Thanks to the Model 3 Tesla Model S is sweeping in sales

Tesla Model S P100DTesla is the brand with which many of its competitors can only dream of. Everything you touch Elon Musk it seems that it becomes gold, and his brand of electric cars is one of those gold mines. They began their journey with the Tesla Roadster and gave the jump to the public at large (economically well-placed) with the Model S. With this great saloon and have come to many markets and succeeded in positioning themselves as the brand of reference in terms of electric mobility.

With the passage of time the range of models of the signature of Silicon Valley has been growing and are expanding to other segments. Already have a SUV, the Model X, and will soon have a saloon smaller to give input to new customers. This is no more nor less than the Model 3. With this model, Tesla has broken all records in terms of number of bookings on the day of your presentation because reached the 400,000.

Tesla Model 3According to Brad Erickson, analyst Pacific Cresst, Tesla has increased the sales of the Model S so remarkable. The reason is very simple: customers who reserved a Model 3 will have to wait on average a two-to-three years to have the car in their garages. However, faced with the impatience of certain customers, the brand would have carried out a shift in its strategy and prices for the sale of its models in a leasing system.

To this end, the brand would be offered during the months of August and September a very special offer dedicated to customers of the Model 3. Thanks to it is could take a Tesla Model S with a leasing contract for two years with a monthly fee of only $ 600. This offer is very attractive because its price has declined significantly compared with previous months, and has made it possible for the customers who reserved a Model 3 can drown their sorrows with a Model S in the meantime.

Source – Pacific Cresst

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