Tetsuya Tada openly talk of the successor to the Toyota Supra (and, of course, confirms your arrival)

We took time listening to rumors about the arrival of a new Toyota Supra and from the Living in Tokyo comes the confirmation of his arrival as a production model. We’ll know next year, in the form even of conceptual model and of the hand of Tetsuya Tada, at the front of the development of the sports models of the brand, we have already some key about it.

Tetsuya Tada speaks in addition to its positioning with regard to Lexus, referring to care that have been put in position to not “step on” to Lexus.

The confirmation comes in a statement to a group of journalists australians collected by Motoring in the that Tetsuya Tada has pointed out that next year we will know a conceptual model more prior to arrival to definitive release of this new sport model that is referred to as “the big brother of the Toyota > 86”.

According to Tada this new sport will be quite special, “something new” and “a surprise for the customers,”, referring to in addition to you will employ new technologies.

Is expected to have a level similar to that of a Porsche 911, and evil tongues speak as of a set mechanical hybrid supercharged with a block of 6 cylinders and a power that would 470 horses.

Aesthetically could inherit traits of the radical Toyota FT-1, the protagonist of the images that accompany this article. In its day, when we met him in 2014, as sorry as the successor to the Toyota Supra.

of course we can not lose sight of the resurgence of sports in Japan, with a new Honda NSX and a more than possible sports engine rotary Mazda, in addition to the next generation Nissan GT-R, which would act as a perfect rival in front of this successor to the Toyota Supra.