Texas in its pure state: the Toyota Tundrasine is a limousine pick-up very southern

SEMA Show Las Vegas car manufacturers more relevant in the U.S. have taken to present their particular visions of the tuning in one of the shows craziest of the year. In the show where anything goes, Toyota has taken the opportunity to present a machine that was never produced in series. It’s called Tundrasine, and is a limousine of nothing less than the 8,10 m of length based on the pick-up largest offered by Toyota, the Tundra is american. Pure spirit of southern, with six doors and tons of attitude.

As potato chips or Coca Cola. A menu XXL on the part of Toyota could only come from Texas.

And is that Toyota produces this model – that in Europe we don’t enjoy, it is only for the US and other select markets – San Antonio, a city located south of Texas. The culture of automotive texan is peculiar, and this conversion is in your sauce, without a doubt. What Toyota has done is lengthen the body by inserting a central section. The length of the pick-up now comes to the 8,10 m, and their battle is of 5,99 meters. Not strange, taking into account that the base was already a huge Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4×4 CrewMax 5.7 V8.

on the Basis of the Tundra bigger, and adding two sets of doors makes for a huge interior space. A space that Toyota has played to a manufacturer of private jets. Has fitted seats from poltrona similar to those of a jet, as well as mouldings in natural wood and upholstery, the most luxurious that money can buy. His appearance is threatening, painted in a color Midnight Black Metallic, which is going to play with the image of luxury and refinement that the Tundrasine wants to give. Luxury for Texas, of course.

Under the hood we find a engine 5.7 V8 with 385 HP. Not lacking a single horse to drag the 3.6 tonnes that weighs this gigantic vehicle. What do you think?

Source: Toyota
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