Thanks to Opel Corsa and Astra, Opel continues to be the most sold in Spain in 2016

We approach the equator of this year to 2016, and may, once again, has confirmed that the new car sales in Spain are going up, with a good rhythm. In the first five months of this year have already been sold more than half a million cars, specifically 502.577 units (number of enrolments of ANIACAM). A growth of 20.9% over the past year confirms that this year will exceed, and by far, the million units they enrolled in 2015. If we focus on specific brands, Opel is the leader with a difference, with 43.295 sales in these first five months and the prominence clear of two models, Opel Corsa and Opel Astra. The Opel Corsa is still present in the top 10 of the most sold, while the Opel Astra continues to grow, little by little, encouraged by his generational. While the Opel Mokka is also back, at your pace, being the third best-selling model of the brand.

Without going any further, Opel Corsa and Opel Astra are practically half of the sales of Opel in our country. Opel Corsa is the third best-selling model in Spain so far in 2016. And we have to take into account that this year you are still getting two new features very important for Opel, the respective washed from the face of the Opel Mokka (which will now be called the Opel Mokka X) and Opel Zafira Tourer, which was presented yesterday. See the 4 keys of the new Opel Zafira 2016.

With these figures, Opel achieved a market share of 8,61% and already grows a 25,33% compared to the previous year, with a growth superior to the market. Let us remember that in 2015, Opel was the fourth best-selling brand, and that the great dominating, the more cars sold, was Volkswagen, which this year has deflated quite a bit.


The more sold between January and may of 2016

the list of The manufacturers that more cars have been sold this year would be as follows.

Brand Units Fee
1 Opel 43.295 8,61%
2 Volkswagen 39.699 7,90%
3 Peugeot 36.689 7,30%
4 SEAT 35.227 7,01%
5 Renault 34.720 7,25%
6 Citro├źn 30.788 6,91%
7 Ford 27.201 5,41%
8 Nissan 24.547 4,88%
9 Audi 24.386 4,85%
10 Toyota 24.059 4,79%

And as a curious end of this I will leave a tip. According to these figures, 7 marks are dealt half of the Spanish market.