Thanks (or cry): this may be the only hope of the private car

Are bad times for the lyric, and even worse to move around in car. I often like to have a giant ship, and a lot of money, to represent the story of Noah’s Ark, and accommodate a couple of cars of each kind, before the flood universal end with all of them. And that is, whether we like it or not, the car industry will never be the same, and many cars today we love will probably have to reinvent itself. What we’ve seen with the downsizing, the turbo, and the automatic changes, but in such a deluge that awaits us has not yet begun more than sparkle.

The weight of fossil fuels in our cars has to be reduced progressively, perhaps even disappear.

The scandal of the diesel, stages of alert for the pollution that we are living in the big cities are the prelude to something worse, of a situation in which many corners will be banned for the cars pollutants, and for the few who resist him will have to deal with costs that are so high that it is difficult to afford such a thing.

Inevitably we have to assume that the future is some kind of electrification, the mobility of zero-emission, or heat engines with some electrical support.


At least in the united States, the accounts go, and are very favorable for the Tesla Model 3 compared to other sedans not electrical.

In any case, when we talk about this stage sky-is-falling, we may be forgetting another very interesting theory. For then it is possible that the electric car has arrived to a point in that, by their numbers (autonomy and recharge times) and its price (with cheaper batteries), is much cheaper and recommended an electric to a diesel or a gasoline, and there are many limitations as now to achieve that versatility in an electric.

Let us make accounts and see that the Tesla Model 3 is not so far from that point. In the united States cost just $ 2,000 more than a BMW 3 Series, you will enjoy a range of 346 miles and a network of 613 stations, and 3.628 points fast recharge, scattered throughout its national territory. Recharge points in which we may even be able to “refuel” for free.

there is Already who says (Bloomberg) the great explosion of sales of the electric car will not be the consequence of the next oil crisis, but that will be a boom in the electric car who build the next big oil crisis.

Perhaps the future pass for cars that get hooked to the new generations as they are doing the mobile phones and the gadgets of technology.

In the future, because we know that it will be very difficult, not to say impossible, for us to move in private cars that pollute. But there is still another major problem. Can we move into private cars? Or better said, do you want to move around in private cars?

we Live in the age of Uber, Car2go and BlaBlaCar. The new generations increasingly feel less affection for the car. There was a time that the kids had the years, months, and days, that we were of age, we studied the theoretical before you even have the card as soon as possible, have a car, and still feel, so to speak, free. Today many young people are concerned about much more than having the latest model of mobile phone, that make numbers to get a first car of second hand, or inherited.

that Is why you may need to observe the excitement that has generated the presentation of the Tesla Model 3, with their tails long on dealers, similar to what happens when Apple launches a new product; with its thousands of people hooked up to the streaming; with its Trending Topic on Twitter (even in Spain); and with its more than 100,000 bookings in less than 24 hours, as one more example of that the link has been found Tesla between the technological, and the automobile industry, could lead to something more. The Tesla Model 3, not only as a model, but as an experience in all its extension, it may be the only hope of the private car.

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