give a feeling of good construction and of clean design.

minimalist Design in the interior

minimalist design also permeates to the inside of the XC60. Just open the door we realize this, since, for example, only has 8 navigation buttons to the screen of the central console. This touch panel displays the information intuitively and quickly, teaching is constantly the necessary information. In addition, it features Android Auto and Apple Car Play. On the other hand, the connection with the phone is quick and we will be able to use applications like Spotify without any problem.

rear seats have large amplitude for its occupants, even if the central plaza could have been wider for a trip with 3 people behind it would have been more comfortable. Even so, it is not something that can be avoided in this segment and an all-wheel drive. In the rear we find a boot capacity of 505 litres, so in addition to beautiful outside, functional inside.

4-cylinder Engines and all-wheel drive

The Swedish firm bet clearly by the four-cylinder engines, whether powered by diesel or by gasoline. In addition, it is noteworthy that all the variants of XC60 come with all-wheel drive. Arranged in a transversal manner, the gasoline engines, except the variant T5 -which is only available from a turbo – incorporate turbo and a compressor.

The Volvo XC60 also has a hybrid version. Volvo, preparing for the offensive hybrid that will take place in 2019, has produced the T8 AWD Hybrid. This XC60 hybrid has two engines, the thermal 4-cylinder engine with compressor and turbo, located on the front axle and the electric motor, located in the rear. The two add up to a total power of 407 BHP, which allows an acceleration 0-100 km/h in 5,3 seconds and a consumption approved of just 2,1 liters.

in Addition to these variants, the Volvo was introduced on the market by November of this year a fwd version of the T5 petrol and a manual version of the lower end of the range, the diesel D4. For spring of 2018, will begin to market also a version that will be the variant input to the model, the D3 AWD.

Fuel Engine Power Torque
Fuel Engine Power Torque
Diesel D4 4-cylinder turbo 190 HP 480 Nm
Diesel D5 4-cylinder turbo 235 BHP 400 Nm
Gas T5 4-cylinder turbo 254 HP 350 Nm
Gas T6 4-cylinder turbo and compressor 320 HP 400 Nm
Hybrid T8 4-cylinder turbo-compressor and electric motor 407 HP (320+87) 400 Nm

On this occasion, we tested the version T6 with 320 HP. We will have the maximum torque at 2,000 rpm, practically from the very bottom, which is very helpful in face-to-overtaking or additions in highways, as we could see. In conclusion, the engine is very noble, without any strange behavior.

XC60 in addition, it has four driving modes in version T6: Eco, Comfort, Off-Road, which increases the ground clearance by up to 40 mm and Dynamic, that the low up to 20 mm in Addition, it changes the behavior of the address, as well as the sensitivity of the pedal of acceleration.

Another of the features of the XC60, the comfort. The SUV-D of the Swedish brand has a poise in the road splendid, thanks in part to the air suspension that we were able to test, and which is available as an optional item by 2.484 euro.


Volvo has done an outstanding job in the XC60. The qualities within as well as outside of it are impeccable, and the materials and finishes have a very high level. Have nothing to envy to other brands in the premium segment, and it shows. The appreciation for the details and the clear bet for the all-wheel drive on all variants is a proof of it.

bet Volvo is clear. Continue to increase sales compared to the German brands, its main rivals, with a product design, good quality, and good motorization.

Equipment on the Volvo XC60 2017


  • Airbag roof side
  • collision Warning front
  • RSI: Recognition of signals
  • Whiplash: System of protection against whipping cervical
  • Climate Control Bizona
  • air quality System
  • parking
  • Adjustment power lumbar in front seats
  • speed Limiter
  • voice
  • Panel 8-inch
  • alloy Wheels of 18 inches
  • monitoring System tires
  • IDIS: information System for the driver
  • Start/Stop


  • Airbag knee side
  • lane keeping Assistance
  • Help starting on a hill
  • remote Control in leather
  • descent Control
  • rain Sensor
  • Settings, drive modes
  • Panel of 12.3 inches
  • three-spoke steering Wheel leather
  • Mirror anti-glare
  • alloy Wheels of 19 inches
  • twin exhaust Pipes integrated


All of the above, plus:

  • Deactivation of the airbag of the passenger
  • steering Wheel in perforated leather R-Design
  • Grill R-Design
  • alloy Wheels of 19-inch 5 twin-spoke
  • Mirrors matt silver

Prices of the Volvo XC60

Fuel Engine Finish Price
Fuel Engine Finish Price
Diesel D4 4 cylinder turbo 190 HP Momentum 51.190 €
Diesel D4 4 cylinder turbo 190 HP Inscription 55.435 €
Diesel D4 4 cylinder turbo 190 HP R-Design 53.801 €
Diesel D5 4-cylinder turbo 235 HP Momentum 56.535 €
Diesel D5 4-cylinder turbo 235 HP Inscription 60.777 €
Diesel D5 4-cylinder turbo 235 HP R-Design 59.142 €
Gas T5 4-cylinder turbo 254 HP Momentum 54.795 €
Gas T5 4-cylinder turbo 254 HP Inscription 59.207 €
Gas T5 4-cylinder turbo 254 HP R-Design 57.507 €
Gas T6 4-cylinder turbo and a compressor 320 HP Momentum 62.195 €
Gas T6 4-cylinder turbo and a compressor 320 HP Inscription 66.607 €
Gas T6 4-cylinder turbo and a compressor 320 HP R-Design 64.907 €
Hybrid T8 4-cylinder turbo-compressor and the electric motor 407 HP (320+87) Momentum 72.560 €
Hybrid T8 4-cylinder turbo-compressor and the electric motor 407 HP (320+87) Inscription 76.283 €
Hybrid T8 4-cylinder turbo-compressor and the electric motor 407 HP (320+87) R-Design 72.320 €

Both the transmission, 8-speed automatic, as the cylinder, 2 litres, is the same for all models. In addition, they all feature all-wheel drive.

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