Test Volvo XC60, the Swedish that comes to do against the germans


Although the front is changed, the image of the XC60 is reminiscent to that of his older brother

For those of us who like the cars of Volvo, we had a season in which we saw things black. And is that the Swedish brand has gone through your stage more dark for more than a decade. Many even thought that we were facing a new case of Saab, but no, it was just a period of torpor, a period of reflection to a new path. This new path has already begun, and in him, we find products of high quality as is the case of the new Volvo XC60, which I have already had occasion to know and to try.

Volvo is a company quite particular. Though most known for its automotive division, the part of industrial vehicles has even more importance, and that is why in 1999 they got rid of the passenger cars to focus on the development of trucks and buses. The first to see the potential of the company was Ford, which he bought for nothing more and nothing less than 6,45 billion dollars, but years later had to loosen it for just 1.5 billion, being the chinese manufacturer Geely, the new and current owner.

But let’s stay with the first part of the story, when Ford ran the show. More than anything, because from that time dates the first Volvo XC60 that you saw the light. the year was 2008, and since then, the smallest SUV of Volvo has remained almost unchanged, given the economic problems that hung over the company. So needless to say how important it is for this new generation, the second that we see, which does not preserve absolutely nothing of its predecessor. Only a must-see.

And for the record that I do not say this because of the old out bad, on the contrary, I say this for your aspect. The change is radical, like those suffered by the rest of models of the range that have been renovated lately, with the exception of the range 40, which will be the next to change and grow thanks to the arrival of the expected Volvo XC40 that we have already been able to see in a very advanced stage of testing and development.


The measures hardly change, although what is more remarkable is the increase of battle

Volvo has given the key of the design, and the most pure scandinavian style, a style that is attributed to the timeless beauty. I’m sure that for more that the years pass, the new batch of models of the house will still look as spectacular as they do now. Not only draws attention, but it is also elegant, with a lot of class, with more sobriety than sportiness, though this is also served in the mixture, although with smaller doses than those of their German rivals.

Well it is true that many might think that it only reduced the size of the Volvo XC90, it is true, but for my part do not see it as a drawback but as an advantage. The result is spectacular, including the fantastic headlights LED taken almost all of the prominence of the front. That’s what I call taking advantage of an elegant form part of the scandinavian mythology (represents the hammer of the God Thor).

There are differences in aesthetic between the levels. The aesthetically more sporty is the R-Design, which has elements

Of closed doors, more of the same. Volvo has developed a new platform modular and usable by a large part of his fleet, called the CMA. There is a particular for sedans and one for SUVS, and it is for this reason that all of them share not only the mechanical but also the internal structure, as well as the technology and the habitability interior. Highlights in this new XC60. But yeah, they are so equal to the interior that would not come nothing wrong a bit of customization for each model.

Up there, the less positive part of the interior of the XC60, because otherwise, the new SUV is a roof of virtues and glories. Starting with the quality, that you can not put a single paste. Volvo is a premium brand, and is noticeable mainly in the way in which he builds his habitation. Nothing to envy to the references of the industry, that is to say nothing to envy with BMW and Audi. Personally the rest of premium brands generalists are one or two steps behind the trio of head.


The materials chosen are of high quality, paying close attention to the settings of

Not only the materials are excellent, but the way in which they are presented also. The feeling of durability is very high, and there is not a single component that is not seated correctly. In terms of style, dominated by minimalist. Little presence of physical buttons and a lot of surfaces digital, from the dashboard up to the huge screen of the console, with up to 12.3 inches, not to mention the HUD that also can be incorporated.

And is that in this term Volvo doesn’t have anything to envy to its direct competitors. There are many elements that can be included in the interior. Will vary according to which of the three trim levels are select: Momentum, Incription and R-Design. Although the deployment of set is high, if we begin to rely on devices to cool we will have to climb the ladder or start to pull a list of extras, and is there when the price starts to skyrocket.

But to highlight, we find elements such as the headlights LED smart, the view camera 360 degree front and rear seats heated, four-zone climate control, parking assistant, monitoring of dead angle, and a wide array of systems and assistants to the driving to ensure the safety of the occupants.


The perimeter of the car is controlled by cameras from 360 degrees and a large number of radars

turn to speak in mechanical terms. Above I mentioned that the new platform SUV from Volvo allows you to integrate the same technology in all the models, and the same is true with the mechanics. The offer happens to offer two versions diesel, three petrol and one hybrid. The powers start at 190 horsepower for the diesel and 235 for gasoline. For its part, the hybrid will rise with the prize of the most powerful of the entire range, with 320 mechanical horses and 87 electric.

All engines will be associated to a gearbox eight-speed automatic type torque converter. Of course Volvo has also included the all-wheel drive for all of them. All these particularities are taken into account at the time of checkout, because as I’ll detail, the Volvo XC60 is more expensive than its direct rivals, namely the BMW X3, the Audi Q5 and the Mercedes GLC.

As I say, all this splendid and advanced technological content, nothing comes cheap. The Volvo XC60 has a starting price of 51.190 euros. As I have before mentioned, the Volvo is the most expensive of all the compact SUVS premium, although its standard equipment is more high that in the case of the germans. There is only one model that overcomes it in terms of pricing, and that is no other than the Jaguar F-Pace.


The T6 is the most powerful of the petrol, above is only the hybrid T8

Test Volvo XC60

it Is curious to look back and see how they have evolved the SUV medium. I say that because formerly they were very far from their respective older brothers, above all in quality and performance is concerned. However as it happens the launch of a new model, we see as the gap is shortened significantly. In the case of the XC60, I have noted that we are talking about a mini XC90, although each one has own adjustments.

Obviously the difference comes in terms of space. The new XC60 has increased for all measurements, except the width. The length also it has done though has only grown to 44 millimetres, however, the battle has expanded by almost 10 centimeters. With such data clearly, you can imagine that as soon as you have space, the XC60 is one of the largest in the segment. In fact, after I mounted at three of its more direct rivals, the swede wins the battle.

The XC60 debuts provision of security exclusive. Standard elements that safeguard the safety of occupants and pedestrians

Is a common feature on Volvo, give plenty of space for the rear occupants in a penalty of the volume of the trunk. Well it is also true that it has grown, and now cubic a minimum of 505 litres, but it is still low if we compare it with the competition. These will take an average of 50 liters, and is something to keep in mind. Each one has to assess which you prefer, if more cargo space or more space for the occupants.

Volvo prioritized comfort above all the other virtues. All occupants, whether they are four or five, although the latter will be more adjusted, will enjoy a trip in first class. Since it is not only the quality of the materials, but the refinement that is apparent at the time of entering on the road. The XC60 presents a quality of rolling very high, and very similar to the and his older brother, with a great acoustic insulation and a dynamic configuration that can provide several driving modes: Eco, Comfort, AllRoad and Dynamic.


The difference between the driving modes is remarkable, tow hile pushing in all of them

is Already very common to find these programs fit into many models, but it is also common that they barely notice the difference between one and the other. This is not the case for the XC60, because he really demonstrates the clear differences between the various programs. Each one focuses on doing good for what is designed. The Eco saving, the Comfort gives you comfort, although it does not need to go with this setup enabled to be comfortable, the Allroad climbs up the free height with respect to 21 centimeters, and the Dynamic helps to run with lots of solvent.

Is possibly what has most surprised me of the new XC60, dynamic character. All of the above virtues I had hoped for: quality, equipment, space…but I didn’t expect a behavior as dynamic. Eye that with this I do not mean that we are at the new Porsche Macan, which is the reference l segment, no, but if that now the XC60 is more than capable and keep a high pace on a stretch of curves. The air suspension works, the miracle and is able to provide such high values of comfort on motorways at the same time that is able to hold the car in a quick step-by curve.

The new chassis also note. Not only lighter than its predecessor, but also more rigid and agile. Barely produce oscillations in the body to rotate rapidly, it does not have that effect boat who does have the XC90. The XC60 is more flat than his older brother, and that allows you to go faster on the curve. The air suspension is very advisable, although the price is high.


The best of its segment in terms of space for the rear seats, with plenty of hollow

In regards to the engines, along the national launch I have had the opportunity to try a variant on the diesel and the other gasoline. The first of them was the one that a priori are postulated as the most sold of all. I am referring to the D4 AWD is 190 horses and automatic gearbox eight-speed. For me it is the settings are correct you can select, then you don’t need mores. Despite the weight of the XC60, 1.845 kg, the four-cylinder engine delivers the power very correct. The kick is forceful, and the change accompanying the movements with one touch, fast and smooth.

On the other side of the scale is the T6. Although the petrol engines are not the primary purchase option in a segment as the SUV, increasingly more buyers opt for to get rid of the diesel. The T6 can do that more of one raises the dilemma-and with good reason. needless to say, his performance, with 320 horses, it’s extraordinary, it runs that is peeling and, like the diesel, this balance between performance and comfort. But of course, we should add the extra point of softness that brings a block of gasoline.

yes, the consumption is the main problem. Volvo official data of 7.7 liters on average 100 kilometers. We can tacharlos of optimistic, but still are not as far removed from the final results. It is true that during the test there was no place to put it to the test the consumption under real-world conditions, but despite the high pace of driving, the onboard computer showed a data and a little more than 11 litres. I don’t doubt that in driving a more routine and taking advantage of the Eco mode, the figure may be around 9 litres.


The rear headroom criminalized in the trunk volume, 50 litres less than rivals

Obviously the diesel will win the game consumption, as easily begin to see the six-litre. I repeat that the data obtained should not be taken as a clear reference, but if you give a good sample of what you can get. Later Volvo will launch a third variant with a diesel engine, the D3 with front-wheel drive. Will be 150 horse power that can be associated to a manual gearbox or automatic.

The most efficient and powerful of the entire range will be the T8. This hybrid combines the gasoline engine from the T6 with an electric block that sum 87 horses to the mix. Its performance is impressive, and pushes it up to levels rarely seen in Volvo. The official consumer is 2.1 liters per 100, and you have to take it into consideration because Volvo has already warned that his strategy involves making all the new releases from 2019 all of them to be hybrid or electric.


The conclusion is clear, the SUV segment premium is adjusted with the arrival of the new XC60. The update has been sitting in luxury, and its German rivals are in a rival high. Starting with your spectacular aspect, and finally, their behavior, is a product to merit the attention of anyone who is looking for a model of this type. My advice is to get with the D4, as more is not necessary, although the thrust of the T6 and T8 Plug-In Hybrid are a serious matter.


The decision to buy a XC60 will always be successful, regardless of engine or finishing

Few drawbacks can be put to the XC60, but of course you have. Starting with the trunk volume, which is short with respect to the competition. It is not a serious defect, since it is compensated with the immense space in the rear seats. What I find most tricky is the issue of the price. I don’t want to say that the XC60 is not worth what it costs, but taking into account as is the segment, as they should adjust the prices, especially for some of the extras. Still a car that I recommend to everyone.